Tate Martell Immediately Eligible at Miami

The NCAA has ruled in favor of Tate Martell's immediate hardship waiver and he will be able to play during the 2019 season. Personally I don't think players should have to sit out a year after transferring if there has been a coaching change, but with how the rules work right now, the NCAA's enforcement of transfer rules is a joke. Wouldn't be surprised if Miami just found their starting quarterback for next season. If anyone really needs an additional reason to hate the Canes (you shouldn't), I really suggest watching QB1: Beyond The Lights on Netflix. It follows Martell his senior season of high school and it is not a good look for him.

Tate Martell Immediately Eligible

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His hardship was that it would be too hard to compete with Fields.

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That, or having an "Instagram Model" for a sister. Rylee Martell. Enjoy your teammates trying to slide in her DMs all day.

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Yeah they need to either change the rule or enforce it as it stands. Tate's "hard ship" was that he was gonna get beat out by Justin Fields....

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being beat out by Fields implies that OSU isnt giving the job to Fields, otherwise why go where you have to compete since Fromm can be gone after next year.

Wait you mean the NCAA has no idea what its own rules are?


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The NCAA created his hardship by allowing Fields to be eligible immediately

"Domino" hardship effect.

Does anyone know what the "basis" for his waiver was? I know Fields played up a racial incident with a baseball player but I hadn't heard what Martell was claiming

VT '17

It sounds like the coach leaving a transfer of Fields was not good for the well-being of Tate from what I could find.

I really suggest watching QB1: Beyond The Lights on Netflix. It follows Martell his senior season of high school and it is not a good look for him.

I second this. The kid is an ass. He's entitled and is an absolute off the field liability for whoever he plays for... he's perfect for Miami.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

I think this is being pretty critical. Everyone has their opinion but I didn't observe anything more over the top by him than any other QB on that show, either season (other than him tweeting during a game, but kids are stupid). A lot of nationally ranked QBs are going to have a cockiness aspect to their game, frankly I don't think I would want a QB who doesn't.

No doubt. Not to mention I can't imagine what it's like as a 15 year old (he was a three year starter at Bishop Gorman) having thousands of other teenagers (and grown ass men) talk shit to or about you on twitter/online after every game, everything you do. I thought his attitude was very much a reflection of the notoriety that no 15 year old should have to deal with. To me it's no wonder he turned out like he did by 18, and it was so obvious that his arrogance was largely a shield for his self consciousness. People are a concoction of the inputs, people, and situations around them, and we know how we personally are very complicated and nuanced as individuals, yet we are always so willing to put extreme absolutes on other people without the same level of nuance. It's embarrassing.

To each their own, but if you got the same vibe from him and Jake Fromm after watching that show then I think you need to watch it again. Tweeting during a game, changing plays midgame after being told not to by the coach and then crying about it when the coach pulls him, and his general overall attitude were not a good look. Too many examples of him being way too arrogant.

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This dude really needs to charge his phone.


Yea I think about 67 more % would do it.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. The tweeting during a game thing really rubbed me the wrong way. The kid is convinced his shit doesn't stink and there's no coaching a kid like that. He refuses to be controlled and thinks he knows better/is better than everyone around him. There were two other QBs in that series that I would've taken over Tate Martell.

Same story in season 2 with Re-al Mitchell from St. John Bosco. I wouldn't touch that kid with a 10-ft pole. That much attitude at 18 in high school cannot lead to good things at 21 on a college campus where you're the biggest celebrity around.

This is probably why I'm not a college football coach.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

Seems perfect for Miami.

That's fair, I didn't get the same impression from Fromm as I did Martell. I just didn't come away with an impression that Martell was drastically any different than a lot of top D1 QB prospects. These guys all have egos, to an extent, and I think their success is partially related to that. Don't get me wrong, not rooting for the kid to be a super star at Miami but I didn't see much of a difference in his attitude than a lot of kids at his skill level/notoriety is all.

