OT: 2019 ASG

I was amazed at how quickly the game went last night, and more amazed at how the AL pitchers overpowered the majority of the NL lineup. I was just looking at the box score and I'm scratching my head - how is it that Kershaw took the loss and Tanaka recorded the W? Will Smith was responsible for the winning run on Gallo's HR in the 7th, and Shane Greene was the AL pitcher at the time that run was scored... what am I missing?

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The pitching was pretty great on both sides for the most part. There were some called strike 3s that the hitters and I were both disagreeing with.

As for the W and L, Kershaw gave up the run in the 2nd. Tanaka was the AL pitcher at the time. The AL was never tied or behind after that first run, so Kershaw takes the loss. All of the other pitchers after that were just relievers until Chapman came in in the top of the 9th, that's why he got the save.