Former Whip LB Brenden Hill talking about Safety Personnel

This is a good read from someone who was in the system. I suggest opening up the entire Twitter thread. Brenden was another player like Justin Hamilton, started at WR and ended up working his ass off to start at Whip.

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Am I reading this right?

Rover - Ladler, Divine Deablo
FS - Tyree Rodgers, JoVonn Quillen
Whip - Reggie Floyd, Devon Hunter, Divine

Interesting. I low-key am intrigued by Divine at Whip because I thought the defense was special with a strong cover guy at that position (Mook!) but... It'll take a while for me to wrap my head around the rest.

Pretty sure we played Deablo at whip against BC or someone, and he was quite effective.

I had a few similar thoughts.. IDK.

VT's system works best when you can rotate guys. Look at how Reynolds and Alexander were used over their careers.

VT's system works best when you can rotate guys.

I agree, but I wonder if this is a symptom or a cause. Does VT's system work best when you can rotate guys, or are the guys who are capable of rotating just really really good, and the system would be just as good even if they didn't rotate?

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Maybe a bit of both. It's never bad to understand the other guys' roles especially when it comes to handoffs in zone coverage.

Interesting that he says you don't have to do a lot of thinking at Whip... yet Hunter apparently was doing too much thinking.

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Believe Hunter was a bit of a liability in pass coverage too. Although, that might've had something to do with not understanding the scheme.

I would play Quillen at CB over Watts, unless there is someone better we haven't seen in a game. Quillen looked more physical at least. Deablo seemed to be fine at FS when healthy.

I can see Floyd coming down to whip, but I don't like taking Divine out of the FS spot. I thought Tyree was one of the worst players on our defense last year, especially in coverage.

Doesn't the whip/nickel have to cover the slot? I could see Deablo but Floyd?

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I am more interested in who former S Justin Hamilton thinks should be starting

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Hamilton and Hill played together for what it's worth.


I remember, those were my years at Tech. I always like Hamilton as a player and it would be easy to argue that he was a part of one of the best secondary unit's Tech has ever put on the field.

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