OT: English Premier League January 2020 Transfers

Let the 2020 transfer market begin, seems like Michael Edwards has already struck like the ninja that he is.

Let the melee begin:


Will try to keep things updated as the transfer window continues. Please don't downvote me if I do a terrible job at it.

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Get in! Lovely bit of business, will provide cover for the Africa Cup of Nations when we'll be missing Mane, Keita and Salah. Also a natural replacement for Lallana who's heading for the exits in July.

FYI AFCON has been switched to traditional league off-season as of 2019, so the need for in-season cover is much less.

edit: afcon 2021 back to being scheduled inside domestic league season rip

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Yeah waking up to this bit of news was glorious! Really thought he played well at Anfield, and in Salzburg, and if it works out where we get him at that price point, is insane. He's still relatively young too which is good. Salzburg's pace was really impressive on Tuesday, and it's awesome that we could get that into our side. Love that we can still do shrewd signings like this discreetly. Hopeful for a 1-2 more reinforcements come July. I would really like to see these Sancho rumors evolve into reality.

Edit: I've been reading that Edwards relationship with Red Bull, as the parent company for Salz/Leip was instrumental in this opportunity. He was one of few individuals that was aware of the low release clause price point (his value is closer to 30), and an article I read, stated that he's been tracking him for 6 years. One reason I truly hope that Edwards sticks with LFC (along with Klopp) is because of the advanced analytics that we use. It's allowed us to find diamonds in the rough, like Robertson, Matip, and now Minomino. I just love the direction this club is headed. This kid along with the Nike deal, will break us into the Asian market, which will EASILY help us recoup what we've paid for him, and THEN SOME. LFC becoming a global brand is truly coming to fruition. #UTFR

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Matip situation was a curious one. Schalke's recent shift in transfer/extension policy is super weird and since 2017 or so they have consistently let players run down their contracts to leave for free while refusing to sell them or extend them with a raise -- notables off the top of my head include Matip, Neustadter, Max Meyer, Goretzka, and Kolasinac

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More shrewd business?

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We got em!
Crazy part is that we got him for about the same price we sold Kent for...

Great business!

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Crazy! #TisTheSeason #JanuaryApproaches

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Wow! I think Ox, Virg and Alisson cost more than those 12...amazing

I think our front office, is what sets us apart. I'm so excited to see where this road will lead in the coming years.

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To keep your level of success you're front office is going to have to open the pocketbook. When Salah and Mane either move on or get older, you have to pay to get in replacements. The scouting to bring in your guys and the great deal they got for COutino and the smart way they spent hat money is admirable, BUT City isn't going to stand idly by and let Liverpool beat them, Man U will eventually get it right. Heck, watch to see if Usminov makes a bid for Everton and how much money he throws at them.


Lol, is this a Premier League transfer thread or a Liverpool wank thread?

Meanwhile, pictured below is all the Aston Villa fans getting daily updates through the Jan window on the ManU/Liverpool/Chelsea/Spurs pursuit of Jack Grealish and/or John McGinn. Luckily, I don't think Super Jack is leaving unless the Villa get relegated (again).

Lol, is this a Premier League transfer thread or a Liverpool wank thread?

The hope was that more supporters from other clubs would chime in here with January approaching. Kop and I seem to be the only ones on the board who are enjoying the transfer window so far. My bad 5th LOL.

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They might have to sell Grealish due to FFP concerns. Spurs would be a logical choice.

Arsenal guy here. Doubt we'll have an active window in terms of buys but the rumor is that the clear out could begin with Xhaka and Ozil leaving, either permanently or on loans.

Half the club is dead wood that wouldn't play for the interim manager so I see no reason why they will play for Arteta. Scrape it out like a gourd.

So far we've done nothing and need to spend at CB, defensive midfield and an attacking midfielder. With out attack, we should b putting teams away and we can't seem to do it.


Grealish is good but dunno if he's set for that step unless they go down again, now Mcginn could be sneaky good business for the right team he's having a good year, although Cantwell is also having a nice under the radar year too

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Newcastle fan here, there will be fake takeover rumours leaked by Mike Ashley so of course we can't buy players until the deal is done. Come late January it's 'oh no the take over is off' but it's too late to buy anyone. Then we get 2 mediocre players on loan. Repeat next January.

