NCAA Denied Brock Hoffman's Appeal For Immediate Eligibility

This is beyond absurd.

Virginia Tech Athletics was notified on Tuesday that Brock Hoffman's appeal for immediate eligibility had been denied by the NCAA. Hoffman announced in February that he intended to transfer from Coastal Carolina where he served as a two-year starter on the offensive line for the Chanticleers, playing both guard and center.

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According to the NCAA transferring immediately cause you're a bitch who's scared of Justin Fields is >>>>>> Not immediately giving up a scholarship when your family has insane medical bills due to a serious medical diagnosis.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

They probably won't...but they should file for an injunction. Unless the NCAA can tie its decision to some type of published guidance, the decision is arbitrary and capricious. The only relevant medical factor is his mothers current condition, the steps required in her recovery, and its impact on the family. And the NCAA has the burden to show that the information provided in the request is faulty or irrelevant.

The NCAA is arbitrary and capricious.

Well, not completely arbitrary. All schools are equal, but some schools are more equal than other schools.

The most negative impact from this horrible decision from the NCAA is that Hoffman is forced into sitting out a year, thus delaying his potential of earning a NFL paycheck (or any paycheck), which could help his family tremendously.


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But if he had requested the transfer under the rule that there was a coaching change, he would've been granted immediate eligibility, as I understand it.

Such bullshit.

They tightened the "mitigating circumstances" rule this summer that had given transfers a little more leeway in their reasoning. The NCAA is no longer handing out waivers like candy.

Sounds like an interesting post: who has been granted waivers, at which schools, and under what circumstances.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Because they had already cleared all the frivolous cases for the blue bloods. Now that the little schools need answers they change the rules midstream. I'm no lawyer, but there's a lot of inconsistency here that could (should) lead to litigation. Courts would have a field day with changing the rules midstream for the sole purpose of hurting the very people you are supposed to be protecting (if you want to change it do so the next cycle...and let the players know in advance).

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So let me get this straight

1. Denied the first time because Tech was 5 miles outside the allowed radius

2. While 1. was being processed NCAA changed its own rules so that they could deny him again for using the same circumstances which other players (i.e. Fields, Martell) are approved to play this year under?

This is absolutely ridiculous

It is my understanding that the appeal did not cite the change in coaches (which he could have used initially).

Based on the information made public after his initial denial, that is a completely different waiver. So if they were appealing on medical hardship, the coaching change wouldn't matter. What I don't know is if they could have resubmitted as a hardship exception (coaching change) instead of trying to provide additional information requested to bolster the medical exception waiver.

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Based on the fathers comments, it sounds like they provided additional information to bolster the medical exception then it was rejected for nothing related to the NCAA's prior comments instead of the coaching change.

What is interesting is also all the Michigan players being granted immediate eligibility without medical hardship, or coaching changes.

It's ridiculous that they would change the transfer rule within the same transfer window. The appropriate change would have been to carry on this year under the same scrutiny and make a formal change for transfers that want immediate eligibility for the 2020 season.

It's criminal that Martell and Fields received different treatment than Brock within the same season.

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Common Sense does not work for the NCAA but favoritism does

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I mean I actually wouldn't be surprised if it's not some fancy type of fraud

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Let's Go


They should file for an injunction, limiting all NCAA decisions to the criteria in place prior to June. Using two sets of eligibility guidelines for a given season is as arbitrary and capricious as it gets.

It would be like the IRS changing the tax law in March giving those filing quarterly before the change one rate and then increasing the rate for those filing at the end of the year.

I guess next year they'll change the academic entrance requirements between the December and February signing dates.

Meaningless when the entire world just saw them hand out transfers like candy all last year. Also until it's shown that they can control transfers reasonably over a few years they have no credibility to believe they will do so.

Hey, also, if you know anyone that works for a national sports media company and covers Virginia Tech football this would be a hell of an article to write. Just saying....

Oh you better believe this will be headline news on sites like Deadspin and Vice tomorrow. This will blow up this week. Everyone hates the NCAA and this is catnip for them.

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Or maybe the guy I replied to

Oh no doubt, but the problem there is that The Athletic is subscription based, so while it would be big news there, it can't exactly blow up like some of those other sites can make it.

Once those free sites take it up, it'll blow up big.

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Alright ffs someone needs to start holding the NCAA accountable for their decision making process

There are ways & methods to do that. But many would consider them, how shall we say... ungentlemanly & uncivilized.

I have friends in low places, but none of them lower than the ncaa.

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My 2020 Season/Covid19 Challenge: only comment with Marvel memes.

My 2019 Season Challenge: only comment with Star Wars memes. (completed as of Nov. 29)

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P5 should pull away from the NCAA all together and govern themselves. Fuck them hard.

Why? All the blue blood programs get whatever they want.

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Exactly - they know how to navigate the NCAA on everything from transfers, practice requirements, self-reported infractions, licensing, etc.

Part of this has to fall on the VT Athletic department who continue to demonstrate they do not know how to work within the guidelines of the NCAA for any sport. Is there any doubt he would be eligible if he went to UNC?

VT did exactly what they were supposed to do. They followed the rules and did exactly what the NCAA requires. His appeal was not denied because of an administrative error. The NCAA arbitrarily applied their made up on the fly (the timing of transfer to illness was not a published rule prior).

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I hope Fuente pulls a Mike Gundy style rant that puts this story at the front of Sportscenter and talk radio everywhere. Fuck the NCAA


Fuck the NCAA. I hope somehow they're finally held accountable for their bullshit and blatant exploitation of teenagers and early 20 year olds.

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Should have used the "I was a 5 star athlete and wasn't handed my rightful starting job" hardship. That's really what matters to the NCAA...not a little ol' brain tumor here and there.

I would absolutely love to know who else the NCAA has denied for the season and the rationale given for each denial. This has to be up there with the flimsiest reason for denial.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

You want bigger comedy? Look who they've approved and why.

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The National Collegiate Athletic Association
700 W. Washington Street
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Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222
Phone: 317/917-6222
Fax: 317/917-6888

Stunning, just stunning.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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So what happens if we just play brock and issue a formal statement saying we do not agree with the NCAA decision and are doing what is right and fair for our student athlete? Just play him. If NCAA tries to issue sanctions just tell them to pound sand and dont follow them. Press the issue and make it highly visible with media and get all their support. Start the ball rolling to dissolve this corruption.

