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Traeger pellet smokers and grills are on deep discounts (>30%). Tempting offers but apartment living isn't kind to those kinds of toys

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Yeah, that's a big issue for me at the moment. Im always tempted, but until I get a house they won't do me much good.

I have a Pit Barrel Cooker that lives in my parents' backyard for now and I wouldn't want to ask to saddle them with another thing too. They're awesome and let me use it whenever I want, and I always make sure to have a peace offering of choice cuts for them. But apartment living is just so darn restrictive sometimes

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I always make sure to have a peace offering of choice cuts for them.


Using /s is for cowards.

Love my Pit Barrel. Only real "set-it-and-forget-it" smoker I've found.

Fun to fiddle with temps and stuff when you have the time, but I've gotten to where I use it almost exclusively over other units due to the simplicity.

IMHO. If you are "serious" about smoking meat, go with an offset stick burner or BGE or Weber wood charcoal smoker. The Traeger pellet is a very nice set it and forget it smoker, but you won't get the same flavor or versatility out of it. - Again, just my opinion.

fair enough. I do quite alright with my PBC so far. Half the fun is in the tinkering, but it's also nice not to have to tinker

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My Big Green Egg changed my life- not kidding. I won't smoke on anything but "wood" now. I can cook a 20 hour brisket or hot dog on that thing- I swear by it!

Get that baby up above 700 degrees for your steaks. Mmm that's good stuff.

I have a Vision Classic, but it's the same size as the BGE (I can even use Large BGE accessories). I'm missing some build quality and small perks, but for like half the price I love that thing.

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Its expensive up front, but the versatility is awesome and I expect it to last for a very long time. I do think about a cheap gas grill every time I am waiting on charcoal for some brats or burgers...

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I bought a couple of Fire sticks with Alexa through the link. Already have Google Home for all my TVs but now I can stream Prime video too

Prime is coming to the Chromecast later this year. Its a big reason why I've held out on buying a Fire stick

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can't come soon enough tbh

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It's already here. The app should've updated last week allowing you to cast.

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i'll have to try it. it isn't much of an issue since our vizio smart tv has prime app directly, but sometimes with streaming youtube i get better stream quality casting from tablet than using the tv app directly. so if that's the case with prime i'll be happy

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Pretty sure on my Vizio (2016 M65 I think) the built in Prime app is limited to 1080p, but when I cast I can get 4k and HDR.

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I have both anf I would recommend the stick at the price they have it currently. For whatever reason, the firestick has less problems for me.

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I'm on the market for a Joule Sous Vide. If anyone sees any good deals on them, let me know!


The Anova is about the price I was looking to see if one would break.


My brother has an Anova. It's not seen heavy abuse, but it hasn't broken in two years.

my hs kid has become steak souvee master with the Anova....my lack of planning prevents me from ever utilizing... but this thing was / is solid for the fam

I bought Anova. It's listed at 99, but at the discounted rate it was $68 bucks. I couldn't turn that down.

I will let you know how my meats end up!


I didn't even see that there was an additional savings on the $99 -- i pulled the trigger too lol

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My wife inspected it and put it in her cart and that's how we realized there was more savings there.


pass along the pre-emptive thanks from me and all my friends and family to Mrs VTFG

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I've had an older model 750w Anova for a few years now and it is still going strong.

only complaint is that at 750w, it can take a while to get it up to temperature. Right now, I use a large stock pot and put on a burner to kick start the water until it's close to my desired temp.

that's a good tip to know beforehand

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Looks interesting.....but heating plastic at high temperatures around your food? Carcinogenic?

sous vide is heating it at a low temperature for longer.

140 F/60 C (medium rare steak) is quite low when it comes to doing any chemistry on the plastic

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I got my wife a Sous Vide for Christmas and I have not regretted that decision at all.

How do you flavor the meats? Like if I put a steak in there it will perfectly cook it, but what about the steak rubs, salt, pepper, etc. Do you put that on afterwards?


season before cooking

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Invest in a searing attachment to a torch. Makes the whole process easier and take less time.

