Report: Sean Savoy Transfered to Maryland

Former Virginia Tech wide receiver Sean Savoy has transferred to the University of Maryland and enrolled in classes, multiple sources have confirmed to Inside Maryland Sports.

Savoy was a three-star recruit coming out of Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. before committing to Virginia Tech. He originally committed to Virginia Tech over Maryland, among other schools, and though the Terps staff tried to flip him late in the 2017 recruiting cycle, he opted to stick with the Hokies.

As it stands, he'd have to sit out a year before joining Maryland on the field during the 2020 season, but he likely has a good chance at obtaining a hardship waiver to play in 2019 due to his brother's death, his mother falling ill and College Park's proximity to his home.

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Best of luck to him. Nice to be closer to home.

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If he doesn't get a hardship waiver with an actual serious family issue going on, and Justin Fields does get one on a bogus technicality...

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In all seriousness I hope the best for him. Apparently his mom is very ill, and his brother left behind two kids when he was killed. He needs to be closer to home and apparently Maryland is very close.

I don't know what we, as fans, can do to support the granting of a hardship waiver for Savoy, but whatever it is, we should do it.

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If he does have to sit out a year, he could always practice fair catching for the scout team /s

Best of luck. Worked hard for the program, just didn't work out.

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I will never forget the sound the ball made when it hit him in the facemask. I was sitting in one of the first few rows in East Stands. I knew the game was over when that happened.

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Wish him the best of luck. This is the best for him hope he gets the start in the slot.

If Fields or whoever the Ga QB that is transferring to tOSU is, then Savoy sure as heck better qualify for a hardship waiver. Just sayin'.

Edit: saw this was already mentioned above. My bad.

Good luck Sean!!

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Good move by Locksley, gets an older player in his WR which is mostly younger guys, gives a scholarship to a DC kid that he can point to when recruiting other DC and MD kids. See don't leave the state come play here at MD.

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Best of luck to Savoy. It does speak to the depth and talent of our receiving corps if our transfers have a shot at starting at other P5 programs.

Man, i really thought he was going to be a big player after his season in....2017? Then just fell off, or out of favor. Not sure. Best of luck to him.

I think his biggest challenge was the dropsies. He's quick and runs sharp routes. The only problem is he's dropped a good number of 1st downs and touchdowns and that will get you benched.

The muffed punt probably really was the nail in the coffin for his career here. I think that was literally the last time we saw him touch the ball in any capacity.

Yes, having gone through a little bit of what Sean went through off the field, I can tell you, it is very hard to maintain focus. After my sister was killed, I was in a fog for about a year or so. I never even realized it at the time but man, that is heavy. I hope he can put it all together. He has some talent.

Murder makes it more difficult than passing away in a "normal" way. I'm sure some of you knew people who passed in 4/16, it took me two years to get back to baseline...what makes it worse is that as teenager, you're (probably) not emotionally equipped to deal with it.

Great landing spot for him. I'm, like everyone else, really pulling for him. I hope he lights it on fire and gets to Sundays. Good Luck Sean

Jesus this kid can't catch a break.

Damn! If anyone qualifies for a hardship waiver, Savoy does!

UMD has moved Savoy to CB??

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Makes more sense to me actually. He transferred bc he couldn't catch the ball well, but is a great athlete that hopefully can turn into a lockdown corner.

It kind of makes you wonder, did Bud not want him at corner? Learning a new position is always hard, but I wouldn't sleep on him either. With the help we need at the position I'm surprised we wouldn't give him a shot.

I don't think Savoy will be starting CB material, and we have plenty of true corners that are D1 quality, just have to get guys like Nadir Thompson and Jeremy Webb healthy.

How many 5'9 corners are there that are considered "lockdown". Wish Sean luck, he needs some good in his life.

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Good luck to him. Hope it works out

I'm sure if Savoy was good enough to play CB for us, Bud would have explored that option, especially after our DB play last year. This is basically telling me that Maryland's DB situation is worse than ours.

That said, I wish nothing but the best of luck to Savoy and I'm glad he's still able to play ball and be closer to home.