Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2019

130 "custom" teams with unlimited uniform customization and from the looks of it a pretty in-depth dynasty recruiting.

Gameplay looks like a mix between late ps2 and early ps3 but for an indie game it's pretty darn impressive.

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Glad to see it's going to be on the Xbox. I'll have to wait-and-see, though. Stupid adult stuff.

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Same here. Hopefully you'll be able to control what can be downloaded and block kids from accessing the "store" or whatever they end up calling the sharing area.

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As long as rosters/teams can be shared online im in


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So I picked up the game. Is rough around the edges. Having a UX person reorg things would help but nothing that bad once you know what too look.

I was able to customize the Blacksburg Bucks so it was VT without much trouble. I didnt get into roster customizing at all.

Recruiting takes some effort as it's not as clear cut as NCAA 14. But it seems more hit and miss, and is closer to some of the older NCAA games in where you pitch the school. 2 games into the season and I can tell the was some thought and time put into recruiting.

I wish as much time was put into the game play. Either this game is 100% accurate to real life, or running the ball is super hard. There is a delay at the hand off in which the defense collapses and then you get tackled. My first game was very VT numbers of 24 rushes for -12 yards. Passing is easier once you realize you can throw bombs. I could not complete short passes but was 8 for 18 and 186 yards and 3 TDs in my first game. The second game was better, but not realistic.

The play is jumpy. The play ends too abruptly for me and then goes to filler content. I am not a fan and hope to find a way I'd turning it off. When the ball is in you hands the play seems fine. Coverage is super hard and I screw it up. Run defense is simple because the oline doesnt block well. Pass defense is difficult because you just wait for the WR to drop the ball. I held FSU to 3 points which the only got from roughing the passer penalties. Which well those are super easy to get.

You can choose by run/pass or by formation. However, after every play it defaults to run/pass and not to formation. This is annoying. Also it's hard to make out sone of the defensive plays, which you start in 3-4 by default. All of that isnt bad enough that I won't get used to it. I would like a more tailored playbook.

I would like a tight end. I don't think they exist. VT diesnt have one on its roster. There were zero te recruits.

The computer catches every punt with their feet. Fair catching I haven't figure out because it tells me to press Y and then I do and then my player jumps and stops tracking the ball.

While I am going to still play NCAA 14 a bunch I am happy I gave money to support these efforts. This is a one developer effort and is great for that effort. Other than running the ball, which could be my stupidity not doing it right, nothing is horribly broken. Having more devs for the future would make this game a lot better. But NCAA 14 is a much better game for playing football.

I agree. Right now I'm just customizing logos and team names, but from the gameplay I've done is very rough.

Hopefully with more money they can get the quality up in increments.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?