OT: English Premier League January 2020 Transfers

Let the 2020 transfer market begin, seems like Michael Edwards has already struck like the ninja that he is.

Let the melee begin:


Will try to keep things updated as the transfer window continues. Please don't downvote me if I do a terrible job at it.

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Get in! Lovely bit of business, will provide cover for the Africa Cup of Nations when we'll be missing Mane, Keita and Salah. Also a natural replacement for Lallana who's heading for the exits in July.

FYI AFCON has been switched to traditional league off-season as of 2019, so the need for in-season cover is much less.

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Yeah waking up to this bit of news was glorious! Really thought he played well at Anfield, and in Salzburg, and if it works out where we get him at that price point, is insane. He's still relatively young too which is good. Salzburg's pace was really impressive on Tuesday, and it's awesome that we could get that into our side. Love that we can still do shrewd signings like this discreetly. Hopeful for a 1-2 more reinforcements come July. I would really like to see these Sancho rumors evolve into reality.

Edit: I've been reading that Edwards relationship with Red Bull, as the parent company for Salz/Leip was instrumental in this opportunity. He was one of few individuals that was aware of the low release clause price point (his value is closer to 30), and an article I read, stated that he's been tracking him for 6 years. One reason I truly hope that Edwards sticks with LFC (along with Klopp) is because of the advanced analytics that we use. It's allowed us to find diamonds in the rough, like Robertson, Matip, and now Minomino. I just love the direction this club is headed. This kid along with the Nike deal, will break us into the Asian market, which will EASILY help us recoup what we've paid for him, and THEN SOME. LFC becoming a global brand is truly coming to fruition. #UTFR

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Matip situation was a curious one. Schalke's recent shift in transfer/extension policy is super weird and since 2017 or so they have consistently let players run down their contracts to leave for free while refusing to sell them or extend them with a raise -- notables off the top of my head include Matip, Neustadter, Max Meyer, Goretzka, and Kolasinac

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

More shrewd business?

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We got em!
Crazy part is that we got him for about the same price we sold Kent for...

Great business!

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Crazy! #TisTheSeason #JanuaryApproaches

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Wow! I think Ox, Virg and Alisson cost more than those 12...amazing

I think our front office, is what sets us apart. I'm so excited to see where this road will lead in the coming years.

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Lol, is this a Premier League transfer thread or a Liverpool wank thread?

Meanwhile, pictured below is all the Aston Villa fans getting daily updates through the Jan window on the ManU/Liverpool/Chelsea/Spurs pursuit of Jack Grealish and/or John McGinn. Luckily, I don't think Super Jack is leaving unless the Villa get relegated (again).

Lol, is this a Premier League transfer thread or a Liverpool wank thread?

The hope was that more supporters from other clubs would chime in here with January approaching. Kop and I seem to be the only ones on the board who are enjoying the transfer window so far. My bad 5th LOL.

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They might have to sell Grealish due to FFP concerns. Spurs would be a logical choice.

Arsenal guy here. Doubt we'll have an active window in terms of buys but the rumor is that the clear out could begin with Xhaka and Ozil leaving, either permanently or on loans.

Half the club is dead wood that wouldn't play for the interim manager so I see no reason why they will play for Arteta. Scrape it out like a gourd.

Grealish is good but dunno if he's set for that step unless they go down again, now Mcginn could be sneaky good business for the right team he's having a good year, although Cantwell is also having a nice under the radar year too

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Newcastle fan here, there will be fake takeover rumours leaked by Mike Ashley so of course we can't buy players until the deal is done. Come late January it's 'oh no the take over is off' but it's too late to buy anyone. Then we get 2 mediocre players on loan. Repeat next January.

Lol unbearables is right. Relates to transfers how? 😂
/s 😉

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I had multiple tabs open in Chrome, an posted it, only to realize afterwards that I placed it in the wrong location...oops! 😂

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Oh it applies, never get tired of winning trophies