2019 ACC Kickoff VT Catch-All thread

I figured on of these would show up at some point, but I figure we should have a place to post news/info regarding ACC kickoff.

To start the day, Fuente had a rough first interview:

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Virginia Tech is going live at the podium next. For those who don't know, kickoff is streaming on Facebook live and the acc website.

Coach Fu with the personality



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Starting his 4th year, for better or for worse, this is truly Fu's team....

He seems far more at ease and engaged.

The arguments/reasons/excuses of different players leaving, transferring, staying due to coaching change, culture, disciplinary issues are in the rear view mirror.

My guess is that the output/results we see on the field this year will be far more representative of what Fu and his staff are capable of for the future.

For good or ill. It is 100% his team.

Fuente seems upbeat about his club this season.

Fuente: "Boston College will be good again this year. It'll be tough to play them up there. I'm sure it'll be a rocking atmosphere."

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Don't count out Boston when it comes to jumping on banwagons.

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Coach you start camp next week

Football fever instantly sets in

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Keene channeling his inner buzz williams and rocking UNC colors repping VT at the ACC media days

Biggest takeaway from Fuente's segment:


Fuente on Bud:

"I see a guy that is energized and feels better. [A guy] that's ready to go pour it all into his kids and this season.

He is dead set on setting marks for improvement."

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A few twitter posts around the event:

Encouraging remarks by Fuente:

Willis did not exactly get a glowing review from Fuente:

Small tidbit regarding Bud's long term standing with Fuente:

Might Fuente go to space? nah.

View on last season:

Lots of good stuff here, thanks for posting!

Real football news? What is happening?!

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I get that the point of this event is to talk about the upcoming season, but I was kind of hoping someone would ask a question regarding the current recruiting class and it's underwhelming nature.

It also looks like dalton, Reggie and Fuente were interviewed by a number of talkshows/radio stations. If anyone stumbles across a link to any of those, please post!

Even if they asked, he wouldn't be allowed to answer as per NCAA policy.

Certainly NOT the 2018 Fu!!! Loved this answer to a question!

"Each year we've gone down to Roanoke to watch the Rail [Yard] Dawgs play, and we saw an unbelievable game," Fuente said. "It was pretty cool. My girls were fired up. The fight broke out right in front of them and they were kind of taken aback. I don't think they'd ever seen two people seriously fight, like seriously try to hurt each other. It was pretty cool."

FWIW, I have been paying attention to SCAR's media appearance in the SEC, since that is where my girlfriend went. When asked about their running back situation, Will Muschamp talked pretty in depth about their plans at RB. It didn't really seem like he was even thinking about the idea of having another player (such as Feaster) come into their rotation. He spoke with the expectation to be using the same three guys they have now.

Doesn't mean he is coming here, but it is a good sign.

Technically they aren't even allowed to mention transfers until they sign so I doubt you would hear much either way but man do I hope he decides to be Hokie.

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