How do you feel about the 2019 football season?

8-4 was a common prediction, yet the loss to UVA in football makes it feel like a failure anyway to me.

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End of an era.

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very bad

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Let me put it this way... I consider this to be the end of my season challenge.

My 2020 Season/Covid19 Challenge: only comment with Marvel memes.

My 2019 Season Challenge: only comment with Star Wars memes. (completed as of Nov. 29)

Poor time to post this. It's gonna get ugly in here.

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Good luck boys. This thread is about to get ugly.


Feel OK. I'll feel better if we fire Corny

Is coronavirus over yet?

safe to say it's a really bad time to post a thread with a question like this.

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Brad cornelson needs to go that is all

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

I need to reply to this because it's to light and easy on him. Joey freshwater his ass. Dude doesnt deserve to come home with the team. That gameplan was inexcusable. Bud deserves some serious blame too. How the hell was bryce perkins not the focus for the first half. There should have been a JT barrett esque focus on every play. Where the hell was the 46 bear? That defense would have ruined them. Stick farley on joe reed and they wouldnt have had a yard.

The coaching staff should be ashamed this was a pathetic excuse of a game

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Farley didn't play

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Missed that. Was wondering why we didnt hear his name once. What happened? Sorry I had no audio the whole game

Explains some things but I'm absolutely not saying bud doesnt deserve some fucking blame.

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

Back spasms

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Cornelson still deserves serious blame. Why did we stop airing the ball out on those option reads to the outside come crunch time? Because it was working? Every 3rd and long....qb power? Bitch please.... their secondary is their weakness. At least take your fucking shots

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

I'm not disagreeing or anything, just a lil fact check

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Fair, totes malotes I'll admit I'm wrong there

Taylor, looking desperately throws it deep..HAS A MAN OPEN DANNY COALE WITH A CATCH ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE FIVE!!!!....hes still open

I was riding so high the past couple months only to get gang jumped by one game. I feel like shit and extremely intoxicated reactionary they played better. Stop trying to fire everyone


Holy shirt, common sense!

If you want level-headed opinions, don't go on a message board or sports forums

Ok then can we have a discussion about Corny not calling plays going forward? I feel that there are times in the game where we are just running plays to run them. Can we stop playing to not loose the game?

If you said 8-4 at the beginning of the season I don't think you'd get many complaints. But the duke loss and this one really sting and make it taste a lot more sour than it really should. Have to be proud of the astonishing turn around but man it hurts to end it like this.

I don't know why the BC loss doesn't get mentioned more............that's a really bad loss that should never had happened..........just as bad as Duke

I think the perception is at least against Boston College it looked like a football team lost and the turnovers made an excuse.

Duke was a massacre.

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The win streak has against uva has come to an end (is that what you meant?) but the season is not over; we still have a bowl game to play. And with that, we still have an opportunity to make it to 9 wins this season and send Bud and the seniors out the right way.

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Without the poor personnel management at the beginning of the season (specifically the QB), and Cornhole, it could have been a pretty good season. I hope our program sees that Cornhole still failed to meet expectations. Just my opinion. All that being said, players need to reflect a learn a lot from this season.

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Whew boy. What a ride. I love y'all, and I love my Hokies. Two bad heart breakers this year. Let's regroup and punish our bowl opponent.

Disappointed in the start, disappointed in the finish. Young guys showed some serious heart and talent at some points, but mostly just disappointed at what could have been.

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Ask me again in a week when UVA gets curb-stomped by Clemson and the Orange Bowl bypasses the loser of the game anyway.

That not happening (the Orange Bowl part anyway)

Season doesn't matter. We lost to UVA. We'll go to some mid-tier bowl game. In our most important and biggest game everything fell apart.

I'm not going to remember winning 7 out of 8 games 5 years from now.

I will remember losing and breaking the streak.

So this has been a pretty terrible season in my eyes.

Not being reactionary with this, Corny has needed to go long before this game. This is just another example in the long ledger.

2019 will be remembered as the year we lost to UVA. Period.

"Vick, dashing back . . . here he comes again . . . Electrifying . . . and have you ever seen anything like this?"

Failure. Had a nice little stretch but blew it massively. Went from 16 straight, in the conference champ game, and in the Orange bowl to an embarrassment in some bowl that nobody cares about.

