30 for 30 coming on Michael Vick

Looks like Hokie fans will finally have a 30 for 30 to connect with. ESPN Confirmed that a Michael Vick 30 for 30 is in the works.

ESPN teases new 30 for 30 films on Lance Armstrong, Dennis Rodman, and Michael Vick, among others

Thoughts? Who do you think from VT will be interviewed?
Dwight, Frank, Shayne Graham, Corey Moore, Lee Suggs is my wishlist.

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Should be worth a watch for any VT fan. He forever changed VT football.

This is so exciting. Hopefully it will silence some of the ignorant people who love to talk shit about him without acknowledging how much of a changed man he is today.

Who am I kidding... most of those people will always see him as one thing and one thing only. But the fact that this story is coming from 30 for 30, unlike his E:60 special and A Football Life, will ensure a ton of viewers will get to know the Michael Vick that most of us forgave years ago.

the Michael Vick that most half of us forgave years ago

Fixed that for you as the debate of placing Michael Vick in the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame produced some VERY strong opinions among the fanbase and judging by the comments i read, it appears to be split right down the middle...I thought the Bleacher Report documentary was excellent...

But he was still inducted, right??

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Yes. Would have been wrong not to.

There was a vocal minority on social media when it was first announced, but the vast majority have forgiven him. That was pretty clear when they announced the VTHOF inductions and played his recorded video at the football game the day after the inductions.

Full of shit... vocal minority is always amplified. Split down the middle. Horseshit

This is something I just can't blame people for. I personally view his story as one of rehabilitation, but then again, what he did is unforgivable for some people and that's ok. He is a contentious individual and how he is viewed will always be divisive.

but then again, what he did is unforgivable for some people and that's ok.

2 questions: HOW & WHY (this isn't an attack, btw, but an honest question that comes to the topic of FORGIVENESS)??

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Allegedly, part of what they did was to go around town and steal dogs out of people's yards and have their pitbulls rip them apart to get ready for their next fight.

As a pet owner, I have a hard time forgiving that. He paid his debt to society and he absolutely deserves a second chance if his life really is cleaned up, but lets not try to whitewash some seriously fucked up shit they were pulling when he got caught.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Thank you. After reading a fair amount of the trial transcript, my disgust in those people will never be erased. I agree with your second paragraph as well. As far as I'm concerned, all dogs are my dogs, and NO dogs deserve the treatment they received at the hands of that whole ring. Forgiveness and forgetfulness may be easier for some than others. If indeed he has really cleaned up his life like so many say, then yes, second chances are in order, but it isn't surprising if honest and fair people don't forgive and forget.

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Wait, are you saying you can't forgive Vick for what someone else did?

What THEY were doing when HE got caught?

He definitely made some mistakes, and paid for those mistakes, but some of the things that got highlighted were others in the group.

Because he was a part of a group of people that did some absolutely fucked up things. Forgiveness isnt an unalienable right. There is a line that exists for everyone. And that line is different for everyone. For some, he crossed that line. Thats fine. Im not going to try to tell these people how to think, feel, or act.

I think that people forget to take into his consideration his background and the commonality of dog fighting. I think the Bleacher documentary explained that perfectly. Sad part about it is that the Vick story has placed a stigma around pittbulls and I know from first hand experience that some groomers wont even take those dogs now..

Groomers, kennels, apartments, dog parks. Just about everywhere that may typically allow dogs you'll find that some won't take Pits. Some expand that to Doberman, Rotts, Mastiffs, Bullies, etc.

(add if applicable) /s

I had a Pitt mixed with a Lab...and the groomer said that they will not service any dog with ANY pitt in them...i was kinda surprised..

That stuff really upsets me. I've met chihuahuas that were more attack/vicious than most pitbulls I've met. The only pitbull I've met that wasn't a cuddlebug had been abused most of its life.

Yeah, but you never hear of Chihuahua's mauling kids to death. Pit Bulls on the other hand. . .