And they oblige by getting former Spurs man Nabil Bentaleb on loan from Schalke.

Lol unbearables is right. Relates to transfers how? 😂
/s 😉

VB born, class of '14

I had multiple tabs open in Chrome, an posted it, only to realize afterwards that I placed it in the wrong location...oops! 😂

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Oh it applies, never get tired of winning trophies


Apparently Klopp does. He needs to get his head out of his ass. The FA should ban him for 2 or 3 matches if he doesn't show up to coach the FA Cup match.


I was going to bring this topic up in the other thread Correy, but since we're here, and there aren't many soccer fans on the site, I'll just say what I have to say here. I partially agree with what Klopp's doing (shocker I know). I think he's totally right, that the well-being of his players is of utmost importance to him. I support the argument that the FA should care about their well-being too. The only portion of this "protest" that I have a problem with, is that he won't be showing up for the match itself. I think it's disrespectful to Shrewsbury. They worked their tails off to beat the reigning world champions, and cutting his holiday break 4 days short shouldn't be that difficult for him. I hope he changes his mind, but knowing Klopp I doubt he will. He's totally right that Critchley (our youth manager) knows the team better than he does; however, I feel that's a thinly veiled excuse. I think he can still take a stand, by letting Critchley coach, but by showing up to the dugout out of respect for the Shrews. Just my opinion.

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I agree that it's disrespectful to Shrewsbury but also to the competition itself. When I lived in England, the FA Cup was a HUGE deal, getting knocked out of it really bummed me out for days and sometimes weeks. It saddens me that the big clubs now view it as something of a sideshow.

LFC have cut the matchday ticket prices to a max of 15 pound sterling and usually that gets split down the middle (well, not really, but close enough). In light of Klopp's absence I think Shrewsbury should get the whole amount, a nearly million pound sterling payday for a small club would mean the world to them. Plus, if they beat us they get another million at least by playing away to Chelsea. Good for them, they deserve it.

I think it's a reasonable expectation for the clubs to take the FA Cup seriously. It's still a meaningful trophy. Having said that, I am fine with the bigger clubs playing their kids whenever it makes sense. Klopp probably also has a point about the replays. Make it 90 minutes + pens same day result.

I also think Guardiola has the right idea about the League Cup, the Carabao Cup or whatever they're calling it now. It's a tin pot trophy and adds to fixture congestion. Make it a "best of the rest" tournament and exclude the teams in the EPL for the season.

FYI - the FA Cup no longer has replays after the 4th round...starting in the 5th round any draws go straight to penalties.

As far as the League Cup, just leave the teams in the European competitions out of it, or at least give them the option to participate.

I don't have a problem with not playing the 1st team guys. The FA should have considered the schedule. but for Klopp not to show up OTOH is a bad look for him and Liverpool.


Real Madrid make the Reinier Jesus signing official. 35m euros from Flamengo. Latest in a line of v talented brazilian teenagers making their way to the continent, and to Madrid in particular

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Not a bad deal, when you think about the idea that RM paid 46 for Vinicius (16 years old at the time).

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Love this strategy from Flo. We won't hit on all of these guys becoming Madrid level, but because we are buying them all for <€50m, we don't need them all to hit, and we should be able to re-sell just about any of them who maybe end up a tier or two below Madrid first team level for minimal loss, recouping fees, or even small profits depending on their quality.

I agree, for an outfit like RM, it's a brilliant strategy. Low risk, high reward, because RM pockets are extremely deep. Vinicius did decent, and that's a compliment to recruiting RM does on kids that are 16-18 y.o.

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Our pockets are deep, but nobody's pockets are currently prepared for the current market inflation. Top guys going for over €200m will become the norm, and nobody (except maybe the oil clubs) will be able to buy multiple guys AFTER they "arrive." We are trying to make sure we hit on a few guys before they arrive.

Gone are the days of getting an established Ronaldo, Benzema, Xabi, and Kaka in the same summer. At least those days are gone until the club budgets catch up to the market inflation, or maybe if you caught all three with a year left on their deals at the same time.

