I may be in the minority here but...

there have a been a heap ton of losses I've taken worse over the past 16 years than this one. IMO other than last year, there isn't many other games I would have minded losing to UVa over the past 16 years than this one. Yes it was for the division, and it'd be nice but I don't think any of us think we are really ready to contend for a conference title.

We played a team with a sr QB and SR playmakers. At their place. And we still could have won. We weren't going to beat them from now until eternity. Our future looks much brighter. If this loss is hurting you, think about losing in 04 or 07 or 11. You know those crushed them way more than this one was worth.

And as a disclaimer I wanted this one bad, I was bout to puke my nerves were so bad in second half of that game. But when it was decided I wasn't that upset. Maybe it was time for the streak to end. Maybe I'm just better at looking at the big picture now, but I really like the spot this program is in and I can't believe that was possible after the Duke game.

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I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am young- the 2003 loss to UVA was when I was in the 5th grade with an insufferable UVA alum as my teacher. However, I have been subject to far more egregious and heart-breaking losses in the past 16 years of being a football fan (UGA 2006, BC 2007, JMU 2010, ODU 2018, ND This year). Those games had me way more upset than yesterday's. I firmly believe that UVA should enjoy this victory and their one-year lease on the cup. I am certain it will be back in our possession this time next year.

I agree, partly because of how we lost. It wasn't a blowout. It wasn't a lack of effort. We just got beat. It happens. Take it, learn from it, and move on. Then beat the everloving shit out of them next year.

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Honestly I believe that this loss will help the coaches stop and take a look at where we are, do some self evaluation and make changes to get better. If the loss to Duke caused us to turn around that much, how much will this loss help up change for the better.

This young team has a lot to prove next year as they get better. This was a hard fought game that we had a chance to win. We showed up and didn't get rolled over. I'm not giving up on the players, ready to see them kick ass in the bowl game.

I agree.

We've got a talented team in development.

Sure, it would have been nice not to take a step back over the last two years, but how realistic was that as an expectation?

UVA is a well coached team with a handful of great, experienced players. Mendenhall is a decent coach, but UVA doesn't win yesterday without Perkins. They lose him and a handful of other playmakers next year.

I think VT takes a step forward next year. UVa takes a step back.

Sure, it would have been nice not to take a step back over the last two years, but how realistic was that as an expectation?

Are you asking how realistic it was to expect us to beat ODU last year? I don't think anyone predicted how far back last year was going to take us (or how far back we bounced this year after the first four games). Overall though I agree the balance was about what most could realistically expect. The variance was certainly wider.

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We were inconsistent as heck. Still are, but are playing much better. We replaced a lot of players - more than we expected. Our team has undergone a major change.

We'll be a lot more experienced next year.

Really enjoying the optimism in this thread. We've got a nice core group of players
and looking forward to their development.

I agree. I didn't know how I would react since I'm not really old enough to remember the last time UVA won, or wasn't a big fan back then, but it made me realize that the weight of the streak was a greater source of angst than the actual outcome of the game. Every year that pressure just grew more and more. Losing sucks, but I think watching the game next season will be more enjoyable.

Yesterday sucked hard no doubt. But it's been said before and I don't think it can be said enough - our program is much bigger than the streak. No one outside of the Commonwealth cares. Nationally it's a footnote. It won't hurt our recruiting it won't elevate theirs. If losing this game means it lights a fire under everyone involved from admin, coaches, players, students, alumni then so be it. Everyone on this board and anyone that follows VT football knows that we are in an infinitely better position right now going forward. We know it, they know it. Little brother gets put in his place next year and the decade after.

I just really enjoyed that post man. Great outlook.

Good point. Would you rather be elated because you just played a great game to beat your rival for the first time in 16 years, or be disappointed that you made too many mistakes to beat your rival for the 16th consecutive time?

This is still our state and they know it. They can hold onto the Cup for 365 days, but then it's coming home.

Next thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26, 2020 and it is a leap year so if the game s played on Black Friday next year the cup will be back in 362 days.

If the ACC listens to both ADs, it'll be a Saturday game, so 363.

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Actually, 364 from today. 52 weeks times 7 days.

So it would be 365 days starting from Friday's game.

Looking back through the BTAN posts, we had a 1.31% chance at 8 wins before the Miami game. We're already living in a decent timeline where we weren't scraping together bowl eligibility going into the last game or *shudder* "playing for pride" like the Hoos have numerous times.

I don't expect Cornelson to be fired unless some kind of scandal occurs and that's okay because whether the new DC is an in-house or Foster guy, it's still a transition and it's probably best not to have both sides of the ball shaken up like that.

Listening to TTL with Burnop & Laaser, it's apparent that Fuente is still perfecting his craft at being a head coach and that's good. It means he knows he still has a lot to learn and he's putting in work to get better.

Next year is going to be bumpy with a new DC; anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Having seasoned players will smooth the ride somewhat but expect to see some cracks in the Hokie armor.

