Webb Cleared

Surprised it hasn't made it here yet, but Webb posted on his IG that he has been fully cleared for football activity. Heard that he has looked very good in conditioning drills and that they're hopeful that he'll be 100% ramped up around mid-season.

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I'm just hoping he makes it to August at this point; let alone Fall camp.

Joking aside: This is great news. Hope he's good to go.


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It's almost like we just landed a 4* recruit. Will this improve this year's class?
This is good news. I appolgize in advance for my sarcasm.


Does he have 1 or 2 years left? I think him and Farley could be a nice duo.

I hope Farley shows some improvement this season.


I thought he was fairly impressive in coverage for the majority of the year, especially given the lack of QB pressure we were able to generate last season. For me it's all about improving his tackling and aggressiveness in run support.

I agree. He was not too bad in coverage for a true freshman who was not a heralded CB recruit... He should improve a good bit with that experience.

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But will he lay the wood this season when needed. He was soft in run support.


That is certainly the big question for him. I'm choosing to believe that is an area he can improve in by more time spent at CB. Going from QB to CB is a pretty huge mentality shift in a lot of ways, so I understand his tentativeness in some of the more physical aspects of the CB position.

But will he lay the wood this season when needed. He was soft in run support.

That's what she asked.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I thought he did OK. Most of his coverage breaks had to do with technique, not scheme related issues (not playing his position) or talent related issues. The technique things can be fixed with diligence and attention to detail. I think he will take a huge step this season!

Is it basketball season yet?

Agreed. Sounds like he is impressing a lot of people with his improved coverage skills this offseason. Question with him will always be his physicality. I predicted last offseason that he would struggle his freshman year only to make an all-ACC jump his his sophomore year, and I still believe that

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If all goes well and he stays healthy *fingers crossed* will he see the field before he is a 100%? Or due to his back to back injuries is the coaching staff going to be more cautious with his playing time?

I'd bet that he gets 10-15 snaps against BC and then they'll throw him into the fire against ODU and Furman to see how he responds. If all goes well, I wouldn't be surprised to see him as a major part of the rotation by the time Duke comes to town.

If all goes well, do you think they'd allow him to replace Watts or Farley as a starter?
Edit: forgot about Chapel Hill being closer to New Jersey than Blacksburg my bad

replace Watts or Farley as a starter?

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Hahahahaha completely forgot about that, lol. So who's the starter right now with Farley? Quillen?

I don't think anyone has a spot. It'll be a rotation of Farley, hopefully Webb, and Quillen as the No 1. A B and C. Similar to when we had Stro, Facyson, and Alexander. All starting caliber, but Bud's defense doesn't play 3 corners unless the Whip is sitting. Defensive backfield will be Safety, Rover, Whip, CB 1 and CB 2. I think Mix of Nadir, Waller, Chatman, maybe the other juco, make up the 2nd string CBs.

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Watts gone, fam. I think if he takes a spot it will be opposite Farley.

Maybe not right away, but I could see it down the line.

If he takes Watts job, I'll bet Watts transfers.

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I'm happy Webb is getting a chance finally. I felt so badly for him with everything and he is the kind of person you just root for to do well. He may have to adapt his game, but he is talented and has a chance to be a contributor and more.

Things seem to be trending upward for this position group.