Fuente puts the "FU" in Futbol

I concur. Worst they can do is vacate the 7-8 wins everyone says we're gonna get. Seriously fuck them. Push the damn issue.

The ncaa informs other teams that they will face sanctions if they don't refuse to play us. Teams comply because it's not their fight and they have 11 other games to play. Then VT boosters finally get pissed enough to call in favors and the state government gets involved. We lose a whole season but maybe the NCAA gets taken down?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Feel like a microcosm for real life

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So what happens if we just play brock and issue a formal statement saying we do not agree with the NCAA decision and are doing what is right and fair for our student athlete?

This sort of SOUNDS right, but the reality is that you don't really want to piss off the NCAA. So much of sports is arbitrary and dependent on judgment calls that you don't want to infuriate the people making a lot of those calls.

You can complain, but outright revolt is a bad idea.

The NCAA already doesn't give two fucks about us. That's clear with the Nolley and Hoffman situations. Oh they'll come after us for other infractions? Yeah we'll lawyer up and nullify their attempts just like Miami, UNC, Penn St and everyone they've gone after lately has done. They're a paper tiger. They only have bite to those too scared to call them on their bullshit.

It's round about time the schools started standing up for what is right and put an end to this charade.

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Even those schools aren't ignoring NCAA decisions.

You can complain or appeal. Those are the options. But you don't play ineligible players after the NCAA has made a ruling on them.

Just 'wow'!

Let's not forget the whistle blower who posted how many employees who work for the NCAA were and still are vastly overpaid. I think I remember seeing something like 10 people who made over a million dollars a year.

Pour some Beer on it

This is a disgrace.

El. Psy. Kongroo.

Utterly ridiculous in every way.

Also, the message that people who are against/skeptical of the transfer portal is that kids should stick it out, not quit on their team and their university. This sends the exact opposite message. What they're saying is don't try to stay at the school that you chose until it gets to be too much, don't wait to see how things shake out before making a major life decision, transfer at the first sign of trouble (i.e. Tate Martell).

Former 5* DL Aubrey Solomon granted immediate eligibility today from Michigan to Tennessee.

Did you think anything else would happen? Its not like they even play the favoritism close to their vest.

Not familiar with him. What was his situation? Why was his request granted? When did he initially enter the portal?

the best part about that shirt is the "Welcome to Russia!" That pic gave me a laugh.

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You really need to read the rest of the shirt.

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If he's not eligible to play this season, could he receive financial benefits from the form of a go fund me?

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Nope. That's considered illegal benefits. I mean, the $1B+ NCAA can't afford to pay players, so no one else can.

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Who exactly does the NCAA work for? Is it the athletes, the member institutions?

Either way their very existence doesn't seem legal (and moral). Their job is to make money for those institutions, but only keep for themselves. Further, they represent a working population who is not allowed to form a union, and therefore collectively bargain.

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Pretty sure the NCAA (or at least it's predecessor) was created as a result of too many kids dying playing football.

There was a football documentary on the night of the ACCN launch that was really cool

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How far they've fallen.

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well, I guess all that's left to do is win the whole damn thing and shove it in the NCAA's face!!

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

As much as we don't like the outcome of this and we know it wasn't really a Tech error hopefully they chalk this up to a lesson learned. Next time they will go about things of this nature the "NCAA Way" instead of "doing things the right way". AKA Lawyer up.

Why does everyone keep blaming the university? They followed EVERY RULE. the NCAA applied an arbitrary (and non published standard) to deny the appeal.

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because they didn't explore every avenue at the onset. A good lawyer would assess the situation and pursue every avenue to get the desired result.

I agree, however, that lawyers shouldn't be necessary. But here we are.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

But that's upside down. They followed the rules as set forth by the NCAA. Hiring a lawyer for the appeal (and we don't know they didn't...just that it wasn't publicized like Martell) isn't part of the process.

VT should hire an attorney NOW and file an injunction against blocking him playing until the NCAA can demonstrate they applied a KNOWN, consistent standard to applying their transfer rules.

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It's not upside down. It would have been wise for VT to hire a lawyer (or at least an expert in these types of filing) at the onset. Apparently, other institutions somehow knew to hire a lawyer at the onset. VT did not want to, at the start or during the appeal process.

Regarding an injunction, that's going to be hard road. I don't see an injunction being granted for this. There would have to be a compelling violation by the NCAA, and that's a hard argument to make when there isn't an established right being infringed upon.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Fair and equitable treatment? Just saying he was denied with rule changes that directly affected his waiver/appeal process as compared to the multiple people who had already been approved with less compelling or unsubstantiated circumstances.

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what requires the NCAA to be fair an equitable?

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Their charter and bylaws.

We put the K in Kwality

That's actually possible. If it states something to that effect that can be relied upon. Not sure what the NCAA charter says, but if they violated their own charter, then you could have a case and perhaps enough for a preliminary injunction.

I should note. By filing this PI, you took something that was probably $500-$1000 legal cost if a lawyer was obtained at onset to something that's probably now $5-10K for just this initial hearing.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

I find it very unlikely that our athletic compliance department (or whatever it's officially called) doesn't have a lawyer looking at the things they do. The fact that an individual (Hoffman) should be expected to retain counsel to play football, after applying for a waiver that he seems very well suited for, is beyond fucking crazy.

There was no "involving a lawyer" in this thing that would have cost only $500-$1000, other than having the "on staff" legal team review it.

And this is the biggest part of my issue. Every team's independent issues with the NCAA have every other team shrugging and saying not my problem, so the power continues residing with the NCAA. Exactly right, they don't have to be fair and equitable.

In my dream of dreams, the big schools say f this, break off for a couple years and form a conference just to reset and pull the reigns back on the NCAA, and then rejoin conferences. Will never happen because of money, and it would probably destroy a lot of other schools.

Something has to break the camel's back Eventually, I'll be interested to see what it is years from now.


Disagree. Hiring a lawyer to represent a player is neither a requirement nor a stipulation of the ncaa's transfer rules. They have a committee that has discretionary power to rule on cases. There is more than enough evidence to show that they are not applying the same treatment to all players. It's a civil rights lawsuit waiting to happen. Just needs a lawyer/law firm to champion it.