I'll be excited to see where we go bowling and against who (let UVA be sacrificed to Clemson and the SEC) and then we have to brace ourselves for threads about who the new DC is and woulda/coulda/shoulda been, small recruiting class on early and traditional NSDs, and a long off-season of double-secret Hokie camps.

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I'm really hoping the defense doesn't take a step back (that is, the additional maturity of next year will allow for a step forward even with a coaching change, albeit maybe less than it could have been). Next year we aren't a young team. The growth from the end of this year has the potential to make is the best in the coastal and second best in the ACC and a top 20, maybe top 15 team.

If we aren't favored to win the coastal at the ACC media days in the summer then I don't know. I'm sure UNC will get some votes, Miami may as well but how we have gotten better as the season went a long and are returning every starter save one there is no way we are not favored.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Next year is going to be bumpy with a new DC; anyone who says otherwise is selling something. Having seasoned players will smooth the ride somewhat but expect to see some cracks in the Hokie armor.

This is exactly what Fuente had going for him in his first year.

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We SHOULD have won this game, that's why I'm suck to my stomach about it. We lost it to UVA...this loss is unforgivable, we were outscored badly in the 4th quarter. You're a better man than me, I'm still furious about this one. That said, proud of the growth of this team over the last two months. Just don't lose to UVA, especially when you have them there for the taking. AARRRRRGGGHHH!

I know where you are coming from. It was there for the taking, we could almost taste it. Make another play and we probably do win it.

I shouldn't complain about the refs coz they helped us out a bit but not overturning the deep ball caught on the sideline at our 8 late in the 3rd was huge. Didn't look like the receiver had control and one foot in...seemed clear to me. Take that away and I think we win, but the play calling was abysmal in the 4th, so we did kind of deserve the L.

Yeah but their pick in the EZ should have counted. Review made 3 errors, 1 that hurt them and 2 that hurt us.


I agree. I hate losing to Uva and obviously we've been spoiled for 15 years. It was going to happen at some point, but the longer the better. Living in Waynesboro, I am sure to hear from their fans.


I also wanted to add that I was 18 year old freshman in '03 and that one still bugs me more that this one. That fan base of theirs was so arrogant at that time. They thought Al Groh was going to be Bear Bryant or something. That's how delusional they are. They had these recruiting classes and the great Groh, it was just a matter of time before everything is right in the world and they put the Hokies back in their place. (Which kills me because at the time they acted like they had all this tradition and reputation to get back. They are one of the most losing teams in CFB history.) Anyway, they win that one and they thought they were on their way to top 10 glory for the next decade or something. That's why, if you are too young to remember, 04 was so great and important. That was a great game with a lot on the line. We beat them, win the ACC and don't lose to them again until yesterday. Unbelievable and justified.

15 years is a long time and it had an effect on those nuts' mind. Maybe in a positive way.

They went with the academics excuse.


Dude in line going into the stadium was openly yelling about having better SAT scores than Hokie fans.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I bet that is probably the same guy that was bragging about his SAT scores to me at the '05 game...

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That fan base of theirs was so arrogant at that time.

They have been arrogant through that game, 15 straight losses, and now as well.

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We played our ass off for four quarters and never quit. Other than the outcome, it was the best Commonwealth Cup game I can remember in years, because both teams brought it and looked like they deserved to represent the Coastal. Our defense adjusted and shut down Bryce Perkins for two quarters. Unfortunately they adjusted to our adjustment. Our offense exploded in the second half. But unfortunately Hendon Hooker picked the worst game of his career to have the worst game of his career. (And he still wasn't bad, just turnover prone.) And despite what some others on here and in the Twittersphere assert, I felt it was a well called game by both Bud and Corny.

Considering we get basically the whole damn team back next year, I think we'll be fine as long as we make a good DC hire.

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I honestly felt worse after that ass beating Duke gave us. After that game I worried a lot about the downward spiral I was sure this program was about to head down. Bud was leaving, the team had no bright spots, recruiting was looking shaky at best, everyone was calling for Fuentes job...the list went on and on. It really felt like the days of VT football were over as we knew it

I remember screaming "NO" at the TV about 5 times when Hooker fumbled during the Duke game. I never get that animated watching a game at home, but it was because I thought the exact same thing. I thought we were watching The End. Fuente was doing to have to be canned with all the financial implications that would have come with, and I was afraid we may not recover for a decade.

Glad we turned it around.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

No, fuck that. I'm pissed the streak is gone. I was ready for it last year. I was ready for it after the duke game. I wasn't bloody ready for it yesterday. It was like the Notre Dane game x1000: I had resigned myself to losing the season, then when we righted the ship, I had hope. Then we dropped the most important game of the year when I actually think we have it in the bag.

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Hope springs eternal brother, I like the optimism. I felt like shit after that game too. But, in the end a healthy rivalry is good for both programs. And good for the state. We'll kick the shit out of them next year on our way to an ACC championship title

We'll be better off than they will for a while and I don't expect a huge downfall with losing our DC.

I honestly could care less about losing to them if it wasn't for their insufferable fanbase.

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