Fuente Talking to Kyle Bailey at ACC Media Day

Pretty good interview...and shots fired at the players who transferred out..

"Not that big of a deal"

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Is that what he said? Seems he was referring to the belief by fans that VT had a lot/too of players in the portal, not saying those players themselves are "not a big deal"

He said around 8:30 that they had a couple of guys who played "little or no role that graduated that were looking for places to go"...I would say Kumah, Savoy and Watts all had roles on the team...Kumah a significant role

I'd only say Kumah but we have a lot of depth at WR so I'm not concerned.

Savoy: He wasn't going to have a role. He was going to be passed at WR buy a lot of guys that are more talented.

Watts: He was also going to get passed by the younger CBs on the team.

Kumah certainly falls into that 'wants a bigger role' category. Kumah was basically a big body for medium yard fades and he was damn good at that but speculation when he left was that he felt he could be an every down receiver

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I agree with him, but I guess we'll see what he does at ODU...prob will need to improve his speed though he looked fast running away from FSU..

Savoy was great, but always needed that first big drop to get warmed up.

Yes, but my guess is that Watts role was more by necessity than desirable. Savoy and Kumah may have both lost their starting role, although I think Kumah would have seen the field quite a bit. Based on what we saw last season and into the spring I think Savoy and Watts would have likely been on the second string this year.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

And lord knows, as packed with proven talent as this roster is, we can afford to lose depth and experience and not miss a beat, right?

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when it comes to the WR room, yes we can.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

Seasonal Brew means High ABV for football season and standard the rest of the year.

I totally agree with that, although even at WR that could change pretty quickly as well.

Knock on wood this doesn't happen, but imagine if Turner and Hazelton were lost for all or most of the season. We'd still have competent WRs, but it would certainly be a drop off in talent.

The doll's trying to kill me and the toaster's been laughing at me.

It seems that one of Fu's main coaching values is competition.

In the new world of the transfer portal, a team like VT that doesn't get all 4 and 5 star recruits, (meaning they must develop raw talent) can't be held hostage by one player. It has to be built on competition and improvement. If a player wants to be given "guarantees", they either better be 5 star elite or play for a smaller team where the program "is lucky to get them".

Think about how many teams look great for the first few games because they have a great 1st team. Then, injuries begin and there is no quality depth. Fu's way spreads the risk and allows for injuries. I believe that one of the reasons there was such transition last year is because not everybody wanted to play under those rules.

"little or no role that graduated that were looking for places to go"

i believe he is talking about Cunningham and Denmark

Are we intentionally leaving out Hill?

Recruit Prosim

He didn't transfer portal he got kicked off the team and graduated.

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Ok I thought we were talking about all grad transfers

Recruit Prosim

In the interview, it was within the context of Fuente's thoughts on the transfer portal.

He was kicked off the team. A little different situation for this discussion.

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Savoy had a small role last year and didn't improve and was overtaken towards the end of the year, Watts was trash and was overtaken in the spring...Kumah was a loss though, but it was at arguably our deepest position.

Haven't seen anyone mention this yet, but Savoy is no longer a wide receiver. He's listed as a DB on Maryland's roster.

Have to imagine he might not have even seen the field for us this year.

Or maybe he would have seen the field a lot more as a DB for us, it's not as though we have a ton of depth there.

Kumah (ODU), Cunningham(ODU), Denmark (Coastal Carolina), and Fullwood (W&M) are the 4 grad transfers he was referring to that wanted elevated roles.

Typically guarded answers to most questions, but you can certainly read the enthusiasm on his voice. I think he let on like he expects to play for the conference championship even if the most he'll actually say is 'Well we'll see".

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one of the biggest things I took away from that interview was the enthusiasm he says Bud has...that has confirmed that he is fired up and ready to go...as reserved as Fuente is..when he says "he's ready to go" that means that Bud is about to tear the heads off of rabid wolves and spit them out...so glad to hear he's in good spirits...