Meanwhile Memphis is better now than under the Fuente/Cornelsen regime.

Also Mendenhall is a better coach than Fuente, which you could already tell from their prior tenures as head coach. Their team is more disciplined and doesn't make the same dumb errors we do.

So... why was Fuente undefeated against Mendenhall until 5 minutes ago then?

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Because Fuente inherited an NFL caliber defense for his first two years, while Mendenhall inherited bums. No chance they were gonna beat teams with both Edmunds, Settle, Stroman & Facyson, etc. Fuente's first two seasons, we had ELITE talent that he inherited. Uva had no chance against those guys.

Last year, we obviously got lucky. Mendenhall's boys blew it. But this year, we couldn't rely on luck.

Mendenhall inherited multiple 5*s.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Well, at least he has his program trending upwards every year. Can't say that about our coaching staff.

Maybe all of his guys weren't "bums," but he's got them going the right direction

Trends are fleeting in college football. Al Groh and Mike London had moments that people were certain they were on the rise too. If Bronco achieves stability at 8+ wins a year then it will be different.

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I do think Bronco has done a whole lot more with a whole lot less. His player development and culture building have been superb. We think things are looking up for Fuente, but after today's offensive debacle, I'm still a bit concerned on that side of the ball.

Is coronavirus over yet?

We made far too many mistakes on both sides of the ball (turnovers and penalties on offense, blown coverages on defense). I'd point out that the offense scored on the first 4 drives of the 2nd half and it was still only a tied game. Then we killed the 5th drive with penalties and a turnover and completely forgot how to block on the 6th drive. If anyone blames Cornelsen for the drive where Hooker got sacked three straight times at the end, I'd love to hear what play could possibly work there.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

I don't necessarily disagree with your thought process, and I don't blame Corny for a single drive. But if we can figure out a way to sustain drives (any drives at all) the D doesn't give up 39 points and 500 yards of offense.

Is coronavirus over yet?

That's not true though. We came out at the half and had our way on offense and aside from the first drive the defense folded like a wet paper towel anyway.

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We scored a couple of times, then the offense folded up. The secondary played awful in the second half, but we can't ignore the ineptitude of the offense.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Revisit what happened in the final offensive drives and see if you truly believe the fault was playcalling or if it was execution, especially along the o line.

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I'm looking at the game as a whole, not a couple of possessions in a vacuum

Is coronavirus over yet?

How about the first half of the game?

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I hated both red zone possessions. The Tre Turner fumble ended one drive. Two big sacks put us way behind on another two drives. Holding set us back on another. Urgency was poor on the final drive before half time.

It was a bad half but I think there's blame to go around other than purely on the OC.

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If you look at UVA's performance over the last four seasons under Mendenhall versus VT's under Fuente, it appears to me that UVA's football program is trending upwards while VT's program is not (at least not at the same rate). Hate to say it, but I'm starting to believe that UVA made the better hire. I really hope Fuente proves me wrong.

I don't think Fuente is a bad coach. He definitely wants to win. Unfortunately, I don't think he is as good as a lot of people want to believe he is. He still has a lot of growing to do as a HC, IMO. What is his identity and vision for the VT program? We are losing the last link to the Beamer/Foster glory days with Bud leaving and have ended two important streaks the last two seasons. What does Fuente hang his hat on moving forward? He absolutely has to nail this DC hire and hopefully find the courage to make tough choices on offense. Being mediocre isn't going to cut it.

Agree. To me, Mendenhall has demonstrated that he has an identity and vision for his program via the improvement you see from his teams each season. If you are honest with yourself, you have to admit that UVA is a tough physical team and have decent X's and O's coaches. I want to see the same from Fuente.

Mendenhall got lucky with Bryce Perkins. He was just what they needed. Now Bronco isn't going to have a scatback miracle-worker any more.

Next season will tells us a lot about the direction of both programs.

You make a good point, but UVA had a lot of experience over us this year.

I agree we aren't playing disciplined enough, but I'm hoping it was more due to the youth that we were playing out of necessity.

I'm expecting improvement next year for us. The game tonight could have gone either way.

Edit: I agree 100% with your comment. I think this was a response to a different comment.