You don't hear about all of the Chihuahua bites because they are small, but it is widely known that they are one of the most aggressive breeds. Pittbulls have a bad reputation because of their use in dogfighting, I believe it is a nature vs nurture thing, and most Pittbulls have had it rough for a long time and get a bad rap for responding as any dog would under the same circumstances. Ever seen Caesar? Any dog can be a terror.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

I don't disagree with you that any dog can be a terror and that Chihuahuas are an aggressive breed, but they are small and that affects the damage they can do. A pitbull, on the other hand, can (and has) killed. And those that do may have been due to bad nuturing, but how is the groomer supposed to know that *your* pit bull wasn't exposed to that.

I dont feel that you should wipe an entire breed just because a few dogs have been trained that way. Anyone can train a dog to do anything....check out this video of this pitt and listen to how well he acts on command..

Ouch. Offseason after this past year is hitting hard...

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Who do you think from VT will be interviewed?

The more interesting question is which non-VT people will be interviewed. McNabb, WVU coaches/players, Allen Iverson, Atlanta celebs/hiphop artist are all possibilities.

Twitter me

Probably throw Ronald Curry and even some FSU players/coaches from that championship game in to that mix

Depending on how far they go one would assume Reid, Howie Roseman, or some others on the decision by Philly to give him a chance as well and his Comeback Player of the year season/ winning the starting job, and the 6 TD game vs the Skins on Monday Night Football.

As far as other interviewees, Tommy Reamon, Ricky Bustle, Andre Davis, Bobby Bowden, Jim Mora Jr, Tony Dungy, Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, and Mike Tomlin would all probably have some interesting insights. Would also like to hear from someone involved in the legal proceedings who can better explain the charges, plea deals, bankruptcy proceedings, debt payback. And also, someone from the Humane Society (who he has been working with since release from prison) and someone who can speak to other charitable efforts he's been involved with since his release.

Interested to see which angle they take with this. I know we all hope its football centric, but I could easily see ESPN focusing on how his life spun out of control behind the scenes while showing flashes of what was going on in the public eye.

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Agreed, given the lineup they tweeted about. Deep sports material, but prob deeper off the field.

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Especially since they haven't been about actual sports since the mid to late 00s

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Yup, I am prepared to be disappointed in the amount of time they spend on VT, then disappointed in the amount of time they spend on football at all during this documentary.

Yeah.... Looking at that tweet, the parts about Vick we're 1 clip of him playing for the Falcons, a picture of him with a pitbull, and a clip of him in handcuffs.

I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed with the angle ESPN takes with this. I get the feeling his time at Tech is going to be table dressing for the actual meat of the story.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Well, maybe, but wouldn't it be more dramatic to show his college recruitment, and at least some of his rise? I mean, Vick took VT football to the national championship, so it would be dumb to gloss that over.

The average person watching a 30 for 30 doesn't care about that. Especially since we lost. They will show some, but it's far from the most dramatic point of Vick's life.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Just from a mass appeal stand point I don't see why VT would be more than a 5 minute section of the film. Certainly see no reason for his recruitment. There will probably be some clips about how he was a revolutionary athlete in college as a means to build him up before his inevitable demise and return. I imagine his NFL days, prison days, and post-prison days will be the main feature and I understand that. VT isn't exactly a sexy university. I don't think many people care about his time here outside of Hokie fans.

The college recruitment bit just starts to draw the connection to Donovan McNabb, who wanted Vick to replace him at Syracuse. His relationship with McNabb comes up rather prominently later in his career, so I thought it worth a mention.

That he took a relatively obscure college football team all the way to the national championship is also worthy of at least a mention.

This isn't homerism, it's part of his story.

But most of his story is going to be his NFL career, his fall, and his re-entry into the NFL.

But that's not what you said. You said

Well, maybe, but wouldn't it be more dramatic to show his college recruitment, and at least some of his rise?

Which, no, it wouldn't be more dramatic to see a documentary about a guy who led his team to a loss in a national championship game. That happens every year. But yes it is worth a mention certainly.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Sure, but the team he took to the national championship was a relative unknown at that tier of football.

So that's what I'm saying, if it wasn't clear. I can certainly see how that would be relevant to his story.

The point is, no one makes a 30 for 30 for a player who took an unknown to the national championship.

