2019 Football Fall Camp Roster releases.

Some notes from beat writers.

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I had totally forgot about Gaines' injury and that he may not play this year and now I am sad.

Not surprising. Taylor and Burke weren't ACC level players on the DL, and Gaines is injured. So behind Jerod Hewitt is a bunch of big huge question marks.

Garbutt and Belmar played a ton last year. Garbutt I think is going to take the next step this year and Belmar is like Ken Ekanem, never going to be 1st team All-ACC but is reliable.

I agree DT has big question marks and will be interesting to see how Crawford and Cunningham perform. But I think we will see improved D'Line play overall.

You're definitely higher on Belmar than I am if you think he's Ken Ekanem quality. We got about zero pressure on QBs from our DEs last year after Hill was booted, which exposed how bad the secondary was even more so. Ken was a pretty solid pass rusher.

DT is still going to be a crapshoot, and may be my biggest frustration with Fuente and the state of our recruiting. The writing was on the wall that the position was going to be thin when he took the job, and the staff still haven't addressed it with ACC-caliber players. I think Kendricks will turn out to be pretty good. Unfortunately, he'll likely be thrown into the 2-deep this year out of necessity when he could really benefit from redshirting.

Unfortunately, he'll likely be thrown into the 2-deep this year out of necessity when he could really benefit from redshirting.

Wait a minute (edit- ok it is questionable wrt to who is ACC caliber) but there are numbers:
DT: Hewitt, Crawford, Cunningham, Porcher, Aiden Brown
DE: Garbutt, Belmar, Proctor, DeBose, Javeon Becton

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Belmar provides little at the point of attack, which is a liability in the run game. Hopefully he has added some strength and hopefully someone can spell him for 20 quality snaps a game. Garbutt has a shot to be pretty good, yes.

Wasnt Belmar injured most of last season? Or was that Garbutt, I know one if the was battling some nagging injuries.

Dunno, but if they are injured, don't play them- else Pitt rushes for 10 yards a carry. I'm over the excuses. If a kid is injured, play the next healthy guy- and hope you don't get run over by GT and BC. Don't tell me - well Belmar and Walker are "injured" and we also saw aliens. I'm over it.

This is a phenomenon across all sports that I have never understood. If most first string players are 10-15% better than the backup, why play the starter when 70% healthy?

Did I miss something with the aliens?

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I'm assuming he's one of the few planning to storm Area 51.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Yes sir!!

The aliens thing is a sarcastic jab I have thrown out at the folks that make 10,000 excuses as to why we aren't very good on the field or in recruiting right now. I have literally heard every excuse, except for aliens around the program. It's just me trying to be funny/sarcastic. But to your point, When Facyson was getting toasted by ECUs receivers- oh he was "hurt".. When GT was running through Ricky Walker like shit through a goose, he was hurt. When Mook Reynolds missed 50 tackles against Pitt, he was hurt. PLAY SOMEONE HEALTHY PLEASE or don't give me excuses.

I have literally heard every excuse, except for aliens around the program.


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Having seen Space Jam, are these aliens 800% committed to space or could we recruit them?

I think Garbutt has potential to be a really good DE for us, but I'm afraid I am not getting your Ken Ekanem comparisons for Belmar. I don't remember Belmar being particularly disruptive in either the run or pass rushing game, and I don't see the talent level of a Ken Ekanem. For the record, I would love for him to prove me completely wrong this upcoming season.

Ken Ekanem had 10.5 and 7.5 sack seasons with double digit TFL's to pair each season. If we get that kind of production out of Belmar, I would be through the roof ecstatic.

Agreed a lot of questions on depth, but it is nice to see both Fuga and Cunningham at 300+, and also Kendricks and Crawford right around 280-290. I think at least some of those guys are going to be thrown in the fire right away this season.

The issue is that in Bud's/Charlie's system, you need exceptional hands and quickness to fill a gap, and also provide pressure. I've heard that Crawford is a project/certain redshirt. There will be some growing pains there early in the season no matter who plays.

You know the crazy part is how quickly depth at DT went from being the strength of this team to an overwhelming liability. It's like we just quit recruiting the position in 2015. What I would give to have that 2015 group again though...

DT1: Corey Marshall -- Luther Maddy

DT2: Woody Baron -- Nigel Williams

DT3: Ricky Walker -- Tim Settle (R)

Using /s is for cowards.

That's what several years of extremely inadequate recruiting at DT will do for you:

2016: Hewitt, Dean (no longer with program)

2017: Glaze (no longer with program)

2018: Goode (kicked off), Kane

Three years of Recruiting, only 2 DT currently on the team at all and only 1 expected to be in the 2-Deep. That's extremely poor Roster Management and where much of the criticism of Fuente's Recruiting comes from.