I will always upvote serious eats. That site has improved my cooking more than everything else combined.

Serious Eats is fantastic because it actually explains why you do things and the recipes are great. Sometimes they are way over involved and can be a bit too much, but it still tastes great and teaches you techniques.

Bon Appetit is also great if you just need recipes and nothing else. It's awesome because they don't include stories before the recipe about how the author's grandmother's cousin's daughter's cousin used to use vanilla shampoo and this cheese burger recipe uses an 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract in the ground beef and it just reminds you of home. I really hate all of the Pinterest recipes my wife sends me that makes me scroll a ridiculous amount just to get to the recipe.

Youtube needs to do something about their monitization algorithm. It's gotten insane over the past year or so. People are turning 3 minute videos into 10:01 minute videos because it gets them a little extra. Which is fine for them, but makes it obnoxious for watching something that should be quick.

Fluffing it out with more of the same main content is fine, but it's when it's irreverent like you were talking about. That and all the "tech support" videos that spend 9 minutes talking about a problem and how it's annoying, stupid, and simple to fix and then it's just two setting changes.

Thanks to all of you TKP fam that mentioned sous vide cooking and especially the Anova sous vide on sale during Amazon prime day ($68). Never heard about this type of cooking but I made the BEST burgers we've ever had on Saturday nite and it was so good that we did it again the next nite. My son - recent May VT grad - used it to make some awesome poached eggs so thanks to all for the introduction to sous vide and the heads up on buying the Anova. Now gotta get this to Lot 18.

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Used mine for the first time last night. We cooked steaks. The meat was just how I liked it. Next time I will sear them a little more, but it was very good.


Get that cast iron almost smoking with some type of fat/oil.

I've used my instant pot 4 times already since I got it.

i was away for the weekend, but gonna break mine out for the first time tomorrow night to do pork chops

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Did you grab quart to cook it in?


The yeti deal is tempting too. Looking to get a cooler for surf fishing

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Other sizes are also on sale.


I've now run into the issue I constantly have with fishing stuff. I had an undersized reel on one of my heavier set ups so I just got a 5000 to replace that...now I have a nice Daiwa 4000 just hanging around I don't have the right size rod for, so now I'll go buy another rod.

(add if applicable) /s

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Always looking fro good fishing deals this one might hurt my wallet

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Let's say I want to utilize my YouTubeTV across more TV's in my home. What's the cheapest medium (Fire, Chromecast, AppleTV) that supports YoutubeTV that I could buy for other rooms? I currently use YTTV through my AppleTV in the living room.

edit: Thanks to each of you for the help. Your suggestions led me into some more targeted research. I think I've landed on the Roku stick or stick+ when I decide to expand my multiple TV setup for gamedays.

I use Roku's on my TVs. Support for pretty much all services, except maybe Apple, but I don't use that service so I'm not 100% sure.


I prefer AppleTV, but Firestick especially on Prime Day is probably the cheapest route.

Another plus for Chromecasts (hdmi or the discontinued Audios) is that you can link them together to get the same audio in multiple rooms. I use it when we have people over to get music in the 5.1 living room, 2 speakers on my back deck that are wired to a receiver in my office, and a smart speaker in my kitchen. A lot cheaper than Sonos, especially if you already have the audio equipment.

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I can't believe I've never thought of doing this before... This would be awesome and convenient for get togethers.

Roku works very well with youtube tv its my current setup and its great

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Went with the Ring Doorbell Pro with Alexa - huge savings on that today if anyone else is looking.

Picked up the Ring Alarm System as well as the Sonos Beam soundbar. I love prime day.

They talk about the Sonos Soundbar on Ringer podcasts all the time.

The Key Players Club memberships are available via Amazon The Key Play, all day.

Is it basketball season yet?

I've been on the lookout for a dash cam (front and rear) for my vehicle for a while, so if anyone sees a good deal, let me know!

