Ask TKP: Which Hokie players might go in the NFL draft

With the recent talk about Farley thinking about going pro, does anyone have insight into which players might try to go pro and in particular, any actual scouting info as to who ought to go or not go (given the recent memory of the Jerrod Evans decision). Just wondering since I keep seeing the 21 of 22 starters coming back comment and wondering if that will actually play out (Please, please......).

I attempted some research but only found draftek, which doesn't list Farley in their top 400 right now (Ashby at 164 moving up and yes, Trevon Hill at 208 moving down and Eric Kumah not listed). Off the top of my head besides Farley and Ashby, maybe Hazelton? Turner? neither one of which is in that list of 400 (or any other Hokie). That's all the potential names I have. If Farley goes, I am shedding more tears than I did over the Virginia loss because I think that will put a huge dent in what should be an awesome defense in 2020, although someone can remind me of exactly what Jeremy Webb's situation is (with what he has gone through he definitely deserves a healthy playing year).

And while we are guessing I suppose we should include who might be entering the portal (the other new exit), which I assume will not include any of the 21. I doubt any real info is out on that and it is mostly speculation (And be warned if you mention someone like Tisdale etc entering the portal you are going plaid on the downside),

(This is a big step for me trying to start a topic moving up from commenting but my inquiring mind wants to know our football future with only a bowl game left this year.)

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Farley gets taken late on potential. That's probably it. Even if Hazelton goes early I don't know that he actually gets drafted.

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I can't say who might enter the transfer portal, but we won't have any players drafted this year.

Yesterday was the first time I ever heard someone mention the possibility of Farley declaring, but he won't be drafted if he leaves. It would be a Jerod Evans-level foolish decision if he declares, because he probably WILL be a pro prospect eventually, but he's going to need all four years most likely.

Unlike last year, this year I won't be disappointed that no Hokies will be drafted. That's because last year we didn't have any players taken because honestly we didn't have anyone who had shown they were a solid pro prospect yet. This season we have half a dozen who have shown that potential, they just need another year or two to get better at their craft.

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He has some of the best numbers in college football and will destroy combine tests

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Farley has turned into a great cover corner, but he still has some work to do from a physicality standpoint to make it in the NFL. That isn't a knock on him BTW, the kid never played defense before.

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I know wins don't make a team portal-proof but I have to think the improvement of the record and team culture between last year and this one means we shouldn't be near the top of the transfering-out lists, right?


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Small number of outgoing seniors means the numbers are going to shake out somehow or some way.

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Turner is a true sophomore and can't enter the draft. Farley can because he redshirted. He improved greatly this year, but still has a lot to learn and would be foolish to leave this year. Long story short is no Hokies are getting drafted unless Floyd gets drafted late.

I'm not sure anyone on our team is ready to go to the NFL early.

Wait, Farley is thinking of entering the draft?

Hazelton maybe. I only say that because I think he has enough tape and development that he is what he is and doesn't gain a whole lot of NFL stock by returning. With that said, he would be late rounder I think.

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He seemed to not catch the ball well this year, lots of catchable drops. I dont think he is fast enough to not catch everything. He improves on his hands and he's got a chance.

I think Hazelton needs to refine his craft as a blocker.
If this years draft has Farley low, then maybe next year is better for corners and he can also refine his craft.
I understand the injury risk in all of this, but I think that is outweighed by other factors.

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I'm surprised how many people think Farley coming back is an easy decision, he's nowhere near the tackling liability he was a year ago and he is pretty much regarded on a national level as one of THE top coverage corners already. Could easily wind up with a top 3 round grade.

This. I definitely want to see him back next year, but he should make at least second team all ACC, plus with his speed and length, he would be one of the risers at the combine. I think he would easily be a day 2 draft pick

He's simply still a project at this point for an NFL team. He's made HUGE strides, and I think he's an awesome corner, but I'm not sure NFL GMs would see him as anything more than a project with a big upside at this point in the game.

Is coronavirus over yet?

NFL GMs take project corners early all the time. There's a lot of room between top 10 pick and Day 3 pick for it to be recommended for a guy to go pro and somebody with Farley's combination of athleticism and actual coverage production could absolutely fall in that range even if he still has a ton to work on.

Based on his trajectory he probably could become a Round 1 lock if he came back. But if he has circumstances where he doesn't want to risk that I don't think the advisory board is gonna tell him he has no chance this year either.

Regarded on a national level as on of THE top corners by who? Two games ago the announcers were saying Waller was our best corner. I'd be surprised if anyone covering football nationally can name one of our players.

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PFF has been consistently grading Farley as one of the top corners in the country this year

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PFF has legit NFL connections and relevance now. People are aware of who Farley is, and he is well aware that these stats are floating around.

Anyone who is on the border right now probably has more to gain by staying than to lose by declaring, in my opinion

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That is not true. Ask Bryce Hall. You could lose everything in an instant.

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I get your point but Hall wasn't on the border. He was a solid early round pick.