If I'm not mistaken, UVA has the second most senior team in the ACC while we have the second youngest. Yet, that game was pretty even. Without Perkins it wouldn't have been even. UVA loses a ton and we lose 2 in our two deep. I know people get tired of hearing about our youth but it can't be ignored. If we can maintain momentum on D through a DC change, we should be the favorite to win the coastal.

I agree with this. I've said it all along, Mendenhall has laid the foundation for the culture he wants and he is developing players really well. UVA is the team thats HARD-SMART-TOUGH. We would be remiss to take away what the staff and team did to turn things around this season, but I think the 2020 season is make or break for Fuente.

Is coronavirus over yet?

A piss poor end of an era. For me this one loss sets back every bit of progress that had been made over the last 6 weeks. Can't wait for the Meineke Car Care Bowl in the middle of Bumfuck, Nowhere πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

If Cornelson still has a job with us next season, I'm hanging my hat up on my VT fandom. This is the worst way we could have sent Bud off.

Favorite play that never was - "Hooker with the dime to Pimp...leton."

Lol like it or not Bud has been a part of the problem at times this year and today was no different.

Yeah... did everyone miss the defense crapping their pants for 2.5 quarters today? Because UVA waltzed down the field with ease for the final 4 drives of the game.

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I won't but I understand the sentiment. Foster deserved better!

To be sure, LOLUVA has been improving over the course of the Mendenhall era. They're the last team in the last 7 years to win the division, meaning that this is the most competitive division in college ball. This isn't too bad in the grand sceme.

But I sure as hell don't want to lose to LOLUVA, so in the micro this is end times. I'll be happy to take the cup back next year, since Perkins had 475 of their total 492 yards (96.5%).

If this is how you feel then you aren't a true VT fan anyway. Support the school and the players win lose or draw.

Well I hope your prepared for Fuente to go with him


Fuck Brad Cornelson

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I am sad :(

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If all we care about is beating UVA, we aren't any better than them. This was a reasonably successful season. There were some struggles but if you think that the future of the team is in jeopardy, you are blinded by the emotion.

Get Angry, Bud!

It's not just about beating our rivals. We had the season tailor made for a conference championship and orange bowl appearance and we blew it. This was the perfect chance for the team to step up and show that we are the best team in the coastal. But instead the current regime's trend continued

Year 1: blowout of uva with inherited team
Year 2: 10 point win thanks to inherited defense
Year 3: narrow overtime fluke win with mostly Fuente team
Year 4: blow the streak with entirely Fuente team

I remember more games than that. Some of them good.

I hope clemson loses to SC, then curb stomps UVA and takes orange bowl bid. Fuck those zima drinking pussies. Cornelson needs to fucking go.

Warning- Filter lost.

"Look at this... This is just spectacular.... These people are losing their minds"

In all seriousness, Memphis is better now than they were with Fuente.

So that's nice

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In all seriousness, that's a bad take right now.

Why is it? We're 4 full years out from him being there and they'd more than likely beat us this year.

It's a bad take because it's an emotional take to jab at Fuente. Do you think that if Fuente was never at Memphis they'd be as good as they are today, or would they still be the same dumpster fire they were before he got there...

I didn't read it as a shot directly at CJF, necessarily. Fuente maybe bc of his hires, though. I think Fuente is a good coach. I think Corn sucks. I don't know if he was actually any good at Memphis bc he had Darrell Dickey calling plays and running O for him. Take away the emotions and look at the two teams - is Memphis better than VT now? I'd say yes.

This was absolutely a shot at Fuente.

And I wouldn't bet against VT in that match.

As much as we hate to say it, UVA with Perkins is a decent team.

I don't believe Memphis would beat us this year......every time we played a G5 school it's a close game that came down to a few plays in the 4th......a truly believe that now we are the best version of ourselves since Y1 in the FU era.......with a full months rest I believe we would over power a Memphis/SMU/Cincy.....

Ummmmm did you ever watch Memphis play before Fuente?

Maybe the worse division 1 team in the history of the sport


Memphis was really bad not sure why I was downvoted...Fuente was the first head coach in 41 years, since Fred Pancoast, to leave Memphis with a winning record.


Good season, tough to see it end this way. After playing so well for the last 3 games it was unfortunate to see the defense and offense just fall apart in the 4th quarter.

I have the answer to that hypothetical - id rather we lost last week to pitt and they won the coastal and we won 16 straight.