Are you still trying to catch Trogdor on camera??? SMH. It's already been done! See live video feed below:


What a savings

I have Rexings in both of my cars. Love 'em.

Caught one on a lightning deal for $80, and then out of nowhere Rexing emailed me and said "Hey, if you buy this other camera and review it, we'll reimburse you for it." It seemed too good to be true, but I researched and it came up legit. So I did it. Free dash cam for the wife's car.

Picked up more Blink XT2s....I don't know what I'm going to do with all this camera's but I've got a fortress of security camera's now to constantly set my phone off with motion detentions.

(add if applicable) /s

I just got one and love it! Mine was super simple to setup. It took a few days to correctly fine tune the sensitivity settings, but overall it's been great!

Yeah I've been collecting them since Blink initially released the XT (outdoor) version. They're really handy, from what I understand this new version gives a bit better quality. They're perfect for rental houses or areas a little away from the house, great range, no wires, and I've only just had to replace the batteries on my original one (right around 2 years before they died).

My only real complaint is that they're terrible as far as night quality compared to Ring but they're also significantly smaller and cheaper so its a trade off.

(add if applicable) /s

Love my Blink system. The best value has been the one mounted inside my garage so I can see if I remembered to close the garage door.

Thanks for the heads up. Today I've bought the XT2 2 pack camera kit, a Dyson Animal 2 vacuum for Mrs JIA and season 1 of the Yellowstone series. We got the free preview on the Paramount channel and only watched the first 3 episodes but it's the perfect role for Kevin Costner.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Very tempted for the anova sous vide and the instant pot duo plus 6qt 9-in-1 ($55!!). Also want the Ring doorbell but I don't have a doorbell in the place I am renting.

Will likely grab a couple smart home plugs/light bulbs. You can't be the prices that they currently are set at.

Wait where is the link for that deal?


I got a bluetooth speaker for 20 bucks this morning...sorry Joe, I didnt go through The Key Play :(

Does anyone have any input on any of the 2 in 1 laptops that are on Prime Day? My parents want one, so it doesn't need to be a powerhouse, (just MS Office, Netflix, pictures and browsing) but I don't own/use any of the touch screens. Not sure Windows is a requirement, but MS Office is; not sure how that plays with Chromebooks. Any recs are appreciated!

The Cup is going nowhere Mikey!

The Chromebooks are good for the buck for simple stuff we use them at work for all the work apps documents etc and all

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If anyone is a teacher or knows one, Fire 7 tablets are $29.99. I mention teachers because a lot of my teacher friends use them in their classrooms and jump at the chance to buy more when the price drops this low.

Fire 7 Tablet Link

On the prowl for a convertible stand up desk.


I am completely ignorant of almost all technology, as I'm sure many of you are aware, but wife and I have had it with Directv after AT&T took it over and are looking to try to join the digital party, so to speak. We are currently using an older Samsung 48" HDTV, but it is starting to show its age and we're considering a move to a smart TV. Wife won't go for a 60", but I believe I could sell the 50" size.
So, TKP techies, can anyone elucidate me? LED looks to be out of our price range, but that's as far as I have gotten, and I truly don't understand a lot of the jargon. Samsung has been very good to us for 15 years or so, but I have no brand loyalty. Any advice will be gratefully received, thanks in advance.

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If you want a reliable easy to use smart tv LED is gonna be the best bang for the buck. I have a couple Sharp Roku LED TV's and theyre super simple to use the Roku is built in so you dont need to buy one of them or a fire stick or whichever as well. Basically if the TV you have now has an HDMI port you could just get a Roku or a firestick or any other streaming device and plug it in there and skip getting a new TV if thats more in the budget. The regular 4k HDTV's are just LED's and are very affordable compared to what they used to be, where as the OLEDs or the QLEDS are the super high end stuff thats pricey. You can get a good 4k HDTV at 50" for easily around 250-300$ now when sales are active. Walmart is where I buy mine from when they go on sale but Best Buy has good deals as well.
If you wanted to go the cheapest route then a firestick or a roku is best.FireStick Heres a Roku player as well they have a few other options with different features but this model is the happy medium.Roku Premiere
If you wanted to go the TV route most if not all 4k HDTV tvs are smart units now and amazon has a 50 inch 4k TCL for 270$ which is a good price with a roku user interface thats simple and only requires a internet cable plugged in for best performance.TCL 50" 4k UHD LED TV Another Similar TV is the insignia 50 inch UHD LED TV with amazons firestick user interface for $250 right now.Insignia 50" UHD LED TV
Personally I can reccomend the Sharp roku 4k Tvs theyre similar to TCL just a different brand but same user interface and similar price range when on sale.