Yeah Farley is maybe our best underclassman prospect and he's nowhere near what Hall's stock was

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Farley's played like a year of real defense, so he would not be wise to leave this year

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I've seen on message boards that there have been NFL scouts at our games to see Deablo.

I think we could have anywhere between 0 and 3 (Hazelton, Farley, Deablo) declare.

Deablo looks the part but I don't see him grading out well for NFL scouts.

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Not a commentary on Farley, but I don't remember a single completion against Chatman besides the Dubois catch which didn't look like he controlled it when his left foot lifted off the ground. Kid had a good day.

Whoever the new DC is, they are going to have a tough decision at nickel. Do the my want a true corner, or a hybrid. I won't get to watch the film until tomorrow, but I honestly do not remember a single completion other than the Dubois catch against on of VT's corners.

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They hit a deep post on Chatman late in the game in my memory.

The more I think about it, I actually think they went after Chatman a few times in the 4th. I'll double check the film, but I definitely remember thinking they were going after him and a lot of people commenting that we were missing Farley.

I still am very high on Chatman despite everything I said above.

We're all the plays when guys were running uncovered on the safeties?

Personally if you don't grade out in the top 2 rounds you shouldn't leave early. (assuming no other life circumstances)

I would say round 3 but it seems the NFL advisory board puts 40 players in round 1, 50 in round 2 and 70 players in round 3 which means you could be picked round 5 on your grade and sone drop even further.

Edit: running backs should go as soon as possible.

Agreed. Nothing downfield at least. Chatman played his ass off.

I haven't rewatched the game, but our safeties seemed to be put in a tough spot in this one after the first two drives. It appeared that Bud kept both Ashby and Dax near the line to control Perkins from scrambling. This left a lot over the middle for our safeties to cover. Once UVA figured it out they had a lot of chunk plays over the deep middle.

Found this site and went through it, no Hokies listed (last player on their 7th mock round is from Findlay - I want a poll, who here has ever heard of Findlay? Is it real or did they misspell Finland?)
So my order now of most likely for the draft would be:
So no one has talked about Ashby, who with his 164 would be 5th/6th round and the question would be does another year bump him much higher. Even as the one I think is most likely to go, I just think it unlikely.
Deablo - I missed him in my original post, yes he has the body and has been scouted. Googling "Divine Deablo draft" gets you no results though........
Hazelton - Back to drafttek, they list 45 WRs for the 2020 draft without his name appearing. You can't make the top 45, work and get better next year.
Farley - methinks this was all Chatman talking to the reporters, all the info I found basically concludes that he is 2nd round material in 2021 draft, late rounds this year. So stay improve and go for the big bucks in 2021 or go gamble on a late round Not For Long chance in 2020, I think that is an easy decision.

Bottom line....21 out of 22 returning starters is looking more and more likely to me.......

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Findlay is in Ohio. Big equestrian program if I remember right.
Also have to make all of their clothes say UF instead of FU to avoid upsetting the prudish types.

My sauces (comes from a close insider) on Farley was he could of played but didn't want to reinjure. He is considering but it would be a mistake. Think Evans

It is hard to know because a lot of draft analysts don't watch underclassmen until they declare unless they are A) a top prospect or B) on a team with prospects who are definitely entering the draft.

With that being said, Ashby is the only player I have seen mentioned by any draft people other than Floyd. I think if Farley declares the scouts would like what they see, but they're not going to watch him unless he does.


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No one should go who is eligible. Farley may project higher round but not sure he has enough action against quality receivers to rate in above middle rounds at best.
Ashby is not going to go above a late round. He is not big enough or fast enough to play in an NFL defense.

Ashby has already asked Fuente about being a GA after he is done.

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From what I have heard I think it's standard projecting now

1) Farley - going to test the waters. He has great numbers and is a smart kid. He isn't like Evans in that he will be foolish or worried about class. The knock is he hasn't played as much big time football and is still new to defense. He will have great numbers, but will be a risky pick. I think it's close, but he stays one more year.

2) Deablo - great physical specimen. I think he is underrated by VT fans and could be a good player in the right pro system (Chuck Clark would love a word). I don't think he will get a high grade so it's risky. 50–50 again - I think he stays.

3) Hazelton - I think Damon may go, but I don't see it. His size is good for college, but only above average for the pros. Damon I think would end up a late pick. The upside is high if he comes back. I bet he goes, but I don't like it although I always want the kids to do great as it is their right to go after the dream. I do think if he comes back he can make himself a top 4 round pick.

The appeal to all the players is that "their guys" (teammates) are back and all think they have a chance to upgrade as a team and this their individual mAkeup has a chance to be elevated as well. The risks are obvious.

None. The desire to regain the cup and put the Hoos back in their place outweighs any professional prospects. Everyone comes back, and all shall drink from the cup.


Given the general size and ratings of our prospective 2020 class, Fuente's best recruiting job this year may just be keeping current high-impact players from bailing for the NFL.

That said, I concur with the concept that if you get a 1st or 2nd round draft rating, you don't think twice. Championships, trophies and team come in a distant second to financial security for your family.