The only reason to hire a lawyer is when it's a requirement or stipulation? That's not sage advice.

Have you written a living will? There is no requirement or stipulation to have a lawyer write a will. Why do people hire lawyers then?

It's a civil rights lawsuit waiting to happen? Please. It is extremely unfortunate that this waiver was denied, but calling it a civil rights violation is insulting to actual civil right atrocities.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

You're arguing something I didn't say.

there is no clear guideline / regulation / bylaw / stipulation or any or term that states that players need to retain a lawyer. So the argument that they needed to hire a lawyer early to do this is incorrect.

Apparently, other institutions somehow knew to hire a lawyer at the onset.

Except that the process does not require a lawyer. It only requires, as per NCAA's own rules, you complete the paperwork.

Stating that every single thing that requires paperwork requires lawyers is also ridiculous because that's not reality. Rarely are lawyers truly looking after your real interests. Sorry, that's just how it is and that's not meant to be a knock on you. Half my family are lawyers, prosecutors and now 1 judge. I respect the legal profession, lawyers are good tools but I never rely on them to have my personal interests above their own.

Case in point, My brother hired a lawyer for his divorce and it then went on for 5 years, 3 lawyers and 2 judges. I finally stepped in and closed it in a month. The sued two of his previous lawyers to receive money paid back and won nearly 50% of the money he spent. Lawyers were not necessary.

If any large body of people of similar circumstance are not receiving due process it's a civil rights issue. It's literally what the ACLU is founded on and understating what civil rights are by trying to equate all civil rights issues big or small to things like woman's suffrage or black civil rights movement is neither what I said nor sage advice for any group of people looking for better representation. In this case there are more than enough kids having been screwed over by the NCAA while others have had an open door for seemingly less than solid reasoning to constitute a case.

One. I never said a lawyer was needed. A lawyer is pretty much NEVER required for anything. The US allows anyone to do anything on their own. I am suggesting that if a lawyer (or expert) was retained at the onset, we probably aren't having this conversation.

Two. I was pointing out the fact that others used a lawyer and got through the system. VT rejected the use of a lawyer (or any expert) and ended up "filing the wrong form" which was then arbitrarily changed during the appeal process. If VT and Hoffman filed the right form the first time (with or without assistance of a lawyer/expert), who knows whether Hoffman would have been cleared the first go-round, but that's what was suggested by the expert in these filings (at the time of appeal, see CBSports article).

Three. Please don't conflate your bad experience with one lawyer on all lawyers. I know you're a better person than that. I am sorry your brother had a bad experience, but anecdotal experience of your brother's divorce case has nothing to do with Brock Hoffman. There was clear evidence of one lawyer expert (Tom Mars) helping Shae Paterson and Justin Fields (see CBS article linked above).

Four. I am very well aware of the ACLU and cases about due process. But this case is clearly not a case that the ACLU would pick up. No rights were violated. NCAA (which isnt a govt agency) gave Hoffman an appeal and thus experienced due process. Was it good due process? No. But the courts have clearly established that non-govt entities have no requirement for due process (unless they break their own rules). I dont see how or why the ACLU, which is focused on actual civil atrocities with very limited funding, would pick up this case. I could see an opportunistic lawyer (e.g., Avenatti) taking on the NCAA, but not the ACLU or similar. Any suggestion to that the ACLU is going to divert funds to help out their current causes for a player that has to sit our for year due to archiach NCAA rules seems like an overreach. The ACLU is in full crisis mode atm with the current administration, and as much as I want Brock to play and as much as he deserves to play, let's not suggest the ACLU will drop their current limited resources for Brock.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Involving lawyers just for "more weight" is bullshit, and expensive bullshit at that.

I don't mind hiring experts, but hiring lawyers just for the credentials can be a rip off. How would a lawyer have helped here, exactly? Pay-offs? Making a phone call to the right NCAA person? Sure doesn't make them seem less corrupt.

As far as the ACLU is concerned, they seem to be activists for the causes they care about politically - you're probably right that this sort of thing doesn't crack their interest-level.

Involving lawyers just for "more weight" is bullshit, and expensive bullshit at that.

I'm 100% for this. There are so many things that can be done without having a law degree. The exclusion of experts because they dont have a degree or bar number is shit.

Of course, in this case a lawyer isn't needed. The named expert on these matters happened to be a lawyer, and is often a lawyer in compliance issues. So, when I refer to a lawyer, I'm more implicating the traditional practice in compliance issues than the idea that only a lawyer can prevent this issue. An expert in getting NCAA waivers would've sufficed just as well.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

Of course, in this case a lawyer isn't needed. wasn't needed, and one wasn't used. Nor was it used in the Nolley case. And you see the result.

I'd chalk this up to the NCAA being full of lawyers/lawyer-types that only want to deal with similar people on the other end. Remember, you don't put the engineer at the front of the house to deal with customers. So don't put asmin at the front of dealing with the NCAA. While the lawyer isn't needed, and could be considered superfluous, if it "guarantees" approval, it's money well spent. And what's $1500 to a dept with a budget in the $100million range????

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This. The NCAA sees this like an attorney sees a pro se opponent. They're going to do just enough to win on a number of technicalities. Plus if an attorney is involved from the get-go, the process can be handled in a way that ensures that if it ends up in court later, the way it was handled initially doesn't come back to bite them in the ass.

The whole thing is bullshit though. I mean how is the NCAA harmed by letting him play. It shouldn't ever have to get to this point.

Applying for a waiver shouldn't require just the right nuance in the application.

There was a reason supplied, and it was a good one.

"Sorry, you didn't cross one of the t's" is a bullshit reason to reject the request. If it's a waiver-warranting reason, or if there is any situation the approval authority is aware of, even if it's not on the form, it should be granted.

This is a bush-league disapproval, and we all know it.

If they give any waivers at all, someone's mom having a brain disease should clear any hoops the NCAA has.