Danny is always open

Really going to post this 30 seconds after a dagger to the heart? This thread is going to a giant pile of crap with all the emotional hot takes.

Team has one senior and lacked leadership. That has changed and this team now knows what is required to play in the ACC. I think Fu had also learned this. Expect changes, expect growth, expect hard working off season. The table has been set. Time feast or famine.

Fuente and Cornelson were fucking cowards today and sent Bud out a loser so that's cool

That's a bad take, given the defense today.

This is not cool


I'll simply say, I disagree.

Edit: why the down vote? I can't disagree with the original comment? I just disagree with calling anyone a coward. Man the internet is a safe place for people to comment and not have to back it up. I can guarantee no one, no one, would call either of those guys cowards to their face.

Oh well downvote away if I'm wrong.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Because Fuente and Corn missed those tackles, left wide receivers wide open and let the offensive line give up 5 sacks? The people on this sight are like toddlers. If things don't go your way every time we throw tantrums and want to fire everyone. I personally am glad that the amazing Bud Foster is retiring. I love him and all that he has done for us but it was his defense that sent him out a loser.

I hate football

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The offense put up 30 I don't know why they're fielding all the blame. UVA has about 500+ yards

I think we have this discussion all the time, but an offense that can move the ball really cuts down on what the other offense is able to do.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Sorry, but we had enough offense to win that game.

But we couldn't stop Perkins.

Without Farley, we didn't have the secondary we needed.

Completely agree about Farley. His absence was a huge loss.

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The offense was complete trash the first half. We hit some big plays and had a big 3rd qtr but we also cost ourselves drives multiple times with horrendous conservative play calls and individual mistakes. When we were driving for the go ahead at 30-30 and suddenly dropped a first down pass, false started, ran a bad horizontal run for a loss of one on 2nd and 15, false started again, then ran some bullshit and threw a pick cost us that game as much as anything. We had the ball with plenty of time and could have been in control of the game. They didn't stop us there, we fucked that all up all on our own. Then our game winning drive attempts, minute thirty with all three timeouts and we just completely shit the bed.

Must've been that surprise rain storm last night making the field muddy

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It's been beat 17 miles into the ground, but this is still a crazy young team. Today sucks massive balls. Gigantic. But still feel really damn good about the future. So long as the guys keep grinding, should be bright going forward.

Amateur superstar and idiot extraordinaire.

I refuse to be butthurt because we lost to loluva and say this season was a disappointment.

Let's go to the Belk bowl beat an sec team finish 9-4 and get ready for a great 2020.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Fuente inherited a winning season streak, a bowl streak, a drafted players streak, and a UVA streak. 3 of those are over. But hey, 8 wins against the easiest power 5 schedule in the country.

All those streaks were hanging by the thinnest of threads for the last 3 years prior to Fuente

Agreed! Waiting for the evidence that Fuente was the better hire than Foster. I hear about players playing their asses off and committing for Foster. Still waiting for the effusive praise for Fuente

Foster had a cardiac event and almost died after a game last season.

Is that enough evidence?

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

You'll be sorry when he is in Fayetteville because fans didn't appreciate the job he did....he inherited 4 seasons of mediocre football. If he comes back next year we will be very good


For beginners he isn't going to Fayetteville, that would be a horrible decision. Secondly, yes we will be very good next year.

Is coronavirus over yet?

If Fuente thinks VT fans were mean to him he'll love Hogville.

Im hurting

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Someday somebody's gonna get run down

Everyone needs to relax. Do you know how hard it is to beat a rival 15 times in a row. Not just 15 times but 15 years in this case. This team jelled and played their ass off down the stretch. We have 5 seniors on the team. I hope LOLuva enjoyed their moment. Rushing the field was amateur hour. Thats all.

Where's the beef?

Just get a new OC and we can restart this streak and maybe more

My lips are moving but there's no sound
Someday somebody's gonna get run down

Especially when they manipulate things and keep rivals from attending the game.

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That literally had nothing to do with it. Their crowd was a non factor all game. We lost this game because the defense wasn't ready for bryce perkins. Plain and simple.

Where's the beef?

The fact that Bryce Perkins burned us twice running the football for TDs baffles me. Especially when the defensive staff and players knew he was a running threat based on last years game not to mention the amount of film on him. Whatever adjustments were made to contain him should have been implemented from the beginning. I guess that's easier said than done.

