Fuente on SiruisXM Channell 371 ACC

This is on now but with the app you can listen on demand also. So far has talked about QB, defensive depth, transfer portal.

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Cancelled my Sirius a while back, because I always found the music stations lacking. I did always enjoy Packer's show and it was the only reason I subscribed as long as I did. Can anyone that listened give a run-down of the interview?

I listened to it for free, I just streamed it online?

oh alright, I'll look for it that way, thanks

Channel 84 with The First Team in the morning and Packer in the afternoon is typically where my dial is tuned to. Packer's show is great

Thats what I was doing too, except a move last year cut my one-way drive time from 45 minutes to 10 minutes. Never on the road long enough to get through some commercials. Don't pity me.

There are like 125 music stations and you found them all to be lacking? I think they have every sub-genre covered with a least two or three different stations. I only gripe because I don't like paying for the 122 stations I don't listed to and wish I could just pick 10-20 and get a reduced bill.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Yeah, the music stations could never keep my interest with on-demand content available through spotify and google music.

This is a complicated take:

I think I agree with Fuente on his initial premise: if a non-rotation player is a graduate transfer and wants to be on the field next year, he should have the right to transfer. If a player wants to transfer for legitimate personal reasons, he should be able to transfer. If a player wants to leave because the coaching staff did not fulfill the promises that was made to him during the recruiting process, he should be able to transfer. Someone shouldn't continue to be "getting paid" when they decide to voluntary quit his "job". When a student-athlete signs his name on his scholarship papers, he has an obligation to fulfill his end of bargain until the terms of that scholarship ends. It's a contract. If that's something a student-athlete is unwilling to do, don't sign the papers and play as a walk-on.

The problem is that from a macro perspective, what the student-athletes are "getting paid" for their "job" is so below market value it can be reasonably be called an indentured servitude. Is it fair to restrict player movement when you've already capped wages? It's like a monopoly paying you far below market value and forcing you to sign an ironclad non-compete.

College Football = NFL farm system or NFL training league . Not sure I agree about them being under paid . They get a free education and incredible training facilities and great food ,amenities ect for the years they participate.
This gives them a shot at mega millions if they make it to the NFL . The colleges supply this with insurance for injuries ect 100s of millions dollars to support the NFL farm system. Other students go to school to get degrees in engineering but most pay there own way and have no guarantee of a job when they finish . These guys have tutors galore and if they don't make it to the league they have a degree to fall back on like the guy who paid his own way . Also most players would not make it without all the assistance they get . If it was so easy to pay players then you would have a farm system running in Cities to take the place of the college system or compete with it

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