A breath of fresh air article, after the ODU loss!

I'm just glad that someone can provide a balanced and optimistic approach after such a tough loss (I say "someone" because I know a lot of us are still hurting). Link:

The Future is Bright for the Virginia Tech HokiesCoach Fuente's and the university's athletic department's ability to integrate the old guard with the new to formulate a winning team from the previous regime's stock has been impressive. As a result of their early successes the VT fan base has been spoiled to see the football team return to the form they became accustomed to during the late 1990s and the following decade.

Hopefully it gives you hope not only for the rest of this season, but hope, for what us Hokies hope, is the near term future.

Disclaimer: I hope this thread doesn't devolve into a bash the coaches thread like the others (I'm looking at you dcwilson40), or a we need to donate more to get to Clemson's level. Hopefully this article will move the clouds away that have been around since Saturday, for the rest of my Hokie peers just like it did for me. Let's have a positive talk shall we?

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All you really have to do is look at the first year head coaches around the country to see that what Fuente has done is amazing. This year, whatever the result, is just a lull between the older generation of recruits to a young and inexperienced team with however much NFL talent on defense no longer there. Next year and the year after will really be the litmus test of Fuente's staying power and where we could go.

Really surprised we haven't seen a "Bobby Wilder to VT" thread out there

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Not to throw rain on a positive thread, but...

What's the chances that the departure of Ford, Bucky, Edmunds^2 and Settle were, in part, due to this changing of the guard?

Clearly, the recurting classes that are coming in are, on average, better than Beamer's last 3-4 years (which included the players mentioned above), so the future is bright, though this transition year could be a struggle.

What's the chances that the departure of Ford, Bucky, Edmunds^2 and Settle were, in part, due to this changing of the guard?

I would say slim to none (or at least only 310 in Settle's case). I would think if they had issues with the coaching staff, they would have transferred after year one if not sooner. I'd say their early departures to the NFL was attempting to strike while the iron was hot (with some varied levels of success).

It'd be absolutely stupid for either Edmunds to have stayed for this year after getting (presumably) First Round grades from the Draft Board and I don't think having one of them on the field would have made 21 points of difference last Saturday.

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Haven't all of them been back to VT in some regard to show support? I know Stroman and Settle are there this week (Skins on bye). I think if they had issue with the current staff they wouldn't be active alumni.

3/4 of the players you just listed are on the defensive side of the ball. Last I checked Bud is still the god/king of the defense. So no, I don't think so.

Not to be nit-picky, but I'm not sure what Fuente has done is so spectacular

1. Beamer setup a long, seamless transition
2. World class DC stayed (I think he was inclined to stay as many people have pointed out his ties to the area after so many years)
3. He was left with a fair amount of talent

Fuente made the most of what he was given, but he was ALSO setup for success. I think it would be unfair to say other coaches wouldn't have had the opportunity to perform as Fuente did for the last 2 years.

Great hire? Yes
Amazing? I'd slow your roll there

Not to be nit-picky

Then continues to nit-pick.

1. Obviously Beamer is the goat, but he still left for a reason. Recruiting was down compared to his non-final years and our on-field product suffered.

2. Yes and this is a point for Fuente, who convinced him to stay. Foster is quoted as saying he would have only stayed under certain circumstances and for the right guy.

3. Read point one.

You can say whatever you want, but all you have to do is look at other first year head coaches. Or coaches who took over for retired legends. It's not easy and he has gone 21-9 so far.



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1. Doesn't relate to the point. Fuente had a good amount of time and support in the transition. It wasn't a Jimbo/Bowden (either one)/Taggerts etc situation.

2. Would Foster have said "well, I didn't love the guy, but I didn't want to pick up and move"? Foster said the RIGHT thing, but I'm not going to treat it as gospel.

3. Recruiting suffered, but we didn't have an exodus of recruits that you see at some other schools.

Please don't disregard one of my last statements. He is a GREAT hire and it shows because he made the most out of what he was given. I just refuse to disregard that he had it better than a lot of 1st year coaches (based on the 3 points above).

well for #3, you could say the same for FSU, Texas(1st year under Herman), UCLA, etc. and they're all struggling

Correct, but they don't have 1 and 2 as well.

Finding a positive article after ODU like

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"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

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I'm not worried about the coach's x and o ability or the players' talent or even recruiting for that matter. I think that we'll beat Duke on Saturday giving us our second road win against a ranked team on the season. You have to be talented and well coached to beat ranked teams on the road, and inexperience leads to what we saw 3 days ago. Once we are more experienced, those losses won't happen.

