Men's Soccer Earns #10 Seed & 1st Round Bye in the NCAA Tournament


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We a soccer school now!

We are a double FUTBALL school now.




Can't believe TKP left me hanging for almost a full day on a Let's Go... disappointed in all y'all.

If I didn't miss anyone it looks like there are 48 teams in the tournament, 10 of which are from the ACC. Thats some pretty solid numbers.

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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The ACC is pretty good at soccer....10 teams made the tournament.

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fourth is spelled wrong by the VT staff..Come on, I expect better...hehehehe

Let's go Hokies

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after being down 1-0, Hokies have scored 3 unanswered.

Winner winner 4-1! We play the victor of Stanford and Seattle next

Edit: cardinal win in pks; going to California for our next match

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Hokies fall to Stanford 2-1

Ah, beans. It has not been our week since Tuesday.

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Gotta say, heck of a run into the tournament after what I saw in Sept. Briz must have done a heck of a coaching job thru the season, and they are stacked for next year!

To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
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