First three weeks ACC network football games.

So I can't even find out if xfinity is going to carry this network here in FL.

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I'll be at the Boston College game so I'm liking that 4 pm start.

I thought the ODU game would be on here. Now I am wondering who will be broadcasting that game.

Hopefully no one /s

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That's awful. This rollout should and negotiations should already have been done. I shouldn't have to sign up for an email to get updates. What have they been doing the last 10 years?

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These negotiations always go down to the last minute. I remember some providers not coming to an agreement on the SECN until the week before the season. I expect to see a group of them added in the last 2 weeks before kickoff.

The other biggie Dish Network, which is my provider of course, is not on there yet.

Heard from some birdies that dish wouldn't be done in time. This was from Christmas time, so could have changed in negotiations since then but my birdie was not optimistic.

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All but verizon were on board before late August and some of the bigger ones were on board by July 12.

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Today is May 16th. Deep breaths.

Per a very reliable poster on TSL's conf board, ATT's contract with Disney is up in December 2019 and Comcast is Dec 2021. There is no need for Disney to give Comcast any leverage at all.

Disney is also planning (threatening) to bundle Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu. If they follow thru, Xfinity and U-Verse are going to lose of subscribers in NE FL and it will be worse without the ACCN (Florida State, Miami, and Clemson). In this scenario, it would be insane for ATT to stand on ceremony for 4 months just to see how many customers they can lose because of it. And it would be almost as insane for Comcast to give ATT and Direct TV time to steal customers. The rate that cord-cutters reattach the cord has to be almost non-existent. Comcast deliberately testing that water would be shocking.

So can you watch ACC Network if you have ESPN? Does it need to be with a specific provider? Do you need to pay extra for it? Just haven't been real clear with how you actually can watch it beyond a regular tv

Doubt it will be part of a basic cable package. You probably need to have a sports package or be in a higher priced tier depending on your provider. My guess is if you get the SEC network right now you will likely get the ACC network.

If there isn't a dedicated channel on your cable provider, I would speculate it'll be available on WatchESPN for streaming.

I hope it's included for providers that have an ESPN package, but perhaps those negotiations are still be worked out.

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Im not sure what to think about the 11am kickoff if that becomes a thing. From a TV perspective I like it, but I will hate it the first time the Hokies kick off at 11am in Lane

I guess it's bourbon and eggs when that happens.


Scotch eggs

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Bourbon eggs and beerios.

(add if applicable) /s

For my sake I hope it doesn't catch on, since that's 8am for me and it's hard enough to get hyped for a 9am kickoff.

Pitt fans deserve nothing better than losing to UVA and then having to kickoff at 11AM the next week.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.