Robinson "Optimistic" He'll Play in the NCAA Tournament

Well here's a breath of fresh air with regards to Justin Robinson's injury and status.



More ways to say not much while telling us there's a chance.

I'll admit, he looked very loose in warmups today. Much more than he had been previously.

That's good to hear - did he do any jogging/running during warmups? When I saw him on Senior day it looked like he still had a bit of a hobble when he moved faster than a walking pace

I don't know if he did any of that, but he was skipping around and doing dribble moves pretty effortlessly

A ball got stuck behind the hoop. He jumped slightly while throwing balls at the stuck ball. It Looked alittle like a jump shot. He got his toes about 3 inches off the ground.

It looked a lot like my best jump shot.

I think he might be ready to come back for the NCAA final 4.

He got his toes about 3 inches off the ground.

This is already better than my vertical.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Has he been available the the media before today? His comments, along with him being allowed to talk to the media, seem like very good news.

Benefit of the ACC tournament is that they're forced to have an open locker room.

That seems like it could be awkward:
Coach K: Excuse me!
Nolley: Hi coach!
K: What are you doing here you're in a different locker room!
LN: Yeah but its open locker rooms and I thought since I'm not playing I'd come listen to your half time adjustments.
K: That's not what they mean by open locker rooms.
LN: Well it wasnt locked, I walked right in.
K: :::facepalm:::

Generally injured players are not required to speak so I'm very surprised VT PR allowed him to speak.

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Y'all rememeber that thread where it was all about information on JRob returning. Except it had no info on JRob returning?

Now, Cole, when you shift the gear and that little needle on the tach goes into the red and reads 9000 RPMs, that's bad!

All I'm reading here is JRob returning

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Yeah, and before every game someone would comment that they had a sauce or a "good feeling" that this would be the game he returns.

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So it took a bit for the to adjust and find their new normal without him. Is there a chance that his return throws things off a bit (adjustment time needed) or does the team instantly return to pre-injury form?

I think he'll fit in just fine and our three ball will start falling better with him which was the main adjustment we had to make without him to create the shots for outlaw and hill in particular. That all said I think the one positive from his injury is when hes not on the floor we can keep it going now knowing how to get it done without him unlike before where if he wasnt there we looked lost.

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I would LOVE to see J-Rob come back for the NCAA Tourney. The rest of the team has banded together and have all improved their play. With the right match-ups this team could go farther than ever!

Obviously we all want him back for the NCAA Tourney as it at the minimum, adds another body to the rotation.

I'll say this too. I was one of the people who was very hard on Bede for his lack of, well... a lot. His defense was always good but everything on offense had a lot to be desired.

When J-rob went out, I was scared it was going to be a shit show. I had no faith in Bede but he has truly improved his game in all facets since J-rob went out. Some skills maybe not as much as others, but still a lot of improvements across the board. The way I look at it now, J-rob's injury might have been a blessing in disguise for his development for next year and on because he was propelled into the starting PG job and gained that much more experience.

This is one of the few times I am happy to be wrong!

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If Bede can put in the work like Eric Green did when he was here to improve his shooting, he can be a big time player for us. He became much more comfortable driving as the season went on and that will get better with experience.

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Is this a good idea? I mean, (not trying to jinx) what are the chances of aggravating or reinjury? Also, don't forget what happened with Irving & Duke back during the '11 Dance.

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At least 5 played over half the year before the injury; Kyrie played in maybe 10 games and then came back for the tournament. Playing without him was the norm for Duke.

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Playing without him was the norm for Duke.

That's precisely my point. Don't you think the team has (finally) adjusted for this variable by now?

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I don't think it's been long enough. To me it's still clear that they struggle without a facilitator, not even Bede seems to fit the true point guard role. I think Robinson doesn't even have to score to make a difference, just distributing is what the team needs.

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Agree on Bede, but (even though he's not a guard), Wilkins is a SF, and I firmly believe that if he received greater playing minutes he is a definite scoring threat (I know, call it a gut feeling). Additionally (& I apologize for sounding so repetitive), even though some folks on here (& out there) have Robinson automatically penned to the Euro league, I believe he's got a great chance to be drafted mid 1st round. I don't want an aggravation or reinjury to screw that up. Robinson reminds me of Russell Westbrook.

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