4/16: Do you wear black or O&M??

I wanted to get a sense of the Hokie Community. Do you usually wear black or some combo of Orange and Maroon tomorrow? I was a student in 2007 and usually wear black as a sign of remembrance, but am leaning toward school colors from here on out as a sign of perseverance. If you don't mind, which to do you wear and why?

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Hokie Colors

I was there too, and I believe that propagating the camaraderie among hokies is a positive way to honor their memory, even if its just in a small way

Maroon, personally I choose to celebrate the lives of those we lost and the strength of the community. There there is a place for reflection and remembrance but I think that i would rather publicly highlight the hokie spirit.

I break out my original 2007 We Are Virginia Tech tshirt. For preservation purposes, the 16th is the only day a year that I wear it now.

Orange and Maroon.

I also have made it a habit the last 5 years to go to a coffee shop and pay it forward to the next several guests that come in after me. I've been getting a gift card to the coffee shop, pay for it to be loaded, and then hand it back to the cashier and tell them to use it on the following guests until it runs out. Just trying to spread the Hokie Spirit.

That's an awesome idea. I'm stealing it.

Steal away! It's an easy way to do a small gesture for others.

all of the above colors...black, orange and Maroon

Hokies, Local Soccer, AFC Ajax, Ravens

orange & maroon

edit: I also write 'Go Hokies' on a stack of post-it notes or index cards and put them in my pocket to then stick on the window of parked cars with VT tags/license plate frames that I see that day. Just my little way of trying to bring a smile on a hard day.

O&M. If you wear black, nobody notices or thinks you just like wearing black. You wear the colors on 4/16 and people remember.

Orange and Maroon

In a mostly Hokie context, black might stand out, but in a non-Hokie-centric context no one associates black with anything in particular.

I was in Savannah, Georgia in 2007. Everybody knew what maroon and orange meant the next day. Wearing black would have just appeared as normal clothing. Wearing the colors was a signal to other Hokies they were not alone. A few of the residents at the retirement home I worked at (a Hokie or two lived there) took time to talk to me about VT and about the shooting. It was a moment of connection we otherwise would not have had. (I was technically out of uniform for the day, but I had a pretty great boss at the time.)

Hokie Colors. It represents the strength of Hokie Nation.

2 time Longwood grad married to a Hokie.

Hokie Colors. Loud and proud.

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I wear O&M every year, specifically my Hokies United shirt (I actually have a few of them, and bought a couple more when they reissued them in 2017). A T-shirt isn't exactly professional (especially since I teach tomorrow), so I wear it under a nicer shirt, but that too is maroon. Yearly tradition.

Orange and Maroon.

Maroon VT golf shirt.
Orange belt.
Orange and maroon socks.
Even have maroon laces in the shoes. (they came with them, and the soles are maroon as well.)

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Rocking the orange shirt today. I normally go Maroon but this years Run for Remembrance had an orange theme, so I went and got the orange. It is also nice to see that event so popular year after year.