I do think the anger is a little misplaced here. Tate isn't the first one to get this ball rolling, let's remember that Tate had spent two years at Ohio State already. By every account he was a great teammate and working hard with the team. Justin Fields is the one who showed up at Georgia and by October had his people leaking transfer rumors to put pressure on Smart to play him more. He doesn't even make it to the end of the season before he pops into the transfer portal. He gets granted immediately eligibility for an equally bogus reason, and that is what forced Tate's hand. You better not think for one second that Justin Fields was not promised that starting job by Ryan Day. Do you think Fields was going anywhere he wasn't promised the job after the way things went at Georgia? Hell no. Tate was pretty right to feel hard done by his coaches, and his transfer makes more sense than Justin Fields.

Oh I'm with you. Like I said, I think players should have all the freedom to move that the coaches have. I know that would be harder to regulate with schools trying to recruit kids from other schools after they've already enrolled, but if coaches can pick up and leave for a new school then I see no reason a player shouldn't be allowed to do the same. Tate for years probably got told he would be the next Braxton Miller by the OSU coaching staff until Justin Fields was available and then he was an after thought. I put zero blame on Tate. My anger is aimed at Miami having good things happen to them, which I will never apologize for.

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I'm definitely not happy about any good things happening for Miami. I'm with you on that.

I don't think the anger is at Tate, it's at the NCAA for it's uneven and inexplicable interpretation of it's own rules.

If moving to Florida from Ohio is a "hardship", what isn't?

I mean, it seems that nobody should be sitting out a year.

Surely, the hardship at this point is just a fake shield keeping them from admitting it's trending towards (or already arrived at) true free agency. I'm not making an argument for/against free agency. My opinion on the matter is simple, it might benefit us some, but this will ultimately be best utilized by the top teams. They will start sniping breakout talents from smaller teams to fill the holes on their rosters. I think any opinion that this will help level the playing field is hilariously naive.


The only other Martell I know of that played QB was this douche...


The best line is at the end of the clip. I use it every time they cover an athlete's new contract: "do you have any idea how expensive insurance is on a Ferrari M.....f.....?"

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Good for him. NCAA transfer rules are BS. If a school is willing to give you a schollie, your old school should have ZERO say in it, and you should be able to transfer immediately. Just like any other student, which the NCAA insists these players are.

This is a cool take until one of our best football players goes free agent and "signs" with UVA in the off season. Awesome. We totally need two NFL's. /S

Yeah, I think transfers to non-opponents should be good, but to teams you are scheduled to play should require actual hardship.

I'm OK with this. One thing I always respected about Mark Richt was he let players transfer anywhere. A few of his players from UGA ended up at GT and Auburn, which I'm sure bothered some folks.

Restricting their movement only hurts the players. I want them to be where they want to be and they are wanted.

Tate Martell anagrams to Male Tattler, and he definitely seems like that kinda guy.

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Landers Nolley not immediately eligible.

I don't understand how the Mountain killing Oberyn is the basis for a waiver. It's not like Miami is any closer to Dorn than Columbus

Tate Martell sounds like a bit character from "The Last Boy Scout"

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Dorne is going to be pissed to see Martell playing elsewhere

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So the general consensus is the NCAA granted an unfair waiver to get a guy in to Miami that is self-centered and willing to do whatever it takes for him to succeed personally? Disagreeing with coaches, calling his own plays, and no tolerance for authority? And, he's going to a rival? Sounds like a recipe to implode a team - I'm all for it!

Brett McMurphy was on SiriusXM this morning. His take on this specific situation and in general was that the waiver process has completely changed in the last 6-12 months. NCAA mentality has shifted toward doing everything possible to support student athletes with things like this because they are simultaneously doing anything to avoid pay for play. The waiver process is quickly changing to justifying why it can be granted vs. why it can't be granted. His opinion is that this is the new normal.

He also said that Ohio State was fully in support of the transfer, which helped convince the NCAA. More specifically, he believes schools will increasingly support the transfers in attempt to make sure no dirty laundry gets aired.