OT: Software for Diagram Drawings Suggestions

I have to create diagrams for my masters program, and I absolutely suck at making them in PowerPoint. I often find that it feels way to crowded when I am complete, and they tend to look not proportionate.

Anyone have any good programs they use for creating work flow diagrams?

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This is what I've been using in my Master's Business Analyst class.

I tried to create a Swimlane chart in Lucidchart and usability (oddly one of the subjects I am learning about right now) is brutal. I keep trying to click on shape to move it, and the entire background moves instead.


I use a program called XMind for brainstorming related ideas.

If you need to do a workflow or process though, Visio is probably better.

draw.io is pretty good and it's what I use for my master's program. Lucid chart also gives you student discount as well if you wanted to use their premium features

Autodesk inventor

Recruit Prosim

RIP Microsoft Paint

Paint still works fine.

Excel also has charting symbols.

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Draw.io and Visio is what I've used. Draw.io can be used collaboratively.

After watching a youtube tutorial on how to use PowerPoints grid lines, I just ended up using it in the end. I have used Draw.io in the past and agree that it is pretty user friendly.