OT: Old Town Alexandria (things to do)

What's your favorite restaurant in Old Town? They have tons to pick from so hit me with what you got. I'm meeting up with some friends from the west coast for a couple of days, July 3rd - 5th and looking for some good ideas for dinner.

We have passes for Mt Vernon so I'm taking them there for the 4th - looks like they have some cool events that day. They wanted to see some historic stuff while they're in town. Has anyone been to the GW Masonic Memorial lately. Is it worth going?

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It was Restaurant Eve, but some how they closed down, which is a shame because they had the best tonic for their G&Ts. They made their own.

I like Hen Quarter too, they have a good chicken and waffles and a decent cocktail menu.

I love RTs (Cajun Food) in Del Ray. But that really isn't Old Town.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Red rocks for casual. Get the brussel sprouts - amazing really - brick oven. Joe Theismanns for Happy Hour is an upscale spot. The Warehouse and Magnolias for more upscale dining.

Red Rocks pizza looks like a good lunch option.

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I always enjoyed Virtue. Great spot, good craft beer, and the food always treated me well. Afterwards head to Pop's for ice cream.

As for the GW Masonic Memorial, unless you know something about Masonry, it might be a little boring, but there's some interesting stuff in there. The view at the top is great, though.

Agreed about Virtue. Their duck fat fries are legendary.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Masonic Temple is cool, but the history tour does kind of drag after a while. It's a mix of GW history and Masonic history. View at the top is fantastic. The building itself has some interesting architecture and features. Definitely worth doing once.

bars/restaraunts of note, heading from the Masonic Temple to the Potomac.

Casa Tequila = great lineup of tequilas if that's your thing. Solid tex mex food
Brabo brasserie / tasting room = $$ but fantastic french/belgian
Hardtimes = casual spot with great chili in a variety of styles
Rock it Grill = divey karaoke bar
Casa Rosado = great gelato
Vermilion = $$ but fantastic new american with a stylish bar. good beer menu
Red Rocks = fantastic brick oven pizza, good beer list
Murphy's = classic irish bar
Brauhaus = german beer garden type place, typical german macrobrews
Columbia Firehouse = $$ but good eats, good drinks
Two Nineteen = if you like smoking cigars while you drink, upstairs @ 219 is your spot
Pizzaria Paradiso = good brick oven pizza, fantastic beer selection
O'Connell's = classic irish bar
Vola's = chill waterfront dining
Blackwall Hitch $$ waterfront dining with a nice patio bar

Thanks, I only have 3 go to places so it helps to see other options.

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Note that few of the recommendations this far are on King Street, and none near the water (except Pops). That area is tourist-trap, nice looking places with unimpressive food and top-end pricing.

If you're going to Mount Vernon, take a look at Cedar Knoll for a meal afterwards. Pricey, but decent food and a killer view. I'd call ahead to confirm they'll be open, though, it seems like their hours are different every day.

I looked them up. You're right, that's an awesome view and looks like a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately they're closed until July 9th. I'll check them out next time.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Eh, I would dispute the tourist-trap label. That would apply much more to National Harbor. Some places in Old Town are gimmicky and targeting visitors (the Brauhaus kinda, sorta falls in this category) but in general the restaraunts in Old Town are targeting locals/regulars just like restaraunts in any other city.

And, yes it's generally a pricey place to eat but no more than DC proper.

Some of our favorites ( I know some of these have been said) in no particular order:

Virtue Feed and Grain (http://virtuefeedgrain.com/)
Magonlia's on King (http://www.magnoliasonking.com/)
Landini Brothers (http://www.landinibrothers.com/)
La Trattoria -- one of the owners is a Hokie -- (https://www.latrattoriaoldtown.com/)

If you are looking at brunch (I can only vouch for the brunch menus) :

Jackson 20 (https://jackson20restaurant.com/)
Succotash (https://succotashrestaurant.com/) - not in Old Town but their brunch was awesome and you can take a ferry from Old Town to National Harbor

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Today would be a good day to go boating.

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I parked in that garage for 10-years until I switched jobs last summer. Nuts seeing that much water pouring in. An old coworker said they had a couple feet of water down there by the time it stopped. Lots of damaged vehicles.

Also, second the recommendations for Virtue. Good food and the upstairs bar area is a pretty cool spot to hang out.

Where's the beef?

I live nearby, but didn't recognize it from the video - which parking garage is that?

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Its under the King St Exchange plaza located between King and Prince St.. I don't believe there is any public access to the garage. The flooded street you can see in the video is an alley way with garage access called Dechantal St. Its about a block from the King St. Metro.

Where's the beef?

Yikes - I drive by there all the time.

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