Your point keeps changing, honestly. Which I should've been prepared for.

Alas, arguing over what this 30 for 30 will be is dumb. Here is what will happen: they will make a very good episode that will certainly piss hokie fans off. They won't actually enjoy it because they will feel slighted. And everyone will take to twitter to rage about it. This fan base loves to feel pissed off, whether its because some sports blogger didn't rank us high enough or some 17 year old recruit calls us Virginia Tech University.

My suggestion is when it finally comes out, just enjoy it.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

They're not making a 30 for 30 because he was at VT, but it is part of his story. My point was always that Vick's VT experience is worthy of mention in his 30 for 30 episode, and there's a valid angle to it. Vick was a generational talent who could transform a team. That was it. I wasn't saying it would be THE focus of the episode. I don't doubt that it will be less of a mention than some Hokie fans would like.

I don't understand why that's such a point of contention. I suppose I wasn't clear in some way.

I dunno man, I remember watching a documentary about Charles Barkley and it had him leading the Sixers all the way to...getting stomped by the Jordan led Bulls. It was pretty dramatic, even though that was a common story line back then.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Well yeah lol, but that is the 76ers. Not some college tean no one cares about.

ah, yes. crucial distinction between a college football team nobody cares about and a middling NBA franchise nobody cares about.

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Well thats just some ignorance in terms of nba history lol. And considering there are far fewer NBA teams, all teams have been in the spotlight.

Middling CFB teams literally aren't cared about by people expect their fans.

Yoy are being sarcastic, but you are right. There is a massive distinction.

I hope it is a story with (at least) 3 segments:

  1. How he was a college football phenom, put VT on the map, helped build what it is today
  2. The major part of his half-assing the NFL, involvement in bad dog stuff, bad investments, his arrest, jailtime, etc.
  3. Coming out of jail, repairing his image, service to the dog cause, service to young kids who may need role models, struggle with media and rights groups, and struggle to come back in the NFL.

I'll put a fiver that MNF game he played for the Eagles where he looked like a man among children will get some play.

That was one of the greatest times I've ever had watching a football game, live or over TV....watched it with my family'd-had-Skins-season-tickets-since-the-40s freshman year roommate and was fully prepared to send him to the hospital if he kept running his mouth the way he had been doing all day prior to the game, but instead, from the first play on, the game rendered trash talk superfluous.

By the second half, he had thrown his burgundy and gold shoes with the Redskins logo on them down the hall and stormed out of the room. Glorious. My favorite Eagles regular season memory and it's not close, both because of MV7 flipping on god mode and my roommate being made to look like the asshole he was.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Josh Jackson, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

Confession time: I have little to no interest in the NFL and especially HAAAATE the Redskins because of my 2 years on the 4th floor of West AJ where on Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter, my hallmates would scream, throw shit, slam doors and everything else when the Redskins or whoever their team was, was sucking ass. It was Sunday, I worked every Saturday in Radford, and I was trying to do homework and study. Their little temper tantrums used to piss me off to no end.

Confession: Love my Redskins and don't like the Eagles.

I was at a bar when this game was played and after the first half it was clear that this was a once-in-a-lifetime performance by anyone. Loved that it was Vick, even though it was against my team.

I remember hearing Steve Young saying at half or after the game that we, "just saw the full fruition of the quarterback position."

Still a little proud of that - basking in reflected glory

I'd put money that's the climax of the story.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Vick is still a sore subject in WV given what happened in 1999. They say it's the dogfighting, but I know better.

Don't get me wrong; the dogfighting was unacceptable, and he got what he deserved. With that being said, anyone who says he hasn't changed for the better is lying, and anyone who thinks he didn't deserve a second chance is heartless.

I could say more, but I don't really want to go there.

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Virginia Tech fanatic.

This really sums up the MV7 dogfighting issue well. What he did was inexcusable and deserving of time, but anyone who still hates on him these days is either salty or doesn't know the full story.