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Thanks, 'nator. That was more help than I'd hoped for, all in one reply! Yep, times have changed. My Samsung cost about $900 15 years ago, so it looks like we'll be able to swing a smart TV at the prices you mentioned. We do have an HDMI port on our TV, and we aren't exactly flush or hot to buy, but we're starting to see a "shadow", for lack of a better description, starting to creep in all around the picture. We don't really notice it much, but when we hit pause it is pretty easy to see.
So thank you, and appreciate you taking the time to help a brothah out.

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I'm not a TV guru by any means. I did get the TCL 6 series 55" tv Roku TV and I am quite pleased with it.

It got great reviews on CNet and other places as well for being a really good deal in terms of quality to price ratio.


That was essentially top of my budget, easy to use (Roku has the best interface in my opinion), and great bang for buck. I would recommend it.

I would also recommend checking out CNet rankings or Consumer Reports. A lot of it will depend on your priorities.

TCLs work fine. They do have a shelf life though.

How long should they last? I recently got a 55" TCL as well.

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for best results, a shelf of 56" or longer.

Pssttt.. the 55" is diagonal...

Oh god...you're right.

All the TCL, Sharp brands in that range do have a shelf life and if youre a purist I'd advise a Sony, Vizio or higher end but my Sharp Roku TV's are great bang for the buck just like TCL's roku is my favorite UI so I can say any Roku TV's are great, I cant offer an opinion on the amazon user interface but roku is super simple.

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The shadow is a weird thing but I've had it before on some older stuff. The new stuff is stupidly confusing now with all the abbreviations and fine print so I'm happy to help out, like I said if buying off amazon isnt your thing using best buy or walmart and watching for sales is just as good as an amazon deal so dont stress missing the current sales. Also most smart TV's will work wirelessly if you arent too far from the router but I would definitely advise hardwiring an internet cable to the port on the TV it doesnt take much more than a wall or two to slow the wireless way down with the smart TV's in my experience.

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Got the Shadow problem too, and it's apparently from the plastic tv frame bending causing the screen to be a little taught in those areas.

Going to be getting a new TV in the near future myself.


If you are looking for an upgrade I highly recommend one of the Samsung Q series. The Q6 series is fairly affordable. I feel like they hit the right balance between quality and price if you are looking for a nice 4K HDR TV.

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These days almost all new TVs are LED-based. The question is where on the price spectrum do you want to end up? A basic, 49" 1080p, no-frills SmartTV can be had for $200. However, at 50+ inches it's worth it to get a 4k (aka UHD) set. This is basically the standard now anyway, so thankfully you can get relatively high-quality units for under $500 (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4). ETA: I am not recommending any of these specific TVs, they're just handy examples in the category/price range indicated.

With smart TVs, the OS on the TV is also important, and might steer you in a specific direction. For example, if you like the simplicity of the Roku interface, the TCL TVs are nice since they run Roku OS. See here for more details.

There are other details that might be of interest (VA vs. IPS panel, LED/QLED/OLED, etc) but if you're primarily indexing on price those probably don't matter.

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not sure what IfishVTIam's budget is, but I did get the LG B8 OLED mentioned in that article for around $1000 and I was able to watch The Battle of Winterfell without too much problem...

Again, thanks to one and all. I have decided to not jump until I do a bit of research and appreciate all the avenues to explore.

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LG>Samsung I promise

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