We need to find the chip.

Back in the 80s and 90s when I first started watching Hokie football, the Hokies I watched were absolutely fearless. They played with a constant chip on their shoulder as they sought to fight their way out of the dregs of football obscurity. Those teams didn't have the talent they have today, but everyone knew when they played the Hokies they were gonna get smacked in the mouth. They knew they would be in for a fight. Their "Lunch Pail" mentality even became their calling card for their defense, but the entire team had that mindset.

We lost it. Somewhere between our national championship run, our move to the ACC, a long sellout streak, and our stretch of 10 win seasons, we lost it.

I started out taking classes at New River. And I busted my ass there, making the president's list every semester. My goal was to transfer to Virginia Tech and finally attend the university I'd been obsessed with since my mother used to bring me to campus as a child. And, of course, get a degree from there as well.

And I did it. I was accepted, which is great because VT was the only school for which I applied. But once I was there, on campus, taking my first classes as a Hokie I almost flunked the fuck out.

It wasn't because I couldn't do the work, it was because I somehow got so caught up in getting into VT that I had let that become my goal. Not the ultimate goal of a degree from there.

I was like, "I'm here. I had arrived."

Yeah, dumbass, so you can flunk out?

Did that happen to us? Did we build our facilities, our fanbase, our team to this point and think we reached our goal? When really we have such a hard road ahead to reach our true goal?

Everyone made fun of our empty national championship trophy case. Even I grew tired of it.

Fuck it. I say bring that shit back. Put that motherfucker in the locker room with a fake trophy in, so everyone has to walk by that shit every day.

Let it taunt them. Let it fucking haunt them. Let it be the chip on their shoulder smacking them in the face saying they aren't good enough. A chip that once again says you may win the game, but not without getting smacked in the mouth for four straight quarters. A chip that we have so sorely missed for far too long.

If we haven't achieved our end goal, we haven't achieved shit. To get there we need to resurrect our past, our tradition. We need to find the motherfucking chip.

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Find the chip, get the 'chip. That is the goal. That should always be the goal. I don't root for this team to watch them not come close again and again, but with my life the way it is now there is a hard ceiling to how much I can help them get there. (Read: $$) But getting the win on a Monday night in January is what it's always been about. Maybe I'm cursed. Maybe I'm a fool who's under the illusion it will ever happen, because the first year I paid real attention to VTFB was 1999. No matter what anyone says, I will always believe, dammit, and I can't be the only one. But first, we gotta get the chip back APFOW, you're absolutely right.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

When we first joined the ACC it felt like we played with a chip because everyone expected us to be way behind. Instead, we dominated for years. I am afraid this complacency cost us in the long run in recruiting and culture. We expected to win. Fuck, we called the ACCCG the hokie invitational. Now, we just try to be second to Clemson. I am tired of that shit.

This guy gets it. Well said!

And this is coming from a guy who grew up in the 80s in C'burg, where I could sit in any open seat in Lane Stadium.

I hate to say it but for years I've shuddered when I hear broadcasters talking about that Lunch Pail mentality. Sorry, but I haven't actually seen that mentality in many years. I fear we've grown a bit soft.

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At some point this team needs to progress from the team with a chip to the team that beats the teams with chips. In the days you mention we were overlooked, now we are targeted.

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Agreed. ESPN had an info graphic that referred to last night's game as "David vs Goliath". We were of course, Goliath. We've always been good at playing the David role, but once we find any kind of success and become the Goliath, we seem to immediately shit the bed. We got to get passed that to get to the next level.

This team played with that chip and attitude the first two games this season. What we need to find is whatever it takes to stop completely shitting the bed as we have done constantly over the years. Different year, coaches, players, but same old same old inexplicable losses. It's like we win a few and suddenly stop caring/taking anything seriously anymore. I'm frankly sick of watching this type of collapse from us. And this one wasn't just a WTF loss to ECU, GT, Pitt, etc. This was arguably the most embarrassing loss ever by our program.

No excuse at all for the product we saw. Kids played with no effort for the most part, but the coaches were completely outclassed. Unacceptable given the supposed trajectory of the program. This is a monumental setback, make no mistake about it.

This is where I stand.

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This loss just springboarded ODU's recruiting at our expense. This loss set back our 757 and national recruiting for years to come. I'm embarrassed and disappointed as a fan. The only solace I have is that I didn't waste the afternoon watching that garbage of a performance

I hope the team is as mad as Trevon Hill is. I hope they're forced to remember yesterday in order to keep that from ever happening again. That's the chip that's needed.

EDIT: Just saw he was dismissed from the program. Never mind. That's not the chip we need. This post didn't age well.

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Well, we are all asking the questions, how could this be? Is it Offense? Defense? Special teams? Coaching? It's all of the above.

Going back to last season, the play-calling continues to haunt us. Cornelson did make some adjustments by running Jackson which eventually led to his injury but overall the offense, QB are not executing at a high-level. I loved Steven Peoples running the ball which begs to ask the question, when we are 6 minutes to go into half-time, we're mowing down their defense, why throw the ball? The interception led to 7 points for ODU. We had plenty of chances to go up by 2 scores but we didn't execute. In the 2nd half yes we did come up with points but when you know you are in a dogfight, you gotta find a way to score to hang in there. If ODU can score on 4 straight drives, we should be able to do the same.

I have not seen our defense give up that many bad penalties, especially drive ending mistakes. As I've said before one injury on defense puts us in a bind especially this year without having the depth. I don't think Devon Hunter is there mentally to be starting right now. Maybe more playing time will help, he's not even able to tackle on his own. My only question about him is if we should have recruited him as a running back and not safety. For such a high caliber recruit, I just don't see him playing at a high level. Off course its also disappointing to see some of our experienced guys getting unsportsmanlike penalties. Not entirely surprised that our young corner got beat, it happens at that position, how they recover mentally will be the key. I have much more hope in the defense than the offense, I especially like the versatility of Ladler, I know he too got beat but he will be a key part of our defense. Deablo needs to get healthy, he gives us solid range and speed.

Special Teams
For the most part, I'm happy overall with the special teams. Seems like Hazelton is still getting used to punt returns; the only question I have is why we didn't go after the punt block even one time. It made no sense what so ever.

Overall, we know that this new coaching staff in the third year is for the long-term and will give us consistency. But as this thread states, I find they too lack the CHIP, look Fuente and Cornelsen are supposed to be this offensive Geniuses but not only do I find they lack the CHIP, I find they lack the Smarts in some situations. i know that its harsh to criticize the coaches but man you look at the obvious in yesterday's game where you know ODU's D-Ends are their strong suite, you can do so much with the Jet Sweep, I recall it was run just once with Savoy or Grimsley. It also made no sense that there were no plays for Terius Wheatly, he Jet Sweep/Speed out would have suited well for this game.

The loss is on Everyone, Offense, Defense, Special teams, Coaches, players......

We will be fine and we will make a bowl game, but all of a sudden there is that emptiness. And its not like we lost to Miami, or Notre Dame or Clemson, it makes it much worse losing to an 0-3 team.

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Well said. Hokienation needs to have a permanent underdog mentality until we win a NC.

No, because a permanent underdog mentality has NEVER won us a National Championship & it never will.

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100% agreed. We need to get rid of the permanent underdog mentality. We're no longer the underdogs. Just playing consistently is all I ask for.

I feel like a red sox fan for 86 years.


I have nothing to support this with, but honestly, I think that chip ended with the invention of online recruiting services. During those days we found those diamonds in the rough and coached up damn near a whole team of them. They were hungry and angry.

We should be able to win with the players we have, not saying we shouldn't, but the "chip" has been missing for a LONG time.