When they contained the running game, they left receivers wide open.

Disagree. Was there and cheering my tail off, but that place was a snake pit yesterday. Last possession was completely impacted by the crowd. We tried to change a call on the left side of the line, which was obviously not received, and Hooker got smoked bc of it

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Felt more like blow coverages and getting smashed in the first quarter than a big loss. I honestly feel it should have been a blowout in the other direction. The final drive was pathetic. I'm not sure if Hooker just can't read a defense or what, but that was bad.

Still feel like this team is on the upswing and I don't want anyone going anywhere. I almost feel bad for the 2020 uvanus team because they're going to be absolutely destroyed.

It's hard to read a defense when your pansy ass offensive line blocks literally no one

Yeah I'm not sure how much control he has on audibling the offensive line.

Seriously. How on earth does Hooker get blamed for having zero time and getting drilled every play when the defense is only rushing 4??

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1st and 3rd down are solely on HH; 2nd down he didn't have a chance.....HH had chances to get rid of the ball on all but 3rd down and allowed himself to get sacked trying to be a hero......the clock and the distance HH has to understand.....he isn't in HS anymore and he isn't the best athlete on the field............

I'll agree he could have done better on those plays but when the defense rushes 4 or less and moves the QB off his mark, altering the timing of the play within 2-3 seconds, it's certainly not a formula for success.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

Our OLine being so young was not the best situation.....they were simply falling for 2man stunts......can't happen......I don't blame HH for the loss but his internal clock was not working.....he has to throw the ball somewhere after 4-5 secs and he took sacks he just couldn't afforded on 3 of the 4 downs when he had a chance to get rid of the ball.............this loss fall squarely at the feet of the coaches.....they failed the team

We made some serious strides this season, but we're like a car that just has a miss in the engine and isn't quite humming. Even during our turnaround, we did everything we could to shorten the games and voodoo ourselves to wins. I think there does need to be an overhaul on offense. The offense looks good for stretches but just isn't quite where it needs to be. I think a fresh perspective there would be beneficial. Once we run out of our bag of tricks, we can't seem to be effective.

D came a long way, but a disappointing effort today. You can't give up such back-breaking long drives. Interesting to see where we go from here with the new DC. Love Bud and everything he's done for the program. Sucks to send him out this way, but that's football sometimes.

I'm trying to be a glass half full person. But I definitely think we need to make some changes this offseason in order to get where we need to be. 2019 started out horribly, and credit to everyone for getting us turned around. But today will undoubtedly taint this year completely.

The streak was going to end one year. I'm accepting of it happening in a hard fought game to a decent LOLUVA team.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

Join us in the Key Players Club

This team has come along way since needing to schedule an opponent at the end of the season just to make bowl eligibility.

This team could have folded up right after Duke. Like so many VT teams before.

They did not.

They came out and for the first time in several years, Hokie fans had hope. We saw glimpses of what this team could accomplish.

One loss, yes, even this one, does not negate the entirety of this season's turnaround. Two months ago, we were left for dead. Two hours ago, we were thinking an ACC Championship appearance and Orange Bowl appearance were possible.

This loss does hurt, Shit this is the first time ever that someone on social media will have been able to comment on this particular outcome.

Soon, we will see where we spend the holidays and in about a month, the calendar rolls over, and we have a chance to start the streak again.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I feel bad because Joe and French have to do something that they haven't done since the birth of this website. Lol

My biggest concern is what was the O-Line doing on those final drives? Three man fronts twice and allowing the sack.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Should be 9-3

UVA manipulated a win backed by some God awful referees. They've done countless shady things noticable to win this game.

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Dont be that way.

Where's the beef?

Just strange their field was a mess with no rain in over a week.

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Go Hokies!

Btw what bowl do y'all think we gonna end up in? I really wanted to go to one this year, but i'm not 100% after this loss. My friend(s) will be less inclined to go too

Crapshoot right now, but possibly the Camping World if the OB takes a Big Ten team. If not we will fall to Tier 1 because of ND and it could be any number of bowls. Belk Bowl would make sense.

I'm not an expert, but it really felt to me like a lot of our defensive success of late was hinging on the fact that Farley and Waller had been absolutely lockdown corners for us. UVA didn't seem to be consistently moving the ball today, we just gave up a ton of huge chunk plays. I think losing Farley may have hurt us a ton in this game.

