Teaser: Film Review of Black Friday

1) Will likely be Tuesday or Wednesday
2) First draft is complete, weighing in at 5300 words
3) The game was three distinct acts. Without spoiling it, I didn't think VT's game plan attacked UVA's weaknesses and played to their strengths. Then VT adjusted and dominated, but there were red flags. UVA adjusted and controlled the last half of the 4th quarter.
4) There were some really poor performances. Jermaine Waller wasn't one of them.
5) Sign up for the TKPC to get more details. I will also be previewing VT's bowl opponent and doing a position by position year in review before the Christmas holiday. Then January will see a multi-part review of the bowl game and a look at the early signing day Hokies recruits. Of course, if the new defensive coordinator brings in a new system, I will do a deep dive.

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Can't wait

Small detail, but the game was Friday.

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5,000+ words ... expect Wednesday at the soonest. It's going to take this editor at least a couple of early mornings and late nights to get this published. But I have a hunch it's worth the wait.

And this right here is why I pay for TKP. I really appreciate all that the entire staff puts in! Thanks French! Thanks Joe!

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I can't second this emotion highly enough.

In another thread last year, I commented that TKP needed to put more content behind the paywall because that was the only way to grow the site. One reply said that I was "elitist". That may be, but all this GREAT content this year keeps me renewing. I am not a fan of the social part (I'm too old to understand or care), which should remain free.

Joe, French, and "The Fifth Fuller" are worth the price of admission!

Go Hokies!

P.S. I still think you could make some coin with a live, in person "French Does Football seminar" somewhere.

Can't wait for this

"These people are losing their minds" - Mike Patrick

The enjoyment I get from reading French's breakdowns and feeling like I actually know something about football is one of the only bright spots following a game like Friday's.

Looking forward to it.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Man, if only Joe could afford an editor to speed things up and get premium content out faster, join you must!

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Stoked for the quality of content, but bracing myself for the details of what went wrong.

Let's just say, I spent almost 6 hours working on the first quarter. There was a lot of bad.

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Sometimes I wonder if Corn even spends that much time working on it. He should read the breakdowns (somewhat tongue in cheek but somewhat not)

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There was a lot of bad on the defense in the first quarter.

Leonard. Duh.

And in the 4th

I didn't like the way we were trying to account for Perkins in the 1st quarter, but play to play the defense was quite good, we had 4 really bad snaps in my memory, they were just all bad to absolutely horrendous. All four plays were Perkins up the middle, two of them for first downs on third and long, two of them long touchdowns. Just goes to show, the defense can be stout for 2-3 plays in a row, but it doesn't matter if you have a breakdown on the next one. All it takes is one or two mistakes to give up a touchdown.

I think this may have been mentioned elsewhere and not sure it had a major impact on the game, but...was the field unusually wet? Looked like a lot of slipping.

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it was wet. I hear we changed spike length at half time. The students that hit the field after the game were covered with mud.

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doing a position by position year in review before the Christmas holiday.

I have a (possibly) unfair request. In future film reviews, would you consider giving coaches/position groups a letter grade after after each performance (and the season)? While I get that it might oversimplify the review, it would also be a very simple way to summarize the coaches' performance(s). Thoughts?

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My year end will have that type of commentary. I don't know how the final will look. While I am meticulous with my review, I write in a stream of consciousness method as I watch the plays, so what you get is literally what I am thinking as I watch (hence the heavy work load for Joe editing, because sometimes my brain works in funny ways.) But, the year end piece will be very similar to my "gut reactions" columns which usually follow when I watch something live like the spring game.

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If you aren't part of TKPC, you are missing the best insight of the X's and O's coverage of the Virginia Tech football program.


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I'm looking forward to this in the same way I look forward to cardio workouts - I get tired, sad and angry but feel much better and accomplished when it's over.

A lot of what if's...but geez if Farley had played I think we pull out the W for 16 straight.

I'm looking forward to reading your analysis.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Losing to an average UVA team, that is not a great passing team anyway because one of our corners is out shows you where our depth is and where we are in general as a program.

I don't want to give away too much, but farley's injury didn't matter as much as people are saying. Chatman got beaten once, and it was a bust by the safety that caused it. Farley is in, the same thing happens. It only would have made the difference if Bud had moved Chatman or Farley to the whip or free late in the game. Conner and Deablo were awful in coverage.

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My point was more or less directed at the long runs by Perkins. Farley has the speed to at least catch him (I think).

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Conner and Deablo were awful in coverage.

I have been sour on Connor since the UNC game. I think he was responsible for two long touchdowns in that game. Again, he is a sophomore and I need to bear that in mind. He is similar to Bonner, who was picked on by the fan base before he turned it on in his senior year.

Deablo has been streaky this year as well. Outside the fumble return for touchdown in the Notre Dame game, he isn't the lockdown player I had hoped.

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Hey, French.
Can you include a description on the penalty on the spike play?

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Section 3. Article 2. f.

A forward pass is illegal if:

-The forward passer to conserve time throws the ball directly to the ground (1) after the ball has already touched the ground; or (2) not immediately after controlling the ball.

It could also have been viewed as grounding since he was then under duress which would have still had a 10 sec roll off

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Thanks, the rule even makes sense now. You don't want a qb who has fumbled the ball getting away with spiking it to prevent the loss of yards that would be involved from the fumble. So HH should have just thrown it in the stands past the line of scrimmage after he fumbled it. But, who knew, you just never see that.

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I thought it was because the OL were down field due to the delay in spiking the ball. But, after seeing the Hazelton catch called a drop and Dubois being out of bounds, I have stopped trying to second guess officiating and hope the team I root for takes the game out of their hands.

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THIS. I can't wait for VT to get back to a level where these games aren't so tight because these incorrect calls in one score games are killing us. Both of those calls were reviewed for 5+ min by whatever knucklehead the ACC picked up off the street and were both undoubtedly the incorrect calls.

Those type of calls don't matter for Clemson (even though they get the benefit of the doubt as the ACC poster child) since they are already up by 30.

Agree and really why I'm looking forward to the Review.

Watching the 1st Quarter, I thought we looked very ill-prepared. I made the joke that Kill must have been off on Thanksgiving leave and couldn't breakdown the Film for the rest of the coaches.

In the first half, we had two possessions start around the 50 and one at around the UVa 30 and managed 6 total points off of it. We really did not seem to have any defined game plan on offense at all and certainly not one that appeared to target the opponents weaknesses. To me, this has been consistent tune with Corny and really highlights why we should be in the market for a new O.C.

Both the Hazelton call and particularly the Dubois call were awful. College replay is a toss-up joke and if they can't get calls like this right, they should really just do away with it. But as you said, had we taken care of business neither one of those calls would have even mattered.

College ACC replay is a toss-up joke


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We came out running the plays that were effective against GT and Pitt. The same plays that are our bread & butter option / misdirection / play-action type plays. Since UVA had a bye week and a game vs Liberty they got to spend plenty of time studying and repping against those plays.

Once UVA showed they were ready (shut down a screen to Mitchell for example) for what had worked so well in weeks previous, we changed tactics and started attacking their DB's with more aggressive pass plays. That got us back in the game. Unfortunately getting back in the game also triggered UVA to let Perkins air it out (against our safeties), and contrary to what he's been doing all season he made a bunch of great throws down the field.

I could be totally wrong on this, but I thought the rule was that you had to take the snap and spike it in one motion?

Awesome sauce

French, you're the man. You make every penny of TKPC worth it. Please keep doing what you do and enabling my addiction to VT athletics.