What I'm worried about is the locker room culture and the things we don't see. I get that Fuente will put the entire program before a single player every time, but it can't sit well with a lot of players that players keep getting booted. Adonis did a good job taking all the blame, but Mook and Trevon haven't publicly taken the blame for their actions. Maybe they did in front of the team, but I doubt it. Anyone who has ever played on a sports team know that the players almost always stick with the players. Right or wrong, there are a lot of players who have publicly supported Mook and Trevon after their dismissals. That doesn't necessarily mean that they are against the coaches, but it's concerning in my opinion.

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I share your concern. However as long as CJF is consistent with how he hands out discipline we will be ok. Pop is famous for treating Tim Duncan the exact same as the 14th man on the roster. Same with Bill B and the Pats. If JF are consistent with your standards and upholds them himself, the players will fall in line. If not, we'll be Mike Tomlin's Steelers.

I mean, Pop used to sit Tim just because he was getting old. And he did that because he was the best player.

Funny you mention Mike Tomlin. I spoke with someone who knows a particular member of UVa's BOV who said Tomlin would be a "desirable candidate" if they had to replace Bronco (Tomlin is from 757, went to W&M, coached at VMI)...Tomlin isn't leaving the Steelers for Whoville but it would be interesting to see if UVa goes after Tomlin if he gets fired.

giving us our second road win against a ranked team on the season. You have to be talented and well coached to beat ranked teams on the road,

Not to be a buzzkill, but....Do we actually have a win over a ranked team at this point?

I mean, we all know pre-season rankings are to be taken with a huge grain of salt. And, the nation sees what FSU actually is now that some games have been played.

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I'd like to think that we broke FSU.

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Me as well. But am sure FSU would like to think ODU broke us.


Agree. Heard from some people close to the program that Plantain was/is having second thoughts about the team due to PT and the Hill situation.

But this is my biggest concern. Not really for the long term as I know it will get fixed but still.

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That article is a bit much for me to take right now. I'm not worried that we're going to fall off a cliff. What I don't see is the Fuente-coached teams going to the next level.

Which is fine. But to compare us Clemson is quite a reach.

I've seen flashes of playcalling brilliance on both sides of the ball, but O and D have laid eggs every year.
I've seen good recruiting, but nothing that tells me it's getting better...looks about the same
I've heard Fuente is a "QB whisperer" but our last 2 starters have struggled making reads at the line or after the snap.
I've seen a string of disciplinary issues & departures, which don't mean much in a vacuum, or during a transition. But if they continue, will signal something is amiss.

Gotta beat the teams you're supposed to beat. You have to prepare kids interested in "showing out" on their home turf to actually prepare for the game. You have to make better adjustments in-game. You have to find student leaders on the team.

And when you are the head honcho, you have to single-handedly own it for public consumption. Behind closed doors, point fingers as apppropriate. But less "they" and "we" after that debacle and a lot more "I failed. I will do my utmost to fix this" would have felt better to me.

(BTW, the dcwilson40 dig in your post is unneccessary garbage)

Honestly, after a game like that which was obviously a total system failure, "we" is definitely appropriate.

AND this is what I was hoping the thread didn't devolve into, thanks hokietrax! If it didn't lift your spirit after a tough loss so be it, guess it's not for everyone. And thanks for the sideline moderating as well (your the first person I've seen stick up for dc, kudos).


"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

He makes very fair points about the state of the program at the moment.

And add me to the list of folks who think DC was treated inappropriately.

I think a lot of people in that thread were hypocritical about the insults and such, but DC has been an instigator in many unnecessary TKP arguments in the last year or two, and could probably use some time in the penalty box. Which is exactly what happened.

Did you really think I "bashed the coaches"? Seriously.

I think you make a very good argument, and I agree with you on many points.

I see we have found DCwilson's alternate account.

But seriously, I think what you are saying is fair. I also believe that even after last week, if you don't feel like the program is heading in a better direction, then you might not be paying attention.

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I felt CJF and Bud both put the loss on their shoulders. I don't think I saw much of "they" coming from them. I think "We" is appropriate.

Unless Fuente and Co can regularly secure top talent in VA, playoff predictions can be put to rest. To me this is the key to it all. Gotta own the state. That is the formula that won a lot of games here. A lot.

I agree 109 percent. I believe in Fuente and Foster. Our team is young and now it's a while different team with Jackson out. If Edmunds bros stay this is a whole different defense.

Only thing I dislike about the loss is Fuente not putting in Hooker or Willis by halftime.

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Im committed to this line of thinking 800%. Need to keep the croots coming. I heard the 757 was important? :( :( :(