Caption this: Nester sets a pick

I've seen this somewhere before...

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"Well good for Happy-Gil-Mor-MY-GOD"


Sorry, man. I like girls. I hope you understand.


"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

My kids after walking around Disney all day. Piccckk meee up dadddd!

The gif below works here, too...

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Congrats, big guy! SO glad you're not going to tOSU or WVU! I wish I could be a Hokie!

Hulk Smash

Wagon's full and Momma I'm coming home.

Who runs Barter Town?!

Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

Thanks hokie07!

Reach for Excellence!

VT Football: It'll get after ya!

Proud Hokie since 2004.

Did you just feel something?

Don't pester the Nester.

LT3 vs. Loluva: Basketball Remix

Click here to destroy wall.

It would have been cataclysmic against Sam Rogers.

The other kids are lucky Rogers and Nester aren't on the same team.

That would be absolutely terrifying to see on a basketball court

I had a friend that worked in the athletic department at University of Tennessee (when Shane Beamer was there, my friend is not Shane beamer). I was visiting him during the summer and it was the weekend before their 2nd summer session started, so many freshman were enrolling. There were a mix of scholarship and walkon players starting and there was a massive difference between those two. The two things that stood out most was:
A) Walkon's didn't have a coach with them to help them fill out paperwork. Because at least one scholarship player couldn't spell the name of the town he was from.
B) The scholarship players all had arms that looked like Sam's, the walkons didn't. So how does a guy looking like that only get to be a walkon. My highschool was state champs 2 years in a row in WV, and we didn't have a single guy that looked like that and yet we had guys that became starts at 1A programs.

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Meet Bob...Bob had bitch tits

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74


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Def Looks familiar...

Let's Go


Nester doesn't set picks. He sets walls.

"hey there lil buddy"

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Middle school slow dance

"with all due respect, and remember I’m sayin’ it with all due respect, that idea ain’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin’ it on" - Ricky Bobby

Nester creates a new position in basketball: enforcer.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

#5: "Call the Brute Squad."
Nestor: "I'm on the Brute Squad."
#5: You are the Brute Squad."

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I can't watch this without saying WHAMMY every time dude gets decleated.