Are There Any Kansas City (MO) Hokies Here?

I'll be spending this off-week there. In addition to lots of sightseeing and going to my first Royals game, I'm looking to find a good bar to see us beat BC in.

I'm looking for the following recommendations:

1) Barbecue (I'll probably hit at least 3)
2) Distilleries
3) Breweries
4) Mediterranean Food
5) Thai Food

Working on a rotation schedule, certainly has its perks.

Thank you,


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I travel to Kansas City a bit and lay time we ate at Q39. Really great food. Small parking lot.

Torn Label brewing is an awesome brewery in KC.

Vroom Vroom

This thread is relevant to my interests. I'll be in KC in October for a tournament.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Right on!

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Spent a decent bit of time in KC the past few months for work. Here are my recommendations:
Q39 - Best BBQ I've ever had. Their sauce is amazing. Gets really crowded really quick
Char Bar - Probably the second best BBQ I've ever had. Has some fun out door seating with cornhole and such.
Il Lazzarone - Fantastic Neapolitan pizza
Slaps BBQ - Melt in your mouth burnt ends
Joe's BBQ - Great bbq in a gas station. Was on Bourdain's list of places to eat before your die
Gates - Pretty decent chain. Very cheap
Authur Bryant's - Great bbq, tons of famous people have eaten there for good reason
Boulevard Brewing - Big brewery. Fun tour and I really enjoy their beer
Tom's Town Distillery - Craft distillery down town. Really cool history behind the building and the brand. Very 1920s, great gastby style speakeasy. They make some whiskey, a sourced bourbon, but I love their gin. I don't like gin normally, and this stuff is fantastic

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Don't live in KC but travel (and eat) there often for the last 15 years.
I couldn't agree more with every single place and the reasons for inclusions on this list. What's also omitted also makes perfect sense. Well done.

Not funny. Not funny. And now the baby is upset.

We have a really shitty customer there so I had to turn to food and booze to counteract. Honestly, really liked the city and would love to go with more time to explore around

If you can't handle my shit posts, you don't deserve my memes

Thirding Q39, was in the KC area for work last year...highly recommended. We did have a substantial wait.

I moved to KC in May, so I'm getting more and more familiar with the area.

As other have suggested, Q39 is a great spot. I haven't sampled enough to really say "best", but its definitely what everybody recommends around here.

Boulevard is the big powerhouse brewery in the area. KC Bier is also great. I haven't made it to any distilleries yet.

The only Thai place I've been so far is Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop, which was great. So check that out. I haven't made it to any Mediterranean places.

The KC Alumni Association is having a watch party for the BC game at The Peanut in Mission, KS. Its about a 15 minute drive from downtown.

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter if you want to meet up. It's always great to meet other TKP folks.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

I don't have Twitter, otherwise I'd say hey.

Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try to make it to that watch party.

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I just called The Peanut, and of course, they don't have the ACC Network. So, TBD currently on where folks will be watching the game. I'll post again when I know what the plan is.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

Understood, thanks

And screw you: Swofford, ACC, ACCN, Comtrash...

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I like how the OP gave a backhanded (unintentional?) FU to Kansas City, KS. Lol, I have a lot family on the KS side. they're alright.

edit: if it is intentional and related to the 2008 Orange Bowl. Best thread title ever. I still get shit from my family (KU alums) for that.

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Why'd ya have to bring that bad memory back up? We had no business losing that game, to this guy:


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Tell me about. Why do my cousins bring it up every time college sports is discussed? What makes it worse is how bad KU is again.

I just need VT to beat them in the NCAA tournament, especially if its for a grant into the F4 or similar. I need something to counter.

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Hey Mangino, who's in there with you?

New to Columbia; we took our first trip to KC for a Royals game a few weeks back (Dressed in Indians garb).

Don't have a ton of recommendations, yet, but based on our trip:

BBQ- Jack Stack was the recommendation I kept getting. Pricey but worth it. Get a reservation for peak hours. (We went to the big Freight house location on W 22nd street; fairly easy to get to from Arrowhead/Kauffman complex).