You have to remember the transfer rules have been continually changing over the past several months. I believe that initially both the Hoffman family and VT believed the medical exception was the most viable path to get approved for a transfer exception based on years and years of prior evidence. During the time the medical hardship paperwork was completed and submitted, we saw guys like Fields and Martell get approved for hardship exceptions essentially due to a loophole that had momentarily opened in the NCAA transfer restrictions. In hindsight, applying for the hardship exception due to his coach leaving would have very likely resulted in Brock being approved at that time. Unfortunately, the NCAA had not loosened restrictions on the medical exception requirements and Brock was denied at that point. Now at this point, it might have seemed like a simple case of submitting the hardship exception paperwork; however, wedon't know for certain if Brock was even permitted to change the request type after his initial denial or if NCAA guidelines essentially forced him to appeal the medical hardship decision rather than changing to a hardship exception. It appeared that the NCAA implemented new restrictions in June that would make it much more difficult for players to get hardship exceptions, but with the new waive of players that seem to be getting approved based on that type of filing, it's very uncertain what the requirements actually are once again.

It's worth pointing out that Luke Ford, a former 5* TE, transferred from Georgia to Illinois, hired the "lawyer expert" (Thomas Mars), filed for the medical exception waiver, and was denied by the NCAA as well. I do believe we missed an opportunity for Brock to be eligible this season but historical precedent and common sense seemed to dictate that a medical exception was the logical waiver to apply for at the time of the initial filing. After the initial denial though, I'm not confident that hiring a lawyer would have provided a more desirable outcome in this instance.

But yeah... it truly is a gargantuan load of bullshit when you consider that the NCAA clearly touts scholarships as sufficient payment for athletes yet this ruling essentially says the NCAA doesn't believe scholarship considerations should be a factor when it comes to medical exception waivers (i.e. Brock should have transferred sooner after the diagnosis and surgery... even if there were no scholarship offers from schools within the arbitrary 100 mile range and if he had to hope to get a tryout as a walk-on, so be it).

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I agree that a lawyer would have been useful but I disagree that the process requires one, or that there should be an expectation of adverse impact without one. Again because this process is specifically meant to be accessible by players and their families.

My example with my brother was not to conflate, which I do not believe I did, but to illustrate that lawyers are not reliable to hold your personal interests above their own. In his case he hired someone who was considered the "best" divorce attorney in the state at great cost and was screwed over. That's not to say ALL lawyers will do that but rather to illustrate that feeling beholden to following an attorney's advice is not always in your interests. And so people need to be more savvy about how and why attorney's are needed and used. As I said, I have a family of them and I use attorney's myself all the time with my businesses.

Coming back to Brock's case, since the NCAA maintains that this is an open system for families and NOT a legal proceeding there is no expectation that anyone would need a lawyer.

I think we are both in agreement with the ACLU essentially. The main point there is that there is a group of disadvantaged people that need representation, whether by ACLU or another lawyer, and that case can be, similarly to the payment for likeness and unionizing issues in college football, a civil rights case. It's not woman's suffrage level of significance but an instance where civil liberties are demonstrably being withheld nonetheless.

One would think that there's an enterprising attorney out there somewhere that would love to build his rep by taking down the NCAA by doing this pro bono.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Call Avenatti.

πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ πŸ¦ƒ

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Fuck it, I'll do it.

But it's like filing your taxes and following every rule to the best of your ability, being upset at the outcome, and claiming you followed the rules so the decision should have been more favorable. Certain situations can be very complex and nuanced, and bringing in someone with some expertise may be valuable to explore every avenue before the eligibility appeal was filed. As was pointed out, others are getting results, and we are not. It may not be the intent or specific requirement that these processes need a lawyer, but the issues are getting increasingly convoluted and difficult to maneuver. Just following proper procedure doesn't automatically guarantee a good outcome. We can be upset at the decision, and rightfully so, but it should have been handled better from the start, IMO.

We want results... not to be the morally superior loser

Recruit Prosim

Luke Ford hired Fields attorney he was denied also. Didn't help.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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It isn't as if the university, and the Athletic Department, isn't crawling with competent attorneys. I'd be shocked if this appeal was not at least reviewed by counsel.

The issue is that the NCAA moved the goalposts with the rule change in mid-June. As others have said, an arbitrary (and capricious) standard.

I didn't blame the school. That's why I called it a lesson learned as they did follow every rule and tried to do it the right way and still got screwed. Although they were told to lawyer up so this didn't happen, but they said they had it under control.

It would be nice to see a statement from Whit and/or Fuente. Not a half-handed diplomatic one, either. A real shot. They'd have pretty much unilateral support, and it's hard to think there is anything the NCAA could do. Fuck em.

Might be the only post I've ever upvoted with bad language, but right there with you. I'd love to see something of substance from Whit.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I agree. VT should take a legit shot at the process on this - inequitable, inconsistent, unfair, heartless and just flat out poor logic.

I feel for the kid and this definitely hurts 2019, but he will still have two years eligibility. Pissed though

Ohhh this is going to get U G L Y tomorrow, strap in.

I'm hoping for a Kevin Dresser "Oranges" level rant.

It's Time to go to Work

I wish all the non-wrestling fans understood this reference.

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Man, Fuente has been spicy about this all off season. I hope he goes all "I'M A MAN!" in the next press conference. Pull the anti Buzz and start cussin'. Lay into them.

Outspoken team cake advocate. Hates terrapins. Resident Macho Man Gif Poster. Distant cousin to Dork Magic. Frequently misspells words.

VT Football 2019: Start Cussin'


Thanks for nothing, NCAA

Don’t scratch Our Cup.

Their logic for this decision is abysmal. So his mother gets diagnosed with cancer and he is supposed to do this according to the ncaa?
1). Immediately understand all of the ramifications of a brain tumor (one of the most impossible unpredictable medical situations there is)
2). Translate this knowledge into predicting the future of how that will impact his family and his life
3) not take a rationale approach and wait to see what actually happens so he can make a good individual fair decision for himself and his family
4) the ncaa can say the clock ran out on #3 because there is some sort of official timeline that life tragedy works under

Stupidest reasoning ever. Absurd and embarrassing from the ncaa. They should be ashamed for this reason.



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Somebody with money and an axe to grind against the NCAA needs to get brock and others like him screwed over by prejudicial rulings and form a class action lawsuit. The proof of the ncaa failing to apply the same standards and care of judgment to all players is literally in the news every fucking day.

Get this shit tied up in the courts. Sue them now and get a judge to issue an injunction that allows him to play while his case is heard. Get their compliance department subpoenaed to reveal why this happened and why they allowed others.

