Dabo Swinney says Clemson may have mistakingly given football players banned substances

This is interesting.

I suppose this raises a number of questions.

  • Do we believe Dabo in terms of it being a mistake?
  • Should the NCAA itself start testing supplements and making recommendations?
  • If the NCAA tests and makes recommendations, what is the process by which products are resampled and retested?

Bullet three reminds me of the biometrics industry. Product vendors put a lot of effort into getting FBI Certification. Once their product is certified they sometimes build it with cheaper parts. Sometimes those parts are cheap enough that anomalies are discovered by end users and then when compared with the FBI's testing results show a deficiency in the newer product. I could see this happening with supplements. Remove Ostarine to get through NCAA testing. Add it back in and for some mysterious reason, everybody seems to prefer your product for its efficacy.

I'm sure we haven't seen the end of this issue.

What's your take TKPers?

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Maybe I'm gullible but I believe Dabo. He had the opportunity to throw his players under the bus and didn't. It's also a not so well hidden secret that the supplement industry is extremely poorly regulated. I find it believable that someone could unintentionally consume something they shouldn't have.

Adam Ruins Everything on supplements:

One of the other possibilities he mentioned was that the labs doing the testing have contaminated samples before. So while he does support his players, I tend to think he was mostly just spouting off nonsense. It's a smart move though given the nature of college football and importance of recruiting.

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Best defence, blame someone else. This is the way, now, everyone's a victim, with no responsibly.

You can say that again!

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Best defence, blame someone else. This is the way, now, everyone's a victim, with no responsibly.


Adam Ruins Everything is a great show. It also makes me feel hopeless for all the situations he talks about

If he throws the players under the bus, he loses the players.

Plus, I believe the trainers did it.

"Totally believable. Poor thing. We feel like you've already punished yourself enough."


Btw-Missouri you're still punished for self-reporting.

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This legitimately happens in combat sports, particularly MMA. It's not uncommon that a supplement manufacturer will put illegal/illicit substances in their products and won't disclose it on the ingredients list. The US Anti-Doping Agency has had a few people pop for banned substances, only for them to swear they didn't take anything they weren't supposed to. USADA's then tested the supplements they said they took, and found out that they were telling the truth (i.e. there were unlisted banned substances in the supplements).

Not saying that's what's happened here, but I'm inclined to give Clemson the benefit of the doubt for now.

What's to stop someone from mixing banned substances into their creatine then just claiming it came that way

Recruit Prosim

They use the batch number to find the same product off the shelf to compare it to.

Gave you both legs. That would an exhaustive testing process. So krak_t's answer is essentially correct but will either the NCAA or the industry have the will to participate in such a process. It's probably just easier to sit a few players for a few games every year which takes us back to tjbhokie's point. My guess is they don't do exhaustive testing and players dope and blame the supplements. I don't think there will be much action unless a player's health is compromised or Alabama loses a game due to suspended players. :-D

Yup, athlete provides the containers of the supplements they were using, USADA buys the same supplements with the same batch numbers & tests.

Dabo to NCAA

I for one totally believe Dabo. I am sure he meant to give them something much stronger that couldn't be detected, and he'll make sure he gets it right next time.

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Well, clearly just admitting it should be punishment enough.

I'm satisfied. How about you guys?

If the supplement company is pulling a bait and switch, give the testers a sample of the supplement. This will exonerate the coach and vilify the company (which should lose FBI cert on all their supplements pending a further review).

If the school can't produce that, well...the NCAA can do their worst by lightly punishing them in 10-12 years

Sorry about that.

I was giving an analogy from a different industry. The analogy was based on fingerprint scanners that are made to tight specs to pass certification then loosened to make them cheaper.

Sure, what are the odds it would happen to the national champions? /s

He'll never be coach at Bama if he can't even cheat properly...this is some bush league, UNC type cheating

At UNC it isn't cheating if you give PED's to non-athletes too.

You just a need a class of ripped Early Childhood Education majors and you're fine.

So I was curious and was trying to look at the banned substances of the NCAA. Found it interesting that they don't have a list of banned substances, just categories and a few examples of each. Just surprised that it is not super clear. Also interesting that they list caffeine as a banned substance. Is there a threshold for the amount? Or could a player really fail a drug test from having a cup of coffee?

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ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.