Brewery- Boulevard is pretty awesome (a hard grade for a former NE Ohioan). They recently opened up the third floor and run shuffleboard, air hockey, pool tables and foosball. Didn't try the food.

We spent most of our time roaming around the various art and music stores on the west side. Highly recommend if you're into that sorta thing.

Lived in Kansas City for a few years:

I think Jack Stack is overrated unless you're really into sides. Q39, Joe's, and Char Bar are all at the top of my list.

For distilleries check out Tom's Town Distilling downtown. They have a good tour.

As others have recommended, go to Boulevard Brewing. If you're there during the week, go on the Smokestack Tour. If you're visiting on the weekend, go on the Unfiltered tour. Both of these tours are WAY better and you get way more beer than the generic tour that everyone goes on.

All the Mediterranean and Thai food I had while living there was sub par, but I might be a little biased since I live in DC now.

^Pretty much what I had said. Jack Stack was fine but was way more expensive and just not near as good as the others. There is a German restaurant right next to it which is also pricey but very delicious.

There's also Vietnam cafe by the hospital. I thought it was pretty good and a decent change of pace after so much bbq

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Got to my hotel, about an hour ago.

Been impressed by the local hospitality, thus far

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Just watched our alum, Pinder, knock in a double

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Haha I was actually at that game too. The Bank had some customers cancel, and our department got the tickets.

So no update on the watch party yet. Apparently DirecTV isn't starting the ACCN in this geographic area until 9/6, which blows my mind. Trying to find a place that will let us stream it through YoutubeTV or Hulu.


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yep, the ACCN is off to a great start

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I moved to Columbia from Blacksburg five years ago for a graduate program at Mizzou and have been to KC a few times. Q39 BBQ is a top 5 meal of my life, but crowded. FYI, burnt ends are a specialty in KC. I recommend you try Arthur Bryant's and/or Gates (my preference) for the food and experience -- make sure you know what you want before getting in line or you'll catch some looks. Boulevard Wheat is a better version of Blue Moon, but my favorite beer by Boulevard is their Tank 7. My favorite Missouri brewery is Logboat, which has expanded to KC from Columbia. I recommend a couple Snappers, but don't plan on being productive afterwards. Have fun and welcome to the Midwest.

We aren't able to make it this week, but the wife and I try and make it to trivia at Broadway Brewery at 7:30 on Tuesdays. And we're not good.

If you'd like to drop by one of these weeks, it's a pretty fun time and I'd love to meet up. We'll definitely be going next week.

So the KC Alumni Association has found a new venue! The Fox and Hound has the ACCN, and will have us set up. Looks like its about 20-25 minutes from downtown.

10428 Metcalf, Indian Creek Shopping Center
Overland Park, KS 66212

This will be my first watch party here, so I have no idea what to expect. Should be a fun time regardless.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

Thanks for the update. I plan on being there, just look for the guy in Maroon & Orange!

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a couple months late on this thread, but will be in KC this weekend. Fox and Hound still the place for Hokies to watch?

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Since you're going, one of my old fishing clients has/had a barbecue joint there that I heard was better than good called "Pappy's" that you might try if you're in the mood for local fare. I've heard it is a get there early or go home empty kind of place, but I'm sure a local could clue you in more than I.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Q39 last night, was excellent. Now trying Jack Stack for a late lunch.

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I'm late to this thread but was in KC a few years ago for work. BBs Lawnside BBQ was my go to for BBQ, but it's out of the way if you are closer to downtown. Burnt ends were amazing.

Not Thai, but Blue Koi has some really good Chinese food. The scratch made dumplings are their specialty but everything I tried there was good.

The game didn't go well, but I enjoyed watching it with the KC Hokies!

Special thanks to @THE FIGHTING GOBBLER
for keeping me in the loop

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If you're gonna hit three barbecue places, make it Jack Stack, Q39 and Arthur Bryant's.

Get the crown prime beef ribs at Jack Stack, and get the carrot cake for dessert.

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