Burn this motherfucker to the ground.

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If anyone knows someone at VICE this is exactly the kind of stuff they like to produce segments on. That's good publicity.

I appreciate that this being reported but this is not the article needed for this issue as it barely scratches the surface of what is really going on

Interesting as it lists why his initial request was denied but not the second and it's right below the UM guy going to tenn. and that doesn't even state why he transferred. Just he's a 5* so great for the Vols.

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Yeah what a random article, it literally doesn't state a single reason for transfer even though it was approved? Did he have a really sick mother or a head coaching change? I know I can rule out the latter.

Man I thought he would win the appeal if for no other reason than the NCAA trying to save face. They're just asking for the backlash that they're about to receive.

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Kid wants to be close to home and help care for his mom. Kid wants to play football. NCAA says no. I hate the NCAA more than ever. Brock Hoffman, especially after his reply on social media, is now my favorite Hokie to root for. It doesn't matter what affect he would have on our oline this year. I don't care if the player in question was a walk on or destined to be a backup. Family is family, the NCAA doesn't care.

Idk how to embed but someone responded to my tweet about pushback from VT for a lawyer originally.

Idk if Stephanie is related to Brock, but her saying they wanted to hire a lawyer and there being pushback is simply unacceptable if true (with hindsight). Even if VT didn't think a lawyer was necessary in what should have been such an easy confirmation.... they should have had one and a vicious statement ready the second they got the news.

If this is true and VT pushed back on the Hoffmans lawyering up to force the issue...

Deep breath

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Does nobody remember hearing that? I clearly remember this being news

Recruit Prosim

Quick. Everyone that normally gets downvotes to shit for saying stuff too blunt. Outoftowner and dc go ahead and get your legs here we can all agree this is bull shit

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LOL. This needs to go plaid.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7


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If there's one silver lining to this, purely football related, it's that the O-Line in 2020/2021 is going to be ridiculous.
The highly rated freshman will have a year of development under them and we'll have two years of...

LT - Darrisaw
LG - Smith/Nester
C - Hoffman
RG - Nester/Dzansi
RT - Dzansi/Tenuta/Hudson

with King in the backfield

But also to be clear I'm pissed for Hoffman and I honestly hope Fuente drops names in the press conference tomorrow like Tathan, Fields, and the guy Solomon who just got approved for Tennessee. Ridiculous how the standards for approval seem to change based on how many stars you had.

I do appreciate the silver lining, hopefully we can say this turned out to be a good situation for the Hokies in 2021 despite screwing Brock right now.

I hate jumping on bandwagon so early but we will be LOADED in 2021. A R-Jr. Quincy or R-Sr. Hooker or Burmeister at QB. Jr. King at RB., Sr. Turner(if he stays), Jr. Robinson, at WR among other. Sr. Mitchell and Jr. Gallo at TE. The O-Line you mentioned.

R-Sr. Garbutt at DE Jr. Kendricks at DT, Sr. Dax and R-Jr. Tisdale, Sr. Conner at LB's/WHIP. Sr. Farley and Waller/Chatman/Thompson. at CB. Sr. Hunter and Jr. JR Walker at S

If your curious of how other fans are reacting/ following this the reddit thread on r/cfb haass representation from beastly every conference in the country

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Only good news is Brock will still have his 2 years to play after his red shirt...... gotta get in where you fit in I guess. :*(

It is a natural gift I posess to create friction in sensitive situations.

I understand how disappointing this news is for Brock and for this year's team and I feel for them. The NCAA has done VT and Brock and his family an injustice no doubt about it. But let me play the devils advocate here. With how young the team is this year, this could be a blessing in disguise if we can have him suit up for 2020 and 2021 instead of this year and next. Just look at our 2021 offense on paper, good lord...

The NCAA surprised Brian Hoffman again when they came back with another line of questioning β€” why didn't Stephanie Hoffman retire (after her diagnosis and surgery) from her job as a teacher?

"We have almost a million dollars of medical bills," Brian Hoffman said. "She's a teacher and doesn't have enough years to get full pay from her pension. We simply couldn't afford it."

According to Hoffman, he provided the NCAA with financial and insurance statements to show if she retired at the time of her first surgery it would have negatively impacted the family.

I'm honestly at a loss for words.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Fuente needs to call a press conference today this morning and completely lose control of his emotions like he did against Notre Dame in 2016. What're they gonna do, deny Burmeister's eligibility? We know that's what's going to happen anyway.

Bud has nothing to lose. I hope he says what he truly means when the media asks him about this. I hope he doesn't censor his profanities. I hope Fuente gives his entire staff the green light to publicly rip the NCAA.

I keep thinking this is fucking unbelievable. But it's not. It's almost expected.

There has already been somewhat of a green light. Vice has been liking and retweeting every tweet about this and not just the official news stories. These are tweets talking about how ridiculous it is including that Tathan and company have been approved to play.

Put Coach Vice behind the microphone. NCAA don't want none of this.

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The censors that produce VT media hearing this.


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this line from the article should also not be lost:

On Tuesday night, Hoffman admitted he's looking to consult with lawyers in the coming weeks to see if he has a legal case against the NCAA.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

So does he keep his scholarship? I'd hate for that to be denied/on hold while all this other hardship is going on.

no reason he shouldn't get his scholarship. He's going to redshirt, not greyshirt.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Make the track team pick up Cole Beck's tab... like they should have all along, and give that scholly to Brock

Players that are on track and football have to use a football scholarship.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I know this, and please read between the lines of my post.

Cut Cole Beck from the football team?

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Invite Cole Beck to walk onto the football team, since you offered him very late in the process as a plan B guy anyway. Play Cole Beck in one of the 4 free games last year if you think he has a legit chance to ever get carries in this offense.

He spends a single day practicing with the football team and is on sports scholarship at thee school it becomes a football scholarship.

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Yes, or else Alabama would have a 75 person outdoor track team with a bunch of football players on it. I said I knew the rule in an earlier post.

Should have lied, like Braxton Key

Thanks for bringing this back up. The more I look at other cases, the more the inconsistent crapshoot of the NCAA becomes. Key shouldn't have been given a waiver but instead might have pushed UVA over the talent edge to win a national championship. It's obviously hypothetical but do I think Landers Nolley would have made enough of a difference to push us over the top in regular season and that Sweet 16 game? Sure as hell I do.