After a light class in 2016, we should have made DT an absolute focus in 2017 and 2018, and IMHO taken at least 3 projected DT in 2017 and 2018. There was no rationale not to...those are the guys that should be making our 2-Deep right now. Having 1 projected DT from 2017 made ZERO sense, despite the fact that the class as a whole rated relatively favorably.

If Wiles can't find enough of "his guys," and get them here, then find someone who can.

Kane was almost immediately moved to OL, too. So thats back to back years of zero DTs when it was one of the thinnest positions on the roster. Taking Glaze was ridiculous, too. His film didn't come close to looking like a P5 player.

Forgot about Kane going to OL. So yes, even worse. Three years of Recruiting----1 DT. There is no excuse for that and its not sustainable as a Program.

Belmar and Hewitt switching to single digit numbers will turn them into All-ACC caliber players, I mean that's just science.

Anybody have an idea on where the scholarship count is after roster release? 83? 84?

The numbers always work out.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

There's more room for unrated RBs with no offers from P5 schools.

Some notes:
Tahj Gary is listed as 5'-8", 217 lbs. S. Peoples was 5'-9", 222 lbs.
Barno is listed as an LB. Not surprising since everyone wants him to be the next Tremaine.
After running the ball in the spring game, Malik Bell is back to TE.
Dean Ferguson is listed as an LB.

We have a shit load of Freshman walk-ons.

After running the ball in the spring game, Malik Bell is back to TE.

On the hokiesports roster, I'm showing Malik Bell is still at RB.

Then it's changed since my post.

Bowick and Pinckney both over 200. They could get into the rotation quickly at WR. Payoute may need time to marinade, but his raw talent might be too good to keep him off the field this year. Will be interesting seeing Ellis and Robinson compete in that slot role.

On the RB front, King may need some time to put on some mass. With all the questions there, Tavien please feel free to come on down.

tavien pls

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I didn't figure Gaines would play this year and if he did he wouldn't be 100%. Hopefully he takes the year to get well. I'm cautiously optimistic on the DL as a whole, let's get some playing time under their belts early in the season and *hope* recruiting picks up. I've heard 2021 is our year.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I would really love for Proctor or Debose (or others) to force their way onto the field. That would suggest both intense competition, and progress in the overall quality of the two deep.

I've heard 2021 is our year.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Any bets on the first WR to make the change to DB?

Brock Hoffman - on the roster

Yes, because he is on the team. There is still no word on his appeal and if he can play this fall.

Geez, I hope we're going to a 3-3-5 this year! DL is a concern.

With the way our secondary played last year, we probably need to move to the elusive 3-3-6

A 3-3-5 with 235 lb DEs is really more like a 1-5-5

Deablo at 220? Hope he can stay fast.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

What's Feaster's number?
(answer-Whatever # he wants!)

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

Not worried at all: WR, OL, LB, TE, P
Somewhat worried: QB, ROV, FS
Worried a lot: CB, DL, RB, K

Why somewhat worried at QB? We have a returning starter who played decently well last year, back ups with limited playing time but high upside and a 4* transfer coming in.

I also think with the coaching change and a healthy DD, the FS position might also turn out to be a position group of strength this year.

100% agree with your "worried" list, Feaster joining would push the RB group to "somewhat worried" for me.

You said it: Willis was decent and everything behind him is unproven. Had a hard time putting QB in the same bucket of comfort level as WRs where we are proven across the board and have solid depth and upside behind them.

The depth at WR makes me feel better about who is slinging the rock. If they can figure out RB the offense will do big things this year.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Willis was not very good last year and his shortcomings seemed to be mental and visual. That's not something that you can fix just by playing, it's a coin flip whether he'll be able to really turn it on or not. If Hooker is clearly physically ahead and starting to put it together mentally I would not be against him getting decent reps, especially in games we're winning by a lot

Willis finished 2018 in the top 5 in the ACC in yards, yards per attempt, touchdowns, and passer rating.

His issues are throwing over the middle of the field and decision making both running the option and throwing, but to say he was not very good does him a disservice. He was statistically average at worst.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I am a bit skeptical of Willis. He is a Senior but many expect freshman to sophomore level improvements.

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Between these 4, I hope our 2-deep can be strengthened.

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depth problems at DT? Fugaboutit!

As a random, not particularly important note: Kendricks is 93 not 9 and Hanson is 72 not 70.

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Slightly OT, but has anybody clicked on the HS roster link for 1994? It's amazing what we did with such a small QB

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Its easy, he just hid behind the line so the defense couldn't find him.

Jeremy Webb's hairstyle looks like a silhouette of a tiny person standing on his shoulders and doing the "rock on" hand gesture.

So, assuming our starting OL would be Darrisaw, Lecitus, Brock, Tyrell, Silas (L->R), we are looking at 1550 lbs. All over 300. I am less worried about our running game regardless if we get Feaster. Only thing I see screwing it up it bad play calling and rotating backs too much. So, our running game will suck.

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My concern is us going to the pass when we're running the ball well.