New Video: ACC Digital Network - 2019 Hokie Football Preview

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Stop the run, run the football, play great on special teams

Beamerball approved statement

They did an entire video on VT, then choose blue and orange for the end card?

Maroon ACC would've completely changed that graphic.

We put the K in Kwality

The ACC Network logo colors are blue and gray. They just threw an orange background up for our video. I agree that maroon would have been a better choice, but maybe they saved themselves some work and reused the logo on the orange background for us, Clemson, 'Cuse, Miami, and maybe LOLUVa. Someone would have to watch the other videos to check. I wonder if the used a maroonish color or a gold color for BC and FSU.

Edit: I just looked at most of them. The "orange" schools have different orange backgrounds, ie Clemson's two-tone orange is a lot lighter than ours, while UVa's is a little darker. For each school, the letters under the ACCNetwork logo are the other school color. So they went with the lighter color for the backgrounds and the darker colors for the letters, at least for the "orange" schools. FWIW, FSU and BC both have maroonish backgrounds. So it looks like they did put in the effort to tailor the logo scene for each school, they just picked orange for us. They must know how much our fanbase loves orange. /s

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"when it come to the defense, y'all gon' see."

... Now that's what the fuck I like to hear.

Jeez I can't wait for football to start again

Oh wow, actual production quality... Raycom will not be missed

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

We definitely found out who wanted to be here... now we got the guys who are really bought intot he program.

- Dalton Keene

Is it basketball season yet?

Good overview and preview at the same only thing left to do is execute.

now only thing left to do is execute.

FALSE. The correct answer is

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