Podcast interview with Fuente about his coaching journey

Ran across a podcast Fuente was interviewed on last offseason. My apologies if this was already posted in the past. The podcast is called The Quarterback Docs podcast. Apparently one of the hosts was recruited by Fuente and knows him personally.

It was an hour+ interview with Fuente about his coaching career over the years and his approach to coaching quarterbacks. Hard to come away from the interview not liking him.


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Was an interesting listen.

Required listening for any recruit that's even remotely considering VT.

@31:30ish mark, CJF mentions player-coach relationships and having "your guy"

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Good find. Probably the most open, comfortable version of Fuente that I've heard.

Why in the world wouldn't the VT PR folks provide more of this! Fuente may not like this stuff but seriously, after listening, what parent wouldn't want their son to visit VT as part of their recruiting process.

There is so much talk about finding "their guys". This is EXACTLY the kind of bait that will attract them. Time for Fuente to step up and really be the face of the program! Nobody will espouse his values better.

BTW: if the guys recruited the last few years are like he's describing- it's gonna get fun!

Thanks for sharing, good listen.

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I listened to it this weekend. It was good - interesting format too. Very rarely do you ever get coaches just telling stories like that. They mentioned it in the podcast and I scrolled and found it - Corn did one a few weeks prior to that. I listened to it as well. Very interesting peek into who both are and their history. I'm with the comment above - why in the hell did VT PR not use both of these. The Keil brothers at one point in the interview with Corn say that they couldn't recommend any better destination for a QB than VT due to the combo of Corn & Fu. I work in marketing/advertising and I feel like both those interviews would've been great to promote for recruits, families of recruits, fans - hell, anybody.

We can all share and tweet this thread. That would get some momentum to it getting out there. The least we could do.