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In the Bleacher Report doc on Vick they interviewed: McNabb, Friends of Vick, Frank, One of Vicks high school coaches, Lil Wayne, and Michael Wilbon. The BR doc really focused on Vicks off field actions and not a lot of actually football plays or in game accomplishments. I look for the 30 for 30 to have a good mixture of college and professional highlight, while also talking about the incarceration, investigation and racial aspects of the situation. For ESPN this is a 30 for 30 goldmine and will show a truly incredible story on a man who has been through a lot and made the necessary changes to recover from this situation.


The guy lost some prime years in the middle of his career and was STILL a great athlete when he got back to the league.

I wonder if they will touch upon MV5 at all. His downfall coincided with his brothers.


That seems like a different story, and not nearly as interesting.

I want them to spend at least 10 minutes explaining that one of Vick's career losses in college was in a game that he hurt his ankle in the first quarter (and shouldn't count) and that Peter Warrick should not have played in the title game, thereby negating the loss.

Also, edit it so Wilford catches that 2 point conversion and VT goes back to back national titles.

I'm tired of going 6-6

The Dude Abides

Also, edit it so Wilford catches that 2 point conversion and VT goes back to back national titles.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Such an impressive win would have vaulted us to #2 in the BCS.

I was joking that if Warrick doesn't play, VT wins the title in '99.

If Wilford catches that 2 point conversion, we beat Miami in 2000 and go back to the National Title game (or was Wilford's drop in 2001?)

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Wilford dropped 2 point conversion was the year after Vick graduated. Grant Noel was the starting QB & threw like 4 picks, but the Hokies still almost pulled it out.

“These people are losing their minds. This is beautiful.”

But that wouldn't have been back to back, and we would have been 9-3 instead of 8- 4 so not NC game consideration.

You forgot Grant's fumble.

Thinking back to that year, why in the world didn't we go all out on bringing in a serviceable JUCO QB that season? We had a national championship caliber team with a QB that kind of backed into the position due to Vick leaving early and under recruiting the position. If only Meyer had been one year younger or maybe even if Randall was 1 year older....

Which game would have sent us to back to back Natty's?

If I recall correctly, the Wilford dropped 2 point conversion against #1 Miami was 2001, year 1 post Vick (my freshman year). Heading into that game against Miami, we were a 2 loss #14 team. I don't think beating Miami would have propelled us from 14 to 1 or 2.

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Which game would have sent us to back to back Natty's?

2000 @Miami. Vick got hurt the week before and just couldn't go. He played some in the second quarter IIRC, but Meyer played most of the game. Andre Davis was also hurt. That was our only loss of the season.

Amusingly, Miami got boned by the BCS that year. Even though they beat F$U head-to-head, and were ranked #2 in both the AP and Coaches polls, the BCS computers picked the 'noles to play for the MNCG.

Anyway, with a healthy Vick & Davis we probably win that game, and if we do, we play OU instead.

"Those who jump into the void owe no explanation to those who stand and watch."

we probably win that game

Maybe. Being at that game, our D was a little underwhelming in that game. It was #2 vs #3, and the place was electric. But Miami won that one, and I'm not sure a healthy Vick changes that storyline.

Edit it was 28-0 at the end of the 3rd quarter that day. Ended 41-21.

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I'd argue that the D was underwhelming because the O did absolutely nothing all game to help them out, because Vick & Davis were out. But you're right, no way to know for sure. That Miami team was loaded.

Either way, the answer to his question is still correct: had we won that game (no matter how/why), we play for back-to-back MNCs.

"Those who jump into the void owe no explanation to those who stand and watch."

BTW this trip down memory lane makes me a little sad. Those were some pretty memorable games between two highly-ranked Miami & VT teams, with conference and national championship implications. The crowds were awesome, the players were hyped... what a great time to be a fan!

"Those who jump into the void owe no explanation to those who stand and watch."

what a great time to be a fan! student.

It was

The Dude Abides

Okay, I think the post I quote was maybe combining the 2000 and 2001 games vs Miami....cause the dropped 2 point conversion would've helped us possibly beat #1 Miami, but we wouldn't have sniffed at the Natty

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Wait I was at that game.

Was Vick gone or injured?

Injured. Think he took like 13 snaps. Ankle was janky.

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"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller