**OT** Savannah recommendations?

We find ourselves in savannah for the first time, looking for recommendations. The taphouse is our first stop (stone's throw from our Airbnb) and they welcome us as Hokies, said they play enter sandman before *every* game.

What other places should we hit? Here for the rest of the week.

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For Restaurants - Olde Pink House is great, but definitely fine dining, they were closed after a fire but I think they've reopened; their basement bar is also a great spot. Vic's on the River is the only place I'd recommend eating near River St (everything else is tourist trap). Treylor Park is also good. Jazz'd is a different, but cool spot for dinner/drinks. Goose Feathers is a good spot for breakfast. Haven't been to the Ordinary Pub yet, but its on my list to visit.

For drinks - Rocks on the River is a great rooftop bar; the Grove is another good rooftop bar without the River view. Lots of good places in City Market. Savannah Smiles is a dueling piano bar that can have a good crowd if that's your thing.

Thank you greatly. We have several days of exploring. Haven't made it past the tap house, will leave after happy hour (1/2 price everything).

Mrs. Wilkes

Mrs Wilkes is The Homeplace (Catawba) on steroids. It's great. Get there by 10 am or so.

For BBQ try Sandfly. Amazing brisket.

Head over towards Skidaway to Wormsloe Plantation to take in the mile long drive draped in mossy Live Oaks... Surreal. If it's around lunch, or better yet for brunch try Driftaway Cafe as it's right there.

Again for brunch, can't beat Foxy Loxy on Bull St. It's awesome and you can pretend you're a local hipster

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Doing a carriage ride tour of Old Town.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Had the best shrimp and grits ever when the missus and I visited Savannah. I think it was at Huey's.

I'm just here to sling some legs

B Matthew's Eatery. Fried Green Tomato Benedict.

Savannah Smiles is badass. Beats the hell out of Crocodile Rocks in Myrtle. Also, a good (admittedly Wisconsin themed-ish) sports bar...JJ Bonerz. If nothing else the name always gets a giggle out of me. Some of the upstairs restaurants down by the river have pretty good food.

Edit: just looked it up, I regret to inform Bonerz is permanently closed. Shame.

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We really enjoyed Back in the Day Bakery. I am pretty sure I got buzzed off the bourbon glazed bread pudding. They had a bacon/onion jam sandwich that was really good too.

For restaurants - The Grey and Elizabeth on 37th. Both on the higher-end but great food.

Walking ghost tour and if still there Cotton and Rye for dinner

Cotton Exchange on River Street was a go to for me and Mrs MattBoard when we lived there.

Leopold's Ice Cream on Broughton Street is right next to the SCAD Trustee's Theater and is pretty great, though it can get crowded on summer evenings.

2nd Leopolds for dessert. A line can form, but worth the wait IMO.

The Rail Pub was my favorite small drinking spot. Its on the western end of Congress, building is from 1890s.

The Crab Shack on Tybee for great fresh seafood.

Wet Willie's on River street for awesome frozen daytime drinking.

Always recommend Savannah Sand Gnats games for afternoon or evening baseball.

Just driving around town to see all the differences in home architecture is another fun thing to do.

Walking Forsyth Park and Bonaventure Cemetery give you some idea of the back story of the city. Doing a ghost tour from the cemetery is a fun evening,

Follow that up with beers and dinner from Moon River Brewing. Had Moon River on tap at the apartment for most of my four years there.

Unfortunately the Sand Gnats are the Savannah Bananas now, still not bad just a little cornier of an environment

VT '17

Wow that's a terrible change of names for that team.

Their main rival is the Macon Bacon.

They are an independent team now, not affiliated with milb. It supposed to be a raucous atmosphere now, with most people going to drink not watch baseball.

They pretty much had that atmosphere when they were affiliated. The Budweiser Porch was probably a third of the entire crowd for most games down there when I was down there.

Breakfast: Coffee Fox, Clary's, Collins Quarter
Lunch: Zunzi's, Treylor Park, The Grey
Dinner: Mrs. Wilkes, Pacci
Beer: Abe's on Lincoln is our usual hangout, but there's plenty of great options
Cocktails: Artillery, Alley Cat

First time on this thread that I've seen Zunzi's mentioned, absolutely one of my favorite lunch spots

VT '17

Taphouse is fantastic, when I've made it there for games there is usually a solid Hokie crew and they treat us very well. I'll try to give some personal recommendations that I haven't seen yet:
For Food:
Ordinary Pub - great for both food and drinks
Hitch - the sister restaurant to Treylor park, same food without the wait
Tequila's Town - fantastic Tex-Mex place with great guac and margaritas.
Soho South - great lunch place, really relaxed vibe, good food
Pie Society - classic British pies, both savory and sweet, in City Market

For drinks:
Alley Cat - I cannot recommend this place enough, my wife and I's favorite bar, it does get a little loud and crowded in the evenings especially on the weekends
Whitaker's - Fun bar, good prices and a bunch of bar games to play
Jen's and Friends - has probably over 50 different martinis, small location so you will want to take advantage of the open container laws and get it to-go
Lulu's Chocolate Bar - dessert bar with an assortment of desserts and dessert themed drinks

I hope you enjoy Savannah, I first came down here for an internship in 2015 and moved down permanently in 2017, its a fun town with a lot to see and a pretty good food and drinks scene

VT '17

The Grey restaurant is supposed to be really good. It was featured on a Netflix show called Chef's Table

Would recommend a walking Ghost Tour with Spooky Steve.. Live in Charleston and go down at least twice a year. the Olde Pink House, Treylor Park, and Vic's on the river restaurants are our go to spots. Most of the restaurants are something we have here in Charleston so we stay away.

SPOOKY FUCKING STEVE! We did a hearse tour with him a few years back. According to him, round about 8million people have died of yellow fever in the Savannah area.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

For dive bar, it's Pinky Masters... Classic place

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

For good pizza and drinks, Huca Poos in Tybee Island.

Definitely hit the Grey and try to get the booth overlooking the kitchen it's a real show. I hear they have a spinoff next door but don't recall the name of it.
Agree on Back in the Day and Leopolds I'd avoid river street and anything Paula Dean is associated with long lines mediocre food.
Local 11Ten is very good and anything in the Daniel Reed collection is good Public House is a good casual choice.
Ms Wilkes is pretty good and the area there on Jones St and Whittaker is classic Savannah
Shopping- The SCAD shop Paris Market, and the shops on Whittaker near Jones, most of the stuff on Broughton is chain
B's Cracklin BBQ is not near the tourist area but definitely worth the drive, Brian Furman is one of the best in the country.
A day trip to Tybee is worth it as well.
Shit I forgot Clarys a great breakfast joint real old time joint
Also theres a Parkers on Drayton thats good for grab and go

I don't know but I went for St. Patrick's Day two years in a row and holy shit, those were two of the worst hangovers of my life. And I have had A LOT of hangovers.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Thanks for all the advise.

Our base of operations was adjacent to Oglethorpe Square. We went to cup 2 cup for coffee at the start of each day (times varied), and had some amazing concoctions. I really liked their hop coffee tonic.

We did Henry's for breakfast a couple of mornings, and the Collins quarter for brunch once.

Zunzi sandwiches were amazeballs, compared well to the best I have had anywhere. The enchiladas/burritos at the Kayak Café were awesome.

We hit Traylor Park, but couldn't get into some of the more famous places for dinner, they were booked. We did Leupolds for ice cream whenever the line wasn't too long. My pie was decent late night food.

We did some outstanding drinking at Whitakers (Pim's cup, Paloma), The ordinary pub (Col. Taylor 4 grain, Moscow Mule) Alley Cat (Ramos Gin Fizz, Martini, Sazarac), as well as some outstanding martinis and beers at the 6 pence pub.

We did an evening carriage ride with Hannah and her horse Rick, learned a lot of interesting history.

Thanks for all the suggestions, we have some great memories!

Shout out to the Hokies we saw at the Taphouse during the USA - France soccer match.

edit: they now offer IV hangover solutions like Vegas, there is a number you call and they bring an IV to you.