Yeah Neymar and Coutinho are to blame for that inflation. I'm glad that teams can't buy a championship though, it helps the sport overall. Even the Oil tycoons are starting to spend more wisely. I think Man City's inability to win the European Cup really showed that the investment doesn't pay off every time (no shade).

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Meanwhile United look like they wont be getting Fernandes in from sporting due to disagreement on the fee and still look set to sign not one player in january despite Cavani and other players being available. Would love to see them chase Suoarme from Lille but they wont woodward has his head too far up his own ass to think that well

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Can't see how they believe they'll finish top 4 if they are approaching the rest of the window like that. Rashford is a HUGE loss, and they need to do something about it. I'm intrigued by the Greenwood kid, but I don't think he's of the same caliber as marcus.

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I really like greenwood but hes not ready to start full time. Ideally he would replace Martial in the future but with rashford out martial will have to start, dan james is the ashley young reincarnate(great cross on one foot and goes down so easily) and isnt up to it we desperately need a mid and a winger badly with rashford out our attack takes a huge nosedive.

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United bid $35m for Jude Bellingham from Birmingham City today per Sky sources. Woodward is one weird dude the kids not even 17 and wont pony up bonus money to get the Fernandes deal done but then would be willing to chuck 35m for a 16 year old. Havent followed the championship this year with all going on anyone watched this guy play?

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Anybody have any insight into how Arsenal screwed up the Mari transfer?

Just think it's a disagreement on the deal structure. I don't buy the "reports" that Arsenal is "unable" to pay 9M. I just don't think they want to agree to foot the whole bill right now and, fair play, Flamengo doesn't have to humor our desires to structure a loan with conditions to buy (whatever those were) in the summer.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

I think arsenal wanted it to be a loan with an option to buy, and flamengo either wanted a deal now, or a initial 6-month loan with an obligation to buy e.g., some ridiculously low threshold clause like "if the player trains with the first team at least once, the deal is to be made permanent for X pounds"

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Yeah I don't think either party screwed up here. Arsenal doesn't want to risk putting another relatively unknown player on the books permanently and Flamengo doesn't want to ship a starter off without guaranteed compensation.

For all the faults they have, Arsenal still has 5 CBs on the roster (4 healthy or close to it) and Saliba coming in the summer. Adding more quantity without guaranteed improved quality is not the answer at this time.

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I read somewhere that Arteta perfers Sokratis-Holding-Mustafi all on the right side and Luiz exclusively on the left? Mari would hypothetically slot in on the left side behind Luiz for the rest of this year and perhaps step into that spot for the future. Gotta remember Luiz only signed a two year deal, which i think was more so that Arsenal would have a complete year with no transfer rumors. I wouldn't be surprised to see him move on in the summer for a small fee, especially if a player like Upamecano (lol at this point) or Matviyenko comes in.

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Oh don't get me wrong, we certainly NEED a new, good defender. I don't begrudge them for not handing a permanent deal to Mari though. As far as the future goes, boy I hope Saliba is good and Chambers can recover well.

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I wish they would have been able to pry Upamecano from RB Leipzig. There is going to be a lot of competition for him this summer.


Guess its 3 now. I didn't see the game or the injury but it sounds like Mustafi is going to be out for a while. Definitely need to get some reinforcements in. What I find interesting is how Hale End has been able to produce guys like Saka, Willock, Nelson, Maitland Niles and sort of Nketia (originally a Chelsea player), but we don't have any defenders from the youth ranks that we would put in the first team. We moved AMN and Saka to full back out of necessity.


I wonder if that deal gets done on Flamengo's terms now...Mustafi exited via stretcher (and was playing quite well even if it was a relegation form Bournemouth) in the FA Cup today.

I don't know if they can make it to summer with 3 center halves, especially if a Europa League run materializes.

According to Orny the deal was never off and the delay is indeed down to loan vs permanent.

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think we might just see matviyenko come in

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Looks like Mari after all. Loan with option to buy this summer.