Our only other defensive breakdown since UNC was the end of the ND game, where Waller was ejected and I believe Farley was briefly banged up on the last drive too. I felt maybe Bud was rushing 3 constantly there to try to protect the backup corners, but we couldn't afford to help them as much this game with Perkins burning us hard early.

Could be off base here, but that's my 2 cents.

Not gonna say we need to fire everyone. But changes definitely need to be made. We got absolutely outclassed in the coaching department today. They were more prepared & we played very undisciplined & very sloppy. Lots of penalties that took away momentum or points. UVA played well, but this magnified our need to make changes to our staff. That sucked

It's been said before, but I'll remember nothing about this season except that we lost to UVA.

Too drunk to weigh in on who should be fired or if we should at all. All I know is we lost to UVA and I am sad as fuck.

Long time listener...first time poster

Also probably worth pointing out that we're one of the youngest teams in the ACC and even in the FBS. We have a lot of returning talent, guys that went 6-1 at a stretch and only lost to ND by 1 point. They're not scrubs. And Perkins is a senior, so UVA gets this one but we will take it to them next year.

Given the shelling we got at the hands of Duke, I'll take 8-4. It's where I thought we'd be before we set foot on the field. Today sucks but there's still a bowl game to go and a lot of talent will suit up for VT next year.

Watch out, you are gonna trigger some folks with "young team".

Get Angry, Bud!

Worried that we are mired in mediocrity in terms of on-field performance, W-L record, and recruiting. While the jury is still out for me, CJF has done enough to to be here for a few more years. I hope the turnaround the second half of this year can be sustained into next year, and that we can build upon successes and grow with the youth that we have. But at some point we need to see consistency and consistent performance against some quality football teams.

What a terrible way to end the season and the Bud Foster era. UVA stepped up and made plays when it counted. Unfortunately we couldn't adjust to their adjustments both on offense and defense. Perkins was able to expose our secondary at the end and there was nothing we could do. When you combine that with our offense going inept in the 4th quarter, it's not a pretty sight.

This is a gut punch but overall still a decent season, considering how things looked through the first 4 or 5 games. Now we get to sit and wait on finding out who's the next D coordinator. Hopefully we find out sooner rather than later.

Just to be clear, the offensive line is what went wrong in the 4th. Bryan Hudson had issues with two snaps which set us way behind the chains after we had been cruising for 4 straight scoring drives and once again driven across midfield. On the next drive, the offensive line had multiple communication issues leading to 3 straight sacks of Hooker.

I know it's all the rage to hate on Cornelsen but I struggle to place the offensive issues at the end of the game on him.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

They outplayed us today. I'd prefer it never happen but I'll accept once every decade and a half.

I like the trend since Hooker took over at QB and Kill's influence on the staff. And only one senior...

I feel surprisingly fine, excited to see who replaces Bud and looking forward to the bowl game.

The most frustrating thing about VT football past and present is this team always sets you up for heartbreak. You tell yourself you're done getting worked up, then damned if they don't get you believing again only to crush you when it matters most. Man am I freaking tired of the emotional rollercoaster that is VT football.

That's been VT football since the 1960s. They do just well enough, encourage you just enough, to absolutely break your heart when all is said and done. It takes a special kind of person (and lots of bourbon) to be a die-hard Hokie football fan. This year had its own special emotional roller coaster. I'm encouraged by the growth we saw, as much as I'm puzzled by the sudden turnaround. I just know I'll be back for more. Go Hokies!!

Go Hokies!!

I really needed to see this today Talla. Thank you.

I love Hokie football. It's insane because it's not just the team that finds some way to drive you crazy, it's everything else. It's the last minute injury that comes out of nowhere. It's the, "Holy crap we're ripping off 8 yards a run, they can't stop us we've got this...uh...why have we passed every play for the last 20 plays now??" It's the phantom PI calls, the odd overturns on replay, the no-calls...not just occasionally...but year in and year out. Weird, out of nowhere, game changing officiating...particularly on the biggest as much a part of Hokie football as the perennial "Juuuust out of reach this time, we'll get them next never quite get there" state of being. Like the poster above, I tell myself every year I'm not going to get worked up, I'm not going to let the officiating or weird play calls get to me. But every year I find myself falling victim to hope and riding that strange Hokie roller coaster.

