SI's 10 greatest college football upsets of all time

VT shows up here twice. Ironically, in my opinion ODU was a bigger upset than both. Temple was a league game, with VT playing a safety at QB. JMU was on a short week in heavy rains and came down to the final drive. ODU got beat by 42 Liberty.

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This thread should have come with some kind of warning.

Also, what's the point of it? Is it news? Is it trolling? What?

It's got dcw's name attached as the OP. Isn't that warning enough?

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It should come with a couple of warnings, not the least of which should be about the awful editing/lack thereof.

It's got literally the same amount of info as the other SI Top 10 thread in the title. Doesn't seem to be a problem over there...

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Come on man.. Sports Illustrated, published today, college football story with 2 VT mentions in it. Trolling? Come- On- Man..

Let's just say it's squarely in your wheelhouse.

Yes, just like if I post our colors are Chicago maroon and burnt orange, and you snark comment it.

I suppose you'd find some way to blame the variances of shade on Fuente.

This is my 2nd time agreeing with DC. This is a actual factual post so I see no harm in it

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To be honest, when I made the comment, I didn't realize that the SI article came out today.

So yes, it's relevant that VT is mentioned in the article. But I'll stand by my basic premise that this is negativity that I find unnecessary

So perhaps I was a bit hard on him. But it doesn't change my mind about the trivial nature of the SI article.

C'mon. If they couldn't find bigger upsets in the history of college football, they just weren't trying.

God forbid someone invades your safe space with less-than-positive news. Don't be such a snowflake.

Nothing about that SI article qualifies as "news".

Perhaps you only want to surround yourself in positivity?

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Kinda like this comment of yours?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Normally DC posts trollposts, but this one is relevant, it just hurts. I'm fine with it and just complaining about the fact we're on this list.

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How many of my last 100 posts are trolling? just curious. We can determine "normally" with numbers. thanks

I'm defending you on this one, but most of what is out there revolves around the ODU loss or Georgia Tech

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In context ODU was not a massive upset. It was the worst Virginia Tech team in 25 years and on the road. It was only a big upset in a vacuum.

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Yes. It was really just bad optics.

Everyone acts like ODU was some FCS opponent that beat one of the VT teams of old. Both of these are false.

the only reason its not on the list is that VT wasn't good enough to justify it being on the list.

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Yes of course ODU had been FBS for a grand total of 4 years at the time.

Yes, and they'd been a football team (after a 55+ year hiatus) for a grand total of five seasons prior to that.

I'm not sure what the point of your comment is, if not to disparage. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though.

They rose quickly, but they'd been FBS nearly just about as long as they were FCS. Facts is facts.

It led sports center and college football live that night. We will catch shit about it for 20 years. It was a huge upset. Darrell Rovell tweeted winning Vegas tickets picking ODU, etc. Huge upset.

Where is UVA's 26-14 loss to William and Mary in 2009 and their 37-20 loss to Richmond in 2016. They literally got their teeth kicked in by Richmond 3 years ago (it was 30-3 in the 3rd quarter) and now they're the talk of the ACC coastal and an "up and coming program". Give it time, people will forget.

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Yes, but are those really upsets in the grand scheme of things?

I think most reasonable people expected uva to lose at least 2 of those times.

I mean in the grand scheme of things i think a FCS team beating a FBS team is more of an upset than a 4-8 FBS team beating a 6-7 FBS team.

I think they were all embarrassing loses, but just like those UVA teams, we were BAD last year. Unlike with the Temple and JMU loses, those ended up be quality Tech teams.

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Trajectory matters just as much, if not more than, past results

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I mean this is bad but as painful as it is to say (and accept) realistically we could have been on this list three times.

The writer has to be a Butler grad or something, or we likely would have I suppose.

Seriously who cares about that one though.

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How does 2007 Stanford USC make this list but not the WVU Pitt game to end that same season. WVU would have gone to a National Championship had they not lost that game.

People forget just how bad Stanford was under Walt Harris before Harbaugh and steroids rebuilt that program.

This should be the only list of biggest upsets in college football history. Luckily we aren't the only ones with a black eye in the NCAA.


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For reference:

We were 35.5 point favorites against Temple in 1998
We were 33 point favorites against James Madison in 2010
We were 27.5 point favorites against Old Dominion last year.

I was wondering what the actual spreads were. That looks about right, considering how bad each one felt at the time.

I can't quite put ODU in the same category as Temple and JMU. Even though it was just as painful at the time, once the context of the season became clear, it wasn't nearly as much of a shocker as the other two.

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Exactly. The season after Temple we went to the Nat Champ game. Makes it even more of a head scratcher.

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si pls

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si no

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but hey, we weren't the first #1 seed to lose to a #16 we got that going for us! /s

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Regarding why the Temple game is on there:

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People forget how big of a joke Temple and Rutgers used to be in college football. That loss was vomit enducing bad. The previous 6 years COMBINED they had only won a total of 9 games.

On the bright side, we beat them 62-7 the following year.

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Temple was so bad that they got kicked out of the Big East in 2004 despite the fact that the Big East was already looking at losing schools to the ACC.

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Yeah, Temple was horrendously bad. I remember playing a season as VT on NCAA Football 2003 when we were still in the Big East, and I could easily without much effort put over 100 points on them. So, so bad.

I remember that game all too well, but the main thing I remember about Temple was that everyone, even the announcers, were calling them "Lowly Temple". Kinda like tempting fate. It was a head scratching loss, not made any more understandable with time.

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And this goes back to your point about people forgetting the ODU and JMU games, I forgot about the Temple game. I forgot about most of these games, except for Appy St v Mich. That is the first one that comes to mind everytime I think about monumental CFB upsets.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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There were rumors Temple was going to cancel the football program. Then they staged the great upset in football history. Made for TV drama.

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Wish they had 2003 VT-Miami, and 2014 VT-OSU


Reading this makes me feel like

Can the season start already please!???!???!

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Your opinion would be wrong. Temple hurt...bad.

I still think ODU was worse than both. Temple was unacceptable, but Nick Sorensen was playing quarterback. JMU was five days after one of the most heartbreaking losses in school history in the pouring rain in front of a less than inspiring crowd. ODU was 0-2 with a huge loss to Liberty and finished 3-9. We were ranked in the top 15 and were being talked about as a playoff team. I know we weren't anywhere close to that last season, but losing to ODU was unacceptable on so many different levels.

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Temple and JMU much worse than ODU.

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Fun fact.... I was at both of those games.


You aren't the only one. But I was also at the only victory of Beamer over Bobby Bowden.

I was at both as well as ODU. FWIW, I didn't think the ODU loss was as bad because my expectations for the team were so much lower. And honestly I know this list was just about upsets but I've been to quite a few other losses that bother me a lot more than that JMU game (1998 UVA, 2005 Miami, 2006 UGA, 2007 BC, 2010 Boise, and 2014 Wake are a few that come to mind, for various reasons)

I was also more hurt/upset/angry losing to Boise than to JMU. Boise loss was losing our shot at a title in week one of Tyrod's senior season. The season was over before it even started. I was numb after JMU, and then the 11 straight brought me back to happiness.

For those of you arguing that the ODU loss was worse than Temple or JMU; it still wouldn't make the list because FSU lost to us that lost to ODU ๐Ÿ˜

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That transitive property, it'll get ya.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Just wait till they come out with the Basketball list.... UVA will be on it twice.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

As the 1 and 2 worst losses.

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Of course the year following the worst upset they came back and won it all.