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Please disregard my post in the Domestic League talk. Thought I was in this one the whole time LOL

So anyway....Eriksen move seemingly closer and closer to Inter. I think he would succeed much better in a less physical league anyway. He's had a few great seasons for Spurs but I think him being more of a finesse player is catching up to him now.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

I think this is a good move for him honestly, inter are well structured as are most Conte teams and they could use his creativity with willing runnings in Martinez and Lukaku he could be a deadly piece in the puzzle.

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I agree, a top notch attacking mid would do them wonders. Brozovic has got them covered defensively and Barella (when he's fit again).

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

And now Ole says theyre gonna bring Sanchez back after his loan, this shit better be one insane joke.

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It's January, time for another fake potential Newcastle takeover.

This one is interesting...Newcastle fans can't stand Mike Ashley, but this new ownership group is Saudi and fans are being urged to protest this takeover due to the House of Saud's atrocious humanitarian record. Poor Geordies, they can never seem to catch a break.

Honestly, I would take the money. I've had enough of finishing 13th being a successful campaign.

I don't really have a dog in the oil money fight as an Arsenal fan, but I think that ship has sailed. I don't what people expect from Newcastle supporters when plenty of questionable money is already in the sport. Qatar bought a World Cup and built the stadiums with slaves...and everyone was all smiles when they basically broke Ligue 1 with PSG.

Their club will never see the relegation zone again if the Saudis are all in. It's a lot to ask of a fanbase to protest what might be an imminent solution to their ills.

Everyone sees the success City (Oil) and Chelsea (Russian billionaire) have had and want their clubs to be bought out by similar groups. Its interesting since the Saudis have a controlling interest in Sheffield United.


Arsenal used to be partially owned by a Russian billionaire (i.e. oligarch) Alisher Usmanov before Stan Kroenke (an American billionaire) bought out his shares in 2018. FYI.

Liverpool and Manchester United are owned by American investment groups (principally the Glazer family for MUFC and Fenway Sports Group for LFC).

Usminov never had a majority share like the Kroenkes and couldn't make decisions without being overruled. That's why he sold out to KSE and is hovering around Everton.


I moved to UK couple months ago. Trying to get into EPL. Don't know much. Where should I start?

Where are you living?


Edit: Are there any Hokies around Cambridge area?

Kop mentioned two geographically close clubs that might go down this year...but the support and passion in these clubs don't go away if they get relegated. The Championship is anything but crappy football. However, if you ever move back to the US you might lose the ability to (legally) watch their matches until they get promoted again. That's the biggest risk. I don't think anyone has a broadcast deal over here for the Championship and below.

If you are looking for a club that is most likely to remain in the Premier League *and* you want to see your club in person on a regular and convenient basis...your best bet is probably one of the London clubs. And you can do it by train if you don't want to drive. I've had great success with the trains in the UK. Even to further out places like Edinburgh.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, West Ham, and tottenham are the current London EPL clubs. Palace and West Ham would be the most likely relegation risks in any given year.

I've never been to Liverpool or Manchester so I'm not familiar with the ease of travel from the southeast. I guess it's all relative...going from NOVA to Blacksburg is a longer distance and I do that every year for football.

selected championship matches are on ESPN+

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I'm guessing Norwich City is the closest team to you geographically...or Watford. Sadly, neither might be in the EPL next season. Your local team Cambridge United used to kick around the lower leagues, and they're near the bottom of League 2. That'll be a BIG step down from the EPL...crowds barely above 1000 on an average home game. I've been to Cambridge, beautiful city.

I think Watford will be ok. They're on a good run of form. Absent another injury to a player like Deeney they'll survive. Norwich is gone.


So, assuming one wants to move to the UK, how hard is it and is possible for a lawyer to get a job over there? I really loved the Salisbury area. Close enough to London to take a train up for Arsenal matches but far enough from the big city. I liked London but my wife would never move to London.


To be honest, I am in the IT field, and I am not sure about Law field out in UK. But like everything else, you'll be ok in London/suburbs of London, outside of London ... meh. I would consider Salisbury area very similar to Cambridge. So here is my experience of living in UK for 4 months.

1) Traveling from London to anywhere in the world, is cheap and fast. For me one of the London airports is only 35 minute drive / 40 minute train ride away. So it is easy to take cheap RyanAir flight to anywhere in Europe for a quick weekend trip.