Go Hokies!!


Perkins accounted for 475 of 492 yards! He's gone next year and all but 1 of our starters is back. Chill! Hate to see the streak end but if we're being honest we shouldn't have won last year. Our trajectory is up, what special young player is uva exciting about?

Taylor, looking desperately, now throws it deep, has A MAN OPEN, CAUGHTTT!!!

Right? The future is bright. We can't put our entire season on one loss. Shit happens.

I think the trajectory will depend on what Fuente does with the DC (and hopefully OC) hire. Yeah we return almost everyone but they'll be learning a new defense. Want to see Fuente go out of his comfort zone and not necessarily go the "buddy" hire route.

This season met expectations. Reasonable ones at least. How the offense is getting criticised so much in this one is beyond me.

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Because when you score 21 of 30 points in a single quarter, you have to wonder what the hell was going on the other 3...Simply put it seemed to take Corny a long time to find what was working, then once he found it, he inexplicably didn't stay with it. It was obvious that we had the players out there to make plays, but the coaches didn't consistently put them in a position to.

Sorry but you're wrong about what happened in the 4th. We were once again driving the field and Bryan Hudson's gaffes cost us 10 yards and stalled the drive. On the next drive the o line didn't block anyone and Hooker was quickly sacked despite UVA dropping most defenders into coverage. There aren't any plays in the playbook that work when rushers are running free at the QB.

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

UVA has now cemented being pretentions faggots after this season leading into the game.

Countless anomalies in order to get a win. They shouldn't have the right to get blown out by Clemson.

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Go Hokies!

Take a lap.

It's 2019,bud. Watch your phrasing.

Time to relax

Where's the beef?

I'm so goddamned angry I could put my fist through the wall. It's going to be a long and miserable offseason. Don't even care what shit bowl we go to at this point. We had a massive opportunity today and pissed it all away, period. Poor overall team effort today. So frustrating to watch this program sometimes. I don't think there's anything that can take the taste of this loss out of my mouth.

We return everyone on the 2 deep except Floyd. Few playing making freshmen. It was a season of growth, marred by the UVA loss, but I don't know how you can't be excited for the future.

Let's Go...

Like it's not over. Like it's an improvement over 6-6 last year. Like I'll miss Bud after one more game. Like I didn't think we would be at 8-4 when we were 2-2.

It was bookended by disappointments with a hell of a run in the middle. Overall, unfortunately, Tech underachieved. Last year the consecutive winning seasons streak was snapped. This season it was The Streak. There's a ton to build on moving forward. Hope that Fuente continues to grow as a head coach and makes some hard, but necessary, choices.

I feel like we're continuing to lose to teams we're more talented than.


Is coronavirus over yet?

It reinforces my belief that a lot of this coaching staff is not ready for prime time, and that our ceiling without some dynamite recruiting classes.

That's disappointing.

That being said there's talent on this team not being put in the best position to win. If they manage to shake up the staff a bit, they can go places

The team was a puzzling, frustratig bunch. There were great highs and miserable lows. Was it bad coaching decisions or poor execution? Sometimes the answer was obviuos at other times not so obvious. Hopefully both learned from this season and next year will be better. So overall like my answer a wishy washy season.

Regardless of who is to blame, whether it had to end eventually, etc., this was a massive blown opportunity for our program today and a huge setback to the momentum we were starting to build. I hope this staff chews on it all offseason. Unacceptable to play one of our worst games top to bottom under these circumstances and against this opponent. This was a gut punch that will be felt for a long time to come.

Better now than I did earlier in the season.

We could have done better on both sides of the ball. Foster's defenses have always had problems with mobile QBs. On top of that, Farley was out for the game.

Let's see how the bowl situation plays out. Losing to Clemson doesn't guarantee a great bowl, look at how 2016 turned out. FSU went to the Orange Bowl and we went to the Belk Bowl.

Overall, I think we're in a better situation than UVA. Their quarterback accounted for more than 90% of their offense and he's a senior.

Still not a Corny fan.

FSU was the higher ranked team in 2016, they were contractually obligated to be picked for the OB over us.

