Help me decide

Sorry to make this overly personal, but help me make a decision.

I have an opportunity to go to the LOLUVA game for free next week. Here's the catch: First half, I just scan tickets of other folks coming in. I won't be able to watch any of the game, even on TV. Best I can hope for is hitting refresh on TPK/ ESPN gamecast on my phone.

Second half we get in for free. Not sure what the seats are, presumably nothing great.

I should go to the game, right? I shouldn't stay at home or go to some bar, right? WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!?

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Go. Scan tickets. Give everyone a "go hokies". Go to the second half, lose your voice. It's Bud's last Commonwealth cup game. Go.

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"It's Bud's last Commonwealth cup game. Go."

Oh holy shit why didn't I even think of that!? Probs because I'm still in denial.

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it's Bud's last regular college football season game.... plus you might end up with a good seat.

the game time sucks (noon on Friday?), so there could be opportunity for an decent open seat...esp if/when the Hokies get an early lead

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Only one decision. Do it!

1. Support your Hokies however you can.
2. Avoid the stupid $100(?) LolUva ticket penalty and still get in to support the Hokies!
3. Witness history being made again
4. Be there as my proxy since I cannot make it from New Mexico
5. Maybe see many of our friends from TKP and give them a "Let's Go" every once in a while
6. Wear a "For BuD" sticker or button
7. See if you can get the ticket scanner to gobble instead of beep!
8. Reject some random douchbag(s) trying to complete their fourth year fifth!
9. Wear VT face stickers or other fan indication! Maybe a VT water bottle at your side?
10. W.I.N.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We need you to be there and report back to us about how wonderful it was!

Also load the TuneIn app and stream the VT IMG broadcast from Burnop and Laaser on at least one ear bud! You'll be fine! They may never ask you to come back but sounds like you'd be ok with that too.

What's a fourth year fifth? Sounds douchey.

Edit: Sounds ridiculously irresponsible and would wind up in a trip to the ER.

Drinking a fifth before the final football game of your senior year. Not really all that douchey, other than that it is a tradition or has a name.

I think they move it up a week when the last home game is the Tech game because students are out on break.

So... they will be doing it this weekend for the Liberty game then?

Honestly I appreciate the irony in that scenario.

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I think they move it up a week

It has been on Black Friday for as long as I know. Or that Saturday. One year it was not the last game for some reason...I don't know . It's all about TV rev.

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

I think you misunderstood me. I'm talking about a drinking event not a football event.

We would call it a senior fifth. But that's because we don't need to count to figure out what class someone is in.

My son was a ball boy at an loluva basketball game a couple of weeks ago. I expected I would have terrible seats but I was 5 rows back behind the basket. You might get surprised and get great seats.

You might miss the game if you're having to miss the first half... but a victory tour during the 2nd half will be nice to attend

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Question: do you have to wear a UVA shirt while you're scanning tickets? Food for thought but not necessarily a deal breaker. And perhaps your free admission is getting to stand on the sideline (i.e. no actually seats but a cool situation).


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If you must wear some UVA logo, I suggest you modify it with the Tech "T" using a maroon sharpie or similar just like the brilliant pranksters did to Lane North a number of years ago!

Hey there's a guy a couple hours north of you that can do wonders with a black sharpie.

"Don't go to, go through"

No fan loyalties of any kind allowed while scanning. Khakis and some douchey polo shirt. You know I'll have my gear on underneath tho (well, maybe not other pants under the khakis)

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Also don't be to harsh if some Hokie's ticket doesn't scan right. Maybe they grabbed the wrong ticket. Maybe they have been trying to use the same ticket multiple times. Just let em in.

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Also, let us know which gate you'll be working. We'll all meet you there with our "tickets".

LOL done

Hard, smart, tough.

They might even let you go early if people stop entering well before halftime...

Or if Hoos fans start leaving before half.

So all of those Hokies that couldn't get tickets to the game should just go to your gate - scanners malfunction all the time, right?!

Heres my 2 cents, get the tune in radio app and put one earbud in so you can follow along that way then when the fans stop showing up go lose your voice for Bud

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In my experiences with things like this, go work the bare minimum you have to, and then use your work credentials to see how close you can get to the action. Just act like you're running an errand, or on a mission, and that mission takes you close to the field, or up around the press box.

I've been to some neat places inside and around Bristol Motor Speedway while working as a food runner for the suites. I met Dale Jr., Darrell Waltrip, Benny Parsons, and other media celebrities. I was also in the elevator with Johnnie Cochran, of OJ Simpson trial fame. I watched part of a night race from under the grandstands, right up against the wall in turn 3.

You can't let some woo work the gate at Lane North.

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Deny all the drunk Wahoos
Then watch VT win

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

I'd do it.

Assuming I couldn't just buy a ticket. I'm presuming that you're doing this with friends.

The second half is what you want to watch, anyway, if it's a game at all.

I agree, do it. also you know you will only have to scan one ticket every 5 minutes about halfway into the 1st quarter. You should be able to follow the action well enough on your phone at that point and you will hear the PA announcer so you will be fine keeping up.

I am not sure what to do with my hands now

2nd half is more important...go to the game

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I guess I have the opposite idea here. I would rather watch the whole thing at a bar than miss half of it.

If you go you could tell what is going on by crowd noise. Problem is there will be as many Hokies there so you won't know who scored / got sacked etc. Go anyway!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."