A sickening level of incompetence.

We lost to Duke on a missed shot in the last possession of OT... Your damn right that Landers Nolley and Chris Clarke would have been a difference in that game- that is two 6'07 guys that can score. Damn right.

The least we can do is a letter-writing campaign.

Who do I send a sharply-written complaint expressing my disdain to?

I promise to refrain from calling them "Klingon Bastards".

I would gain a lot of respect for Fuente if he went completely scorched earth today on the NCAA and I have to think the players would too.

On the other hand I might lose some respect for him if all he does is give some coach speak "we're disappointed but respect the decision and move on" B.S.

I have no problem if he goes "scorched earth", but lets be real, it doesn't matter.

I don't know what to say. I feel so bad for Brock and his family. Can TKP do some kind of shirt that could have donations go to the family for their insane medical bills? I am unaware of a GoFundMe, etc.

This needs to happen ASAP #FreeBrock

Andy's article on the Athletic this morning has some direct quotes from Brock's father. It's well worth a read for those who have a subscription, but I thought his quote about VT's compliance department was particularly damning of VT and shows yet another area where we might be lagging behind competitors.


I don't know what our compliance department does, but they should have been pursuing this like their hair was on fire. It shouldn't have been just another day at the office.

Especially on the heels of the Nolley debacle.

The fact this has happened (albeit in different scenarios) twice to us this year is frustrating, to put it mildly

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Yeah, this needs to be Whit.

oh boy this is where the fun starts.

I can guarantee you the VT compliance department was trying to work with the NCAA and get answers or even understand the process. However VT compliance is at the mercy of the NCAA and information they get back. The NCAA is dragging it's feet because they have no idea what rules they want to adhere by. They initially gave Field and Tate the OK to transfer right away because they didn't think this many people would request the transfer approvals. Yes that sounds absolutely moronic but we're talking about the NCAA.

In Hoffman's case this was as clear of reason as possible and the NCAA decided to dig it's feet in and make this the last stop. Enjoy that lawsuit because Mr. Hoffman isn't backing down

Ask away and I will try to explain as best I can now that I have all the free time in the world!

Umm free time? Everything ok out in the cornfields?

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back seat driver now!!

Good Luck Jugs.

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look forward to getting back to the Gulf side!

When you get back down here let me know. I'm working on trying to set up a Hokie Club chapter for the state.

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I believe it's customary to review applications by the standards that were in place when an application was made, not what you changed it to after the application was submitted.

This is almost more frustrating than the NCAA's decision. We all know that the NCAA is bureaucratic dog shit but our compliance department should be doing everything for it's student athletes. The fact that the quote is from his father is pretty telling.

This is what I was afraid of.

And...after personally dealing with compliance department staff at two different universities over the last few years, I can confidently say they're not the only ones. I'm of the opinion that this is a problem at public universities across the land. They are not in a hurry for anyone.

I'm also of the opinion that this problem could easily be solved by not granting waivers at all. If you want to transfer, and you are an undergrad, you have to sit a year. PERIOD.

Leonard. Duh.

At least then the rules would be comprehensible, instead of applying for a waiver and then waiting months and months to get denied, while other schools skate theirs through.

Yeah, when they started putting asterisks on transfer rules, the floodgates opened. Now they are trying to close the dam back up. Cases aren't black and white, and the 100 mile radius thing is a very arbitrary number. And the "he hurt my feelings" reason is one of the most laughable of all. Heck, loluva had a fight club in the locker room, but they want to grant a waiver over someone's feelings?

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You mean public entities, bureaucracies which have become bloated on the backs of taxpayers and federally subsidized student loans, with no real accountability to anyone are slow to move and don't care about anything other than their bottom line? You don't say?

I'd go further into my issues with the university education system (lack of balanced discourse, academic tenure, cost/benefits, etc.) but it would be bordering on politics and I don't feel this is an appropriate platform for such discussion. And it's against the rules.

dont wanna be That Guy but this is a cg violation for linking to paywalled content

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Edited the comment to follow the community guidelines.

I forgot the specifics of the CG - thought it was similar to other websites I visit that if you only share an excerpt, post the link, and caveat that it requires a subscription that it was alright.

Some are questioning why fans are blaming the school. This pretty much sums it up in one tweet. Tech had 2 options be the crazy ex wife in the divorce who gets everything or be the logical rule following husband that thinks he has everything under control because there are bylaws and hes going to follow them. We sit here and blame the blue bloods for getting everything they want from the NCAA when in reality its not so much their fault they just picked being the correct party in the NCAA "divorce" if you will.

Hindsight is always 20/20. What could have or should have been done is always examined when things go wrong. I'm not saying there isn't some blame on compliance, but the words of an irate person aren't always rational and plenty of blaming goes around when people get upset, warranted or not.

However, this being multiple cases within the last year, something is clearly not right somewhere and needs to be addressed.

I like compliance offices that get waivers approved. /s

Yes, but it's not the NCAA saying, "Well, this is what VT's compliance office should have done if they wanted the waiver to be approved." It's someone outside saying, "If the compliance office did this, it probably would have been approved."

One is constructive feedback and allows something to change to get better for next time. The other is conjecture and playing a blame game.

I agree.

If the situation warranted it, the waiver should have been granted, even if the reason was submitted by an incompetent compliance office.

I say we inject the 7 members of the committee with a brain tumor, remove it and give them the same impairments Brock's mom has. Then ask them 2yrs later if they're cured and don't need their son closer to home to help out. We all know how their decision would change.

We put the K in Kwality

Despite their general ineptitude, corruption, and complete and total lack of interest in protecting student athletes it would seem wise *strictly* from a PR perspective for the NCAA to grant this waiver.

His mother had a BRAIN TUMOR. He wanted to be closer to her. Just grant the goddamn waiver, look like you give a shit (even though you clearly don't) and move on. We'd all applaud it, and now you have a story (and maybe a lawsuit) on your hands.

The NCAA sucks donkey dick for so very many reasons but you'd think some asshole in a suit with two brain cells to rub together could at least come up with that line of reasoning. If you're effectively making shit up as you go along, why not allow the kid with the sob story to transfer so you look like the good guys?

