OT-Does anyone else remember when the reigning Super Bowl champs played a college football all-star team in an exhibition game?

I was looking at the SI article with the iconic pictures and it reminded me of the old practice that ended in 1976 where the Super Bowl Champs from the previous year took on a team of college all-stars in the summer during the preseason. It was kind of a rookies vs. champions type game and obviously was usually won by the SB champs though there were some upsets over the fifty or so years they played it. The final game was in 1976 when the Steelers won 24-0 in a lightning and rain shortened game at Chicago's Soldier Field. The game was delayed (and eventually ended ) in the third quarter when a monsoon-like thunderstorm made it so you could not even see the field through the rain. Hundreds of fans swarmed the field and began to use it as a slip and slide and actually tore down the goalposts. Youtube has a video of the final ten minutes or so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0lkHGKV44U and there are some decent articles about the series as a whole that you can find by googling "college football all stars vs nfl". Certainly in today's world this type game would NEVER happen but it WAS entertaining at times and I very much remember watching it on TV seeing the rain in that last game.

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I'm not old enough to remember this, but it sounds fun.

Maybe we could bring it back in a scenario in which the national champion plays the worst NFL team (it was very difficult to avoid typing "the Browns" here out of habit). My only fear is that Alabama would be the champ, find some way to win, and then we'd never hear the end of the SEC dominance garbage.

Steelers is easy to mess up sometimes.

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Yes, I remember it. It never struck me as being that competitive a game, although it never seemed to get out of hand. I think the last time an NFL team lost was in the early 60's when Green Bay lost. These days, you'd never see the NFL agreeing to putting their top-notch, fresh-out-of-the-draft, shiny new toys out there for the Super Bowl champs to abuse.

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Yes-this link has the results of all of them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago_College_All-Star_Game#Game_results and the last win for the All-Stars was over the Packers in 1963. Plus just like in the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl players aren't gonna want to get hurt in a meaningless game either given the potential financial consequences if they did. Love this quote from one of the college players who got a little too aggressive in his cut blocking -""WHEN I GOT UP OFF THE GROUND AND WENT BACK TO THE HUDDLE, I KNEW WHY THEY CALLED HIM MEAN JOE GREENE. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH." —JACKIE SLATER ( from this article https://www.si.com/nfl/2015/12/09/college-all-star-football-classic-jack...)

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

The Eagles played the Redskins last year, does that count?

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As a Redskins fan, you won't find any argument here. The cool part about being a Redskins fan is hating them with every fiber of your being all the while rooting for them.

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Man, that is way too accurate.

What a savings

The cool part about being a Redskins fan is hating them with every fiber of your being all the while rooting for them knowing what it's like to be schizophrenic.


I have always laughed when people would try to say the best college football team (i.e. Alabama today, USC early 2000's) could beat some of the lower tier NFL teams. I bet if Alabama or Clemson went up against the worst NFL team today they would still lose by at least 5 touchdowns if not more.

Along with multiple Bama or Clemson players being sent to the hospital

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I liked the Blue Gray classic on Christmas day where participants were selected from Non-bowl teams. It was a good showcase for the NFL. Only Seniors played and they got paid. Very Interesting.


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Wow - how cool would that have been! Heck, how cool would that be today!


I read about it in Jerry Kramer's Instant Replay book.

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I remember that I bought into the hype one year that the college all-stars could beat the NFL team......don't really remember what year but the college team had big stars on their jerseys and helmets. No effing way......NFL mopped them up...probably with their backups. I grew up a little that day.

In the day, players wanted to play. Now, college players won't even play in their teams bowl game.