2) The fresh produce I would say here are way better than the once you get in states.

3) Things move very slow here. Do you have a minor plumbing issue? Let's schedule and appointment 3 weeks out to diagnose the issue, and another 3 weeks for them to come fix the issue. There are other very little annoying things, but I just bucket them under my personal first world problems. But since I have had it better in US, it is annoying now.

But before you seriously consider moving to UK, I would seriously consider financial aspect of it. If you are getting paid in pounds, you will be paying UK taxes, AND US taxes. Though in US you do get some relief with Foreign Earned Income exclusion (https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p54.pdf). And UK taxes everything. On top of 40% income tax, you want to watch live TV? that's £154 a year on top of your TV subscription. If you are outside of London, public transportation isn't as good as people make it out to be. Unless you live very close to where you work, you will need a car and if you own a car, you have to pay road tax. If you rent a property, you are responsible for paying taxes on the property (not the landlord). I sometime wonder, how people make a living here. haha

I would be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding living in UK.


In response to the original comment. Has anyone successfully gone to the UK to watch a match in the last couple of years? I'm planning a trip to Anfield for my 40th birthday next year, and it seems like the ticket purchasing is a daunting task.

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That's awesome! I hope you post a follow up after you go. My 9 yr old is a huge Liverpool fan, and I'd love to plan a father-son trip together, so any post trip tips would be appreciated.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

Our latest trip was actually in 2019. Note that this is the Arsenal experience, but I'm sure Liverpool is at least very similar.

You almost certainly need to look at buying a club membership for whatever year you intend to travel to the UK. Arsenal America is an officially recognized supporters group and receives a certain allocation of tickets to sell for each home game. I paid for membership and logged in on the very first day of availability and put my ticket request in. They let you know if you're approved within 8 weeks of your match, I believe it was. I actually had to pay for memberships for myself and my wife. You can buy exactly 1 ticket per membership. Away tickets are impossible.

The opponent matters. Getting tickets for Liverpool vs Brighton would be infinitely easier than Liverpool vs Man Utd for obvious reasons. We got tickets for Arsenal vs Bournemouth. Didn't even try to get North London Derby tickets or something like that. Beware of potential fixture changes due to European football...our match was moved back a day due to UEL fixtures but we planned the trip around that possibility.

It sounds like a pain but honestly it was a breeze. Just have to be prepared. Arsenal's ticket availability began in mid-June...so find out how Liverpool does it and get in early.

Stubhub and similar aftermarket retailers are actually illegal in the UK. I'm sure it still happens...but I was definitely not risking it.

Thank you thank you thank you! I've looked into club memberships but I also was looking into hospitality packages, but those are insanely expensive. I'm willing to bite the bullet though to make the mecca to anfield. This information helps a bunch and calms my worries about waiting until the summer before the season tlto get individual tickets. Thanks for the heads up. Anybody else who can offer advice, information, or tips I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Damn....the days of taking the train up to Anfield from London and coming back the same day without match day tickets are long over, I guess. If you're going to liverpool from London you'll need to go to Euston Station and take the 3 hour ride to Lime Street station. Next is a 2 mile bus ride on the 11 bus (check as it may have changed and I don't think it's signed for Anfield or Stanley Park). Liverpool is actually a destination now compared to the early 80s when I went there with my dad, with the area around the Albert dock being especially nice.

The accents will probably be a challenge but the people are usually very friendly. Obviously, the bigger the occasion the harder tickets will be to get, so a suggestion would be to get there a day early and take the Anfield tour (Friday before a Saturday game), but it might be easiest to go to a Carabao Cup game if you want to increase your chances of watching the Reds play. Even run of the mill league games can be hard to get into (as I'm sure you know and others here have pointed out).

If you're a Beatles fan they also have bus tours of various points of interest about the band all over the city-my mom took it and said it was fantastic.

There's a really good guide to the area around the stadium on ThisIsAnfield.com for a list pubs and general points of interest that are worth checking out, but save a visit to the club shop (if you're so inclined) for another day as it get insanely packed before a match.