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That's the most puzzling thing here. The NCAA is so incompetent they're screwing up the low hanging fruit that would get everyone to back off on the hate train a little bit. The kid's mom has brain cancer, its an easy win and good PR to allow the transfer. This has no potential to open any kind of floodgate for potential transfers down the line. The family member is sick, there's evidence, literally the entire football community wants the transfer to happen.

And they still managed to fuck it up.

Like, how incompetent of an organization do you have to be to screw this up? Especially during the same transfer window of the other waivers you actually did grant?

You know what this looks like to me?

An organization that is run by a bunch of people who don't know what the hell they are doing, and the likelihood of you getting your request processed promptly and correctly depends primarily on the mood of the person processing it and not the documentation and proof you include. But they're also just smart enough to know that you don't mess with high profile players and schools, so those always get the benefit of the doubt. Everyone else is at the mercy of a department that is too underqualified and overconfident to do the job they were hired to perform.

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Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Does anyone know when the next Fuente (or anyone) presser is? Feel like this should be addressed publicly by the University, as Hoffman's Dad has started to call out VT compliance.

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Immediate eligibility for non graduates was granted ~80% of the time last year. How are other compliance departments getting the job done? Are we filing the wrong exception/waiver? I just can't see how the compliance dept can't get a positive ruling on this, given all the recent examples and circumstances. Don't lie or be unethical in the process, but, they should be giving the student athletes the best chance for a favorable ruling.

Or am I missing something?

NCAA changed the rules mid process for Hoffman. It's BS, but many of those who got waivers last year would not be granted them today.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Aubrey Solomon was granted immediate eligibility today.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Anybody know the reason why?

Because: "Tennessee"?

Because: "They hired a lawyer"?

Because: "5 star who wasn't a starter"?

Because: "NCAA"?

So they just drew a line in the sand with Hoffman, because reasons. Cool

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Luke Ford didn't.
GT has one approved one not.
Those are two off top of my head. This isn't a VT compliance failed issue.

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when is today's press conference and how can i watch? I want to see someone **hopefully** rip the NCAA.

There won't be a media opportunity until after the Boston College game.

I wish Whit would call a press conference and make this hit national news. Everyone, across all sports platforms have been discussing this and how f'd it is. I mean espnu radio has been talking Brock and transfer stuff all day. Yet no one actually had the balls to make a stand. This will end up just being 15 mins of bad PR and then Clemson plays tomorrow.

You'd have to assume there are at least a handful of big donors that feel the same and are in Whit's ear about this. But maybe I'm wrong about that. Cannot understand why Whit wouldn't at least make a much firmer statement. And I cannot understand why the ACC doesn't also help represent their member institutions in these matters.

Let's remember Whit isn't a fire and brimstone in public type of guy. See ECU situation.

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If there are no scheduled media opportunities between now and Monday, make one. Call a press conference. Sitting on our hands and taking it is unacceptable.

In case you're wondering where Herbie's take is on this, he's too busy filming long pep talks on Twitter for hurt Alabama players to care about such lowly things as the transfer portal.

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Did you expect Heribe to give a flyin $&@# about this??????

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Scott Van Pelt Tonight's One Big Thing

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Simple and well done as always by SVP. "Nope"

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EspnU radio on SiriusXM was very critical of the NCAA handling Hoffman's transfer handling. Found all the Michigan transfers being approved puzzling. I'd like to know just who is on the yransfer waiver committee.

I've been trying to think about this situation as a non-Hokie. The best I have come up with is as follows:

There should be written rules regarding the transfer. We'll compare them to Zoning laws, specific to a municipality.
When someone attempts to sell off a piece of their land, typically the request is submitted to a zoning authority. If it is in compliance with the rules, it passes quickly. It shouldn't even have to be presented to a reviewing board. If it's not in compliance with the rules, it goes before the planning commission, zoning review board, etc. The commission (waiver committee in our case) should then evaluate, on a case by case basis, the merit of a case to work outside the rules.

I'm going to pretend I'm on the committee.

In Brock's case, he exceeded the 100 mile radius by 5 miles. He waited until over a year to transfer. This is clearly a case where the committee then evaluates the specific case.

First question: Where are we measuring to? And if we are able to be this nitpicky about the question, does 5 miles make that much difference? Five miles from Statesville to Blacksburg is a hell of a lot different than five miles through more urban areas. That trip is almost all highway. So, say, in this case, five miles equals five minutes. Somewhere else, five miles is more time. And again, if we're being this nitpicky about the consequence of 5 miles, is there merit to leniency within this particular rule?

Second question: When did the incident occur?
Per this link, the transfer must occur within, or immediately after the academic year after learning of the injury or illness. Ok. She was diagnosed in December of 2017. He enrolled at VT on May 24th of 2019; He committed on February 8, 2019. So, he commits to transfer within 15 months of diagnosis. He was looking at schools before then. Articles document his intent to set visits to schools in January. He was playing football in November of 2018. I'm assuming he was focused on his season up to that point. Is it reasonable to extend leniency past the 12 month line given these conditions? Next we have to ask if it is reasonable to conclude that the date should be based on the initial diagnosis? Treatment schedules vary. Outcomes of treatment vary. Should there be consideration given to the outcome of the treatment, and any lingering side effects of the condition, post-treatment? At what date were side effects determined to be present?

Question? three (Is this a question? Why did we write this?): "explanation of the student-athlete's role in providing care". WTF does this even mean? We live in a day when people have peacocks as support animals, I shit you not. Providing care might just be a brief visit to lift a patient's spirits. That's not up to the NCAA to decide. So, we should probably just not consider this in our rulings.

Done pretending here.

The waiver committee had multiple things to consider. I understand that. The job of this sort of committee should be to decide how individuals can be allowed to work within and around rules. Additionally, they should decide if the rules are hard and fast, or if they are a standard to be used for extrapolation. I see them as the latter, as it would be ridiculous to assume every condition is the same (see comments about 5 miles on a highway vs urban hell above).

I think any reasonable and sympathetic body of people rules in favor of the transfer. Anyone ruling against the transfer is either in the hard and fast rules camp, or didn't want to be bothered with the issue.