UVa is getting that bid. They earned it yesterday. Even if neither of us are ranked the Orange Bowl committee is picking them with the way their team and fans showed up. Doesn't matter what happens in Charlotte.

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UVa is getting that bid. They earned it yesterday.

Yep. They earned getting curbstomped by Clemson, and bitchslapped by Georgia.

You're a winner, here's your prize.

Losing yesterday makes it hard for me to smile about the whole.

I'll remember and smile about moments of the team getting better, but as a whole now I'll have a sour taste.

Could have been so good if we had won yesterday.

Nailed it. That was such a hard fought football game, there was a thin margin for error. It was such a scrappy season, there was a thin margin for error for success. It's really unfortunate the loss to the Hoos has to derail what was a remarkable mid-season transformation, but it is what it is. A bowl win would help build some positive momentum headed into the offseason.

I enjoyed watching it.

Several comments were above that sounded like "the season is over." Maybe the comments were really referring to the win streak against uva, but that is not how I read them. The season is not over; there is still a bowl game ahead and with it a chance to win one more for Bud and the seniors. Go Hokies!

Ut Prosim Ad Dei Gloriam

Here is Christiansburg Hokie's take after returning from an enjoyable trip in North Carolina.

The loss to UVA, somehow was expected. Before joining the TKP last week, I have been saying to a few people that this was UVA's year. It was feeling, even though I was psyching myself up for another curb-stomping, that UVA wanted to win.

While my step-son and I watched the game unfold from kickoff to the final whistle, we knew that UVA wanted the Cup badly. It was obvious from the get-go.

Now as for the season, I think in the immediate aftermath of the home loss to Duke, a majority of the fanbase wrote this season off as a lost season, started a fund raising drive to buy out Fuente's contract, but then the Miami game was a shot in the arm the program needed. Then VT won against UNC in a six-overtime thriller that could have gone either way.

VT gave Notre Dame legitimate scare - yes, I know the #goacc refs were lousy in that game - but Bud's prevent defense was a letdown along with the wide receiver corps not catching a cold from Patterson in his full start.

Fuente curb stomped Georgia Tech (after going 0-4 against Paul Johnson) and manhandled Shitsburgh and beat a legit top 25 team in Wake Forest at the time.

I think, considering the body of works, it was Fuente's chance to prove that he can coach and belong on the same playing field as P5 coaches. I think he achieved it without losing the locker room.

This offseason is going to be an interesting one to watch. 1) Bud Foster was going to be replace and let's see who Fuente hires to keep the Lunch Paid Defense tradition going while adding his own stamp, 2) based on Bud's comment last week, the spring quarterback competition is going to be a juicy one because we finally have depth at quarterback with Hooker being QB#1 until proven otherwise, and 3) returning battle tested starters next season while adding more depth should make VT a contender again for the Costal division.

I feel good about this season. Going 8-4 is better than having another losing season like last season.

I have conflicting thoughts about this.

If you had told me in early 2000 that over the next 20 years we would have won 18 games against UVA, with a streak of 15 in a row, I would have been estatic. If you had told me that we would would win multiple conference titles with opportunities to play in the national title game, I would have been happy.

However, as I sometimes tell my kids: direction is more important than position. How many conference titles have we won in the last decade? One, in 2010. How many times have we played in the conference title game since then? Once. We just lost to our in-state rival for the first time in a generation. We are in one of the worst divisions in the P5 and can't win the coastal more than once in a while. Our longtime D-coordinator is retiring and will leave a gaping hole.

But...our team is young and will be returning lots of starters.

Can the coaches develop these guys, or will their growth stall out?

Can we rebuild our brand?

Can we start new streaks?

With so much uncertainty I am ambivalent. Hopefully we can get back to our program's recent success, but it seems like we're trying to recapture magic.

Only time will tell if we can.

Exceeded my expectations. I thought we were terrible last year, first 4 games this year was a continuation of it, and I didnt think we would finish above 50%.

There is a lot to he hopeful about going into next season.

Mediocre. Lost to 2 bad teams, had to hold on for dear life against a terrible Miami team, Lost to an average UVA team, that was basically a one man show. Mediocre at best. Played well on the road against a pretty good ND team and established some toughness against Pitt and Wake. Next year looks more promising, but the schedule is tougher. UVA should take a step back, but UNC and Miami will be better. A nice bowl win would make me feel a little better.