Alcohol sucks

Almost as bad as our defense today

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At this point, I'm just glad I have some.


I don't know what anime has to do with any of this, but I guess, yeah!

Chick Patty w/ Cheese

I'm going to learn from the example of hokiestone2006 and others before me and take this opportunity to take a break from TKP until tomorrow.

Good night y'all!

I left the Great American Beer Festival to see the end of this game. There wasn't enough alcohol in the expo center for this loss.

I usually feel better while drinking alcohol. I don't think i've ever enjoyed losing as a 4 TD favorite, giving up 600 yards, nearly having an all time passing record set against VT, to a team that only started their football program up again in 2009.

The Dude Abides

I'm drunk

You're right. Alcohol alone isn't getting the job done.

Alcohol...the cause and solution to all of lifes problems

Homer Simpson

I'm kind of glad I got through this one sober.

Hope you all feel better soon. Today was rough.