Tate Martell transferring from OSU to Miami

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He will have to sit out for the year unless he is granted a waiver but will still have 3 years of eligibility afterwards. Miami is working on fixing their biggest problem, this isn't good.

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HAHAHA, all that tough talk about not swinging and missing twice and then he runs from the challenge. Looks like someone has a bulldog mouth on a puppy dog ass, he's perfect for Miami.

Come to Blacksburg and see what the Hokie Pokie is really all about

Tbh from all I've heard, Tate Martell sounds like a problem.


Wonder if they'll still go hard for Jalen Hurts to bridge that gap year too. I imagine he winds up in College park though

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Martel walking into the locker rooms at the U the first time...



If he couldn't make it work at Ohio State he can't be THAT good right? At the very least it sounds like he was scarred of a little competition. How do you bolt after only being at a school for one year?

He was the #2 dual threat QB in his class behind Tua. He waited his turn and worked hard for two years at tOSU behind JT Barrett and Dwayne Haskins and they went and recruited transfer Justin Fields who we know they had to make promises to. No way Fields was going somewhere where he wasn't promised to start. I don't blame him for leaving. Also, I think he will be quite good so I'm not stoked about this.

We need to keep perspective on these kids on a situational basis with all this transfer drama in college football right now, because not all of these situations are the same. I find it odd that people are dogging Tate more than Fields in this situation. Tate spent two years working behind players where by all accounts he was working hard and being a good teammate. Justin Fields went somewhere with an established true sophomore starting QB and by October the rumors were already rampant that he was going to transfer. Additionally, if Fields isn't granted a waiver then he will be starting at tOSU the same year he probably (if Fromm declares for draft after 2019 season) would have started at Georgia anyway. Fields is the one who didn't want to compete or wait his turn. Tate is understandably pissed off when he starts seeing Fields linked to tOSU, someone who hasn't put the work in on the practice field and the weight room with the team the way Tate has for two years. Throw in the wrinkle of a coaching change at tOSU, where Ryan Day probably wants a more true passer whereas Tate Martell was a perfect fit for Urban Meyer's run-first IZR scheme. New coach Ryan Day almost certainly has to promise Fields will start when/if he is eligible for tOSU, and that is a major slight to Tate who is also trying to make it to the NFL. I'm glad he is transferring. He probably would have been starting for a lot of P5 teams already (VT included) if he had gone to a school with a less crowded QB room to start off.