I hope you have a great time and the Reds win, especially if we're playing Man Utd. Don't forget to learn some songs so you can join in on the stick to the opposing fans...scouters are known for their wit so you'll likely laugh your ass off most of the time.

Hope this provides some value, though I imagine a lot of it may be out of date...I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous!

The accents will probably be a challenge but the people are usually very friendly

Wayne Rooney got himself in a bit of (mostly harmless) trouble at Dulles airport during his stint here. Drunken scouse was apparently close to indecipherable for the local PD.

We were in Conwy Whales the night Liverpool won the Champions League and went to Liverpool the next day for a day trip. We wanted to do the hop on hop off tours or the Beatles tour but all of the tour type buses were shut down for the parade. By the time we left it was crazy. My daughter and I wanted to stay for the parade but my wife and MIL didn't want to. Guess who won. They ended up with 750k estimated fans on their parade route. The area around the docks was nice and there was a really nice outdoor mall not too far away. I was bummed I couldn't do a hop on hop off, I wanted to go see Anfield and Goodison Park. If I can figure out how to get pictures from my phone on to this I will.


It's gotta work out first Kop, before ya get jealous LOL. I have 2 kids, a wife, and a potentially 3rd kid to think of, so yeah, I'm swinging for the fences with this idea. Thankfully she doesn't want to go to the match, nor is she inclined to have the kids to go. Great information about the tour, I certainly will keep that in mind. I am leaning towards the hospitality package, just to secure a spot; however, I'm dying to be in the Kop, so hopefully the tour will at least take me in that section if I'm forced to settle on the hospitality package. The travel information was helpful too. I'm already saving potential AirBNB's as well so I'm prepared to pull the trigger once I secure a ticket next summer.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #YNWA

About the Anfield tour: I took this in the late 90s and while we were allowed to walk out of the tunnel in the Main Stand and sit in the manager's seat areas, we weren't allowed on the field or anywhere near the Kop. Most of the tour was of the trophy room, locker rooms, boot room (not sure if that's still there after the Main Stand got expanded) and, of course, the club shop. Perhaps it's changed since then but temper your expectations, it tooks about 90 minutes and was pretty cool.

I've stood in the Kop (well, I didn't really stand, I was sitting on my dad's shoulders) in the early 80s and though the atmosphere itself is tremendous, the reality of it was less than ideal. It was standing only then and it was crowded, hot and unpleasant in general. I'm sure it's better now that it's all-seater. I don't like sitting behind the goal, I'd much rather be in the Kenny Dalglish stand or the Main Stand but I'm sure you'll take what you can get. Again, hope you have a great trip if it comes off.

If you buy a membership straight from Arsenal you get an opportunity to purchase seats 30 days before the match. They only sell Red memberships right now. They also allow folks with season tickets to resell their tickets through arsenal's website. There a ton of tickets available for City this year through resell and to regular "Red" members. I was lucky and was hooked up for the Chelsea match at the Emirates on Dec 29th, but there were a few tickets available for that through the resale option. I'm not sure if Liverpool has something similar.


Seconding this, for Newcastle and Arsenal games we were able to purchase a membership through the club website (Newcastle only needed one membership for 4 tickets, Arsenal needed a membership per ticket). Then you wait until the tickets went on sale. I got up at 5 am and refreshed the website until it let me through.

We also got Fulham tickets, but no membership was required there.

Appreciate all the help. This information is gold! Looking forward to posting pictures and all, if this all falls into place.

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So, from my personal experience, I can tell you that don't buy tickets from the scalpers. lol

This sounds like a story I want to hear...LOL. (for research purposes that is LOL)

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Christian Eriksen to Inter Milan official, fee of around 17 million pounds sterling-Spurs got a lot more than they possibly could have hoped for. Additionally, they've made the loan of Giovanni Lo Celso from Real Betis permanent and have signed the player until 2025.