I don't agree with the ruling. It sucks for Brock. It sucks for his family.
I don't care about its impact on VT Football for the year. Sure, VT stands to benefit from his eligibility. But that shouldn't be the focus of the NCAA's evaluation. The focus should be the student athlete. In the end, the Hoffmans are getting the shaft.

Bill Roth talked about it on the Roth report. Pointed out that Brock met 0/3 criteria for a medical waiver.

1. Not life threatening. Check, it was permanently disabling but not life threatening.
2. Time. We all know the time issue.
3. How much care is he going to be providing. Answer, very little.

Roth also admits even though it met 0/3 of the criteria, it should have been granted. It was a 4/3 vote to refuse from the 7 person committee.

Bill also stated that the family throwing Whit and the compliance office under the bus is very bad form. The family selected which of the transfer forms they wanted by themselves and didn't involve a lawyer. Tech had no input before it was made and submitted.

That said, why are Michigan transfers getting immediate approvals without a coaching change?

Realistically, how much care is any full time athlete going to be providing?

And if the family knew these were the criteria, maybe they'd have gone another route?

But then you look at these other waivers getting granted, and you know they're not meeting these criteria.

You KNOW there are waivers being granted that may be tailored to the criteria, but aren't a better justification for a waiver than Brock's case was.

Agreed, and so did Bill. He stated he still would have approved it. In the end the NCAA committee, AD's and assistant AD's that are supposed to be there for the sake of the kids should have granted it.

Would it be possible for the NCAA to view all cases in an anonymous way to remove bias?

I'm imagining those stat comparisons of "Quarterback A vs. Quarterback B"

Participant A is applying for a medical hardship waiver. His new school commute is X, old school commute is Y, and his family home is Z miles from the new school. His mother had an acoustic neuroma removed in 2017 and still suffers from facial paralysis as well as hearing and eyesight loss.

Participant B is applying for a hardship waiver. He was a victim of racial harassment at his former institution and is filing for immediate eligibility at another university to get out of that environment.

Am I missing something? Is it important exactly which schools they're moving to and from as long as they're an FBS institution? This kind of process could mitigate some of the bad press that the NCAA is getting surrounding high-profile players and blue bloods having a perceived advantage.

I advocated the same thing, but I like the way you've worded it here. I wasn't sure how to anonymize it, but you've got the right idea. Should also be done by a third party outside the NCAA. They need to give up control of these kinds of things, as they've shown an inability to remain objective.

This is EXACTLY how it should be done.

Except you don't want "participant A vs participant B"
As has been brought up, this whole ordeal isn't a zero sum game.

But wholeheartedly agree that anonymity would at least give the committee an ounce of justification. Very well may not affect this outcome, but would alleviate the perception of favoritism

I don't think he's really saying it's one vs. the other. I think he's saying that they're being compared to the criteria, and then their cases are being contrasted to the degree that one can say "that makes sense". The point he's trying to make is that it's an unbiased third party doing the analysis.

But it's natural for us to look at the ones being approved, and saying "something's wrong with a system that approves that waiver, and not this other one."

Right now it looks like some teams know how to work the system, and some don't. Or put another way, the system works for certain teams better than others. In one word: bias.

Exactly what I was going for. I was just looking to list more than one occurrence, in this case Hoffman and Fields, hence A and B.

I can see how it could be interpreted as A vs. B, though.

Just for reference though, Fields did not transfer because of racial comments. Many on r/CFB from Georgia have stated that the whole thing was fake and he transferred for "other reasons" but did not know what the other reasons were.

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something, something, "secret handshake"...

I was looking for a Hatin' On thread, but I guess this is where those comments should go.

The NCAA washes their raw chicken before cooking it. They do this because they are sick, twisted, insecure assclowns and they make a mess of everything they get close to.

Finally found a good breakdown of how waivers are reviewed.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I mean, the NCAA should really be ashamed on this one.

That guy should be ashamed of his flowchart formatting. Just sayin

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

The NCAA should be ashamed that it appears to be an accurate portrayal of the process.

NCAA: "What's flowcharting?"

Also NCAA: "Efff it. We'll make it up as we go! HNNNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!"

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Fuck the NCAA.

Fuente provided his thoughts on the Hoffman situation in his presser today. Fuente opened up quite a bit about the situation, and I think he did good. It was good to at least hear his reaction and his thoughts. While he did make a slight jab directly at NCAA, their decision and the process, I wish he had been a little more fiery and direct. However, he basically said, those kinds of responses/reactions do no good.

What I really want to know is how different his and the team's preparation would have been had they gotten the appeal decision prior to fall camp. It sounds like he was still getting significant reps throughout Fall camp in the event that he was granted eligibility.

Looking forward to Hoffman's contributions over the next few years.

One thing that would have been different is that we likely would have had a center playing who wan't in the backfield most of the day.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Hate to re-open the wound but while I was researching top ranked QB recruits over the past decade, I came across this article on former WVU QB Barry Brunetti and his transfer. Here are some quotes from the article, with my own emphasis added:

Brunetti, a transfer from West Virginia who is from Memphis, Tenn., came to Ole Miss in part because of his ailing mother. The NCAA usually requires transfers to sit out one season but can grant a waiver if there is a family hardship. Ole Miss is about 75 miles from Memphis.

Brunetti said he spent Easter weekend in Memphis with his mother, who was injured in a car wreck in 2002 and has suffered declining health ever since. The two discussed the NCAA waiver, and mom's advice was simple -- stay positive.

So we have a historical precedent of the NCAA granting a medical hardship waiver in 2011 for a player transferring NINE YEARS after the initial incident resulted in the hardship. Yet one of the reasons provided by the NCAA for Hoffman being denied was that he didn't file soon enough after his mother's brain surgery... when it occurred less than two years ago.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Stop trying to confuse us by applying logic to NCAA decisions.

Their wrongful conclusions are final.

They'll thank you to move along now.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Three things here:
1. Ole Miss is apparently within the 100 mile radius
2. We don't know if there were more sudden complications of her ailing health. She was in a car wreck in 2002, but could be sliding downhill health wise only recent to the request for transfer.
3. Fuck the NCAA

Not necessarily in that order.

I don't know if this makes it better or worse, but wasn't the rule about the timing of the application added this summer? Wasn't it one of the rules changed/added while Hoffman was appealing?