EDIT: Stephen Bergwijn (attacking midfielder/winger) of PSV is in London for a medical ahead of a $40m move to Tottenham. Big day for Spurs.

nice to flip a player on expiring contract who wants out to fund a young, exciting prospect. i don't think these transactions change the immediate outlook for spurs drastically but the long term looks a little better.

additionally, signing lo celso now was a formality. a matter of when rather than if

if they can sell/loan-to-sell rose and KWP by the end of the window that'd be a nice little bonus

The way Spurs handled Erikson was stupid. It looked like Arsenal with Sanchez and Ramsey. They could have sold him last summer for 50+ mil instead of getting next to nothing from him and having sit the bench much of the year. Spurs are similar to Liverpool and Arsenal and want to run a club in more of a business fashion so mistakes like that hurt.


If there was actually an offer for over 50m on the table this summer, Levy would have undoubtedly taken it. The reality is that no such offer ever existed and if it did, Eriksen refused to join that club.

Spurs did what they could with Eriksen; he's turned down massive raises for years. Ultimately he wanted to leave and wanted to leave relatively on his own terms. That fact that Spurs got around 20m for him should be considered a success.

That fact that Spurs got around 20m for him should be considered a success.

Without a doubt...Inter were linked with him for 8m only a few days ago so to get more than double that is great business. They could've waited until the summer and gotten Eriksen for free, so they must be desperate to get him now to win the Scudetto. Regardless, Levy got a younger player and essentially paid $10m for him (with lower wages in all likelihood).

Question.. are those soccer transfer fees real? Or are they like NFL fines?

there's often a lot of dodgy reported with transfer fees, but mostly they are real. Sometimes the fee that is reported includes some performance or appearance-based escalators that are unlikely to be met, but sometimes you see it reported as "plus add-ons". and sometimes the clubs agree to a payment structure that is amenable to both parties (one time lump sum, broken into installments, loan-now-buy-later, etc)

i'm not sure what is fake about nfl fines. unless you mean salary (guaranteed vs total)

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Thanks. Most NFL fines are 100% propoganda, and the players never pay them. It's a poorly kept secret in league circles, started by Tagliabue to give a carrot to blue collar fans/normal people. The perception that players come and go as they please, miss flights, bad hits allowed, smoke dope freely, miss practice etc. is not good when you are trying to sell tickets other than luxury boxes.

Oh these fees are very real. How transfers typically work is that two teams agree to a transfer fee for a player. That player then negotiates a new contract with the club it is transferring to. The new club then pays out the transfer fee over the duration of the contract. So if a player transferred today for $60m and signed until 2024, the new club would pay the original club $15m per year.

The ambiguous part is the fee themselves and the terms of the contract. Most clubs are not publicly traded so they do not have to disclose the details of the transfer. The transfer fees that you hear about are effectively just rumors that are conveyed to the media by the mouthpieces of the club (beat writers in American lingo), normally to flatter their part of the deal. For instance, Team A might agree to sell a player to Team B for $50m + $10m in performance bonuses. Team A would report the transfer as $60m (to flatter themselves) while Team B would report it as $50m. Some transfer deals have leaked over the years, which can be an interesting read if you're curious (Gareth Bale Transfer Leak).

The new club then pays out the transfer fee over the duration of the contract. So if a player transferred today for $60m and signed until 2024, the new club would pay the original club $15m per year.

this is not entirely true. the buying club will often amortize the fee over the duration of the contract in its own books, but very often the fee is paid mostly upfront. structure of payments is usually the spot where clubs do the most haggling -- selling clubs usually always want more money first and buying clubs usually always want to break it into installments

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This is the most accurate and inclusive description of the transfer system. Usually, if the selling club is in financial trouble then it's common for the entire fee to be paid up front.

Additionally, it's common that the player's agent gets at least 10% of the transfer fee and sometimes there are buy-back clauses built into the deal...as well as sell-on fees as high as 20% that go back to the original selling clubs that can drive the transfer fee higher.

Finally, as of 2000, there's something called the Bosman ruling which means that a player who is out of contract is a "free agent", meaning that the selling club isn't owed any compensation and the player has a right to sign a Bosman free contract with less than 6 months on his current deal.

This would cover most situations, but there are plenty of other complicated scenarios that we won't bother getting into because they are rather rare such 50% ownership rights by an agent of a player. You see these in developing countries from time to time.

Hope this "clears" things up for you a bit, DC.

The media made it sound like Poch wanted to keep him this year. The guys on XMFC tried to make an argument about how smart it was to keep him around and get the best out of him in his final year, reasoning that he would play his best to get a big contract and their is some logic in that. Ramsey did that last year at Arsenal, once he earned the manager's trust he played really well, he signed the pre offer sheet with Juve then after the away match at Tottenham was injured and din't play again, even in the Europa final more than 2 or 3 months after the injury. I would think a guy with Erikson's quality would have commanded a lot of money back in the summer or last January.


Bergwijn to Spurs. I really like that pickup by them, he is a great attacking winger/forward.

I know Man U fans won't believe it until he's holding the jersey but all signs lead to Bruno Fernandes. That would also be a spectacular addition.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Bruno Fernandes to Man United according to Sky Sports News.

Official now.

Deciding whether to put my name in the draw for him or Bergwijn in fantasy.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Sander Berge from RC Genk to Sheffield United for $38m appears done. If reports are to be believed, Liverpool and Man United were keen, could be great business for The Blades as he looked far and away Genk's best player in the two legs against LFC in the Champions League.

Glad we got Bruno. Maybe we will be able to finish 5th now instead of 6th or 7th.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Glad we got Bruno

Easy now those are lofty expectations to get that high in the table would be madness. Just like with the bruno transfer I'll believe it when I see united anywhere higher than 6th

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Mari is official (loan until summer for 5M with the option to buy) and now Tier 1 sources saying Arsenal are getting Cedric Soares for a loan until summer (5M including salary) when he then becomes a free agent.

I actually really like the Soares move. Good, EPL experienced depth at RB allowing Maitland-Niles to move up into the midfield where he should excel.

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agreed on Cedric Soares. AMN has played pretty well at RB, but Arteta has pointed out that hes not a RB and shouldn't have to be playing there. Getting cover in for Bellerin and allowing AMN to push back into midfield will help Arteta get a better handle on the needs to the midfield and on the squad as a whole moving forward

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Feel like they need a LB though. Thought that was the whole point of the Kurzawa flirtation. With Kolasinac chronically injured and Tierney out for a while, we need cover for Saka (also Saka isn't really a fullback). A little confused by signing a RB, unless he can play both sides but that seems rare nowadays

Soares actually is capable of playing on the left, supposedly. That's just what I've seen across reddit.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

I don't know that they need a long term LB unless it looks like Tierney is a bust. I could see a loan for the rest of this season and then evaluate. Kolasinac has played well lately, at least before he was injured. Not sure how we would keep three happy for an entire season.


I don't think they do, but I was just going off of their initial interest in Kurzawa from PSG, who play LB only. If Soares can play both sides, that's actually a fantastic signing because we've needed actual RB cover for a while since AMN isn't really a fullback. If it works out with Soares you can sign him permanently this summer or let him walk if he's bad.

If they can somehow pull off Upamecano in the summer I will feel really good about our back line, both potential starters and cover.

Tierney - Upamecano - Saliba - Bellerin would be fantastic.

just a little more clarification on cedric

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I feel a little left out from everyone else purchasing inbound transfers (would like some depth at LB/RB and up front; granted those options may already be in house in the academy). Takumi was a great pickup. I guess we'll be waiting till the summer. Really liked the Bruno kid. Guess the patience on our part makes perfect sense though:

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"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

I know we don't NEED anyone, I guess I'm thinking the near future. Like that 20-24 range of 1st team ready players. FSM, are in their primes, but I can see us selling one at some point, to "reload.". Especially after Jurgie signed that extension. He's clearly in it for another partial rebuild reload.

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#FirstWorldProblems amirite?
About the only thing I want to see is Degsy gone. But Edwards would need to find a warm body for depth for the rest of season if that did happen. Against Shrewbury, pen doesn't happen if he isn't sucked so far up the field and second goal doesn't happen if either him or Matip get even remotely a piece of the ball when it comes in.
I think they are smart enough to wait until the summer for Timo if he really wants to come.

I'm hearing more and more Kai Havertz in the summer #NoSauces Jurgie would take that kid to the next level!

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Blades got Berge
Hertha got Piatek

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