Mizzou moves on from Odom. Will VT have interest for DC position?

Fuente's former DC at Memphis is back on the market after manning the Big Whistle at Mizzou. Will VT have interest?

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This would be a spectacular hire.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I'd like the hire but if we've had an agreement in principle with someone else for a while now it probably won't happen.

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Bitter basically said he has heard zilch about any principal agreements. And that this is the exact reason why it make no sense to have principal agreements in place before the end of season firings.

There is no, and never has been, and agreement in place with anyone. Formal interviews haven't even started yet

What you got some insider info? Name your sources!

heavy /s

It's possible. Hard to say how these coaches view their career paths. It's almost always a step back after a firing like this. The question is whether the step back is to become a coordinator at the P5 level or to become a HC at a G5 or FCS school.

It would not be unusual for a HC to consider someone from their coaching tree. We shall see.

Lol wait, I thought the majority consensus on this site was no more "Fuente's buddy/ former coworker" hires?

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I think Odom is probably the one exception folks would allow. He really did improve the Memphis D from 100+ to a top 30 unit. I'm not saying it would be a slam dunk, but I think it makes sense on several levels.


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I'll take a Odom at discount over some other candidate

I dont pay attention to other programs that much. But just out of curiousity what was his shortcomings as a head coach since they fired him?

They'll really get after ya

He was coaching at Missouri. That was his downfall

Ha after living in STL for 7 years, I can confirm you are more right than you know. Missouri athletics has gone from one dumpster fire to the next since I've been here.

Mizzou playing in the SEC. Not much chance there.

The sanctions induced on Mizzou was the beginning of the end. He's probably a mediocre to slightly good head coach, but could be a great coordinator in the right situation.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Any word on who the D-coordinator candidates are that have a realistic shot? Names, recruiting ability, will they keep the current D-coaches around? I'd hate to see this defense take a step back having to re-learn a different style or different terminology...etc.


I just saw this and thought this could be a good hire. Fuente knows him well too. Would still like to see Torrian Gray but we will surely find out more in the next several weeks.

Andreas Adrian

This would be close to the best hire Fuente could make. Odom is a damn good DC and the dude wouldn't have an issue recruiting.

Goodness if he were to bring Haley (DL) and Walters (Safeties) keep JHam. That's a staff right there.

That'd work nicely

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Message board rumors saying that we have an agreement in principle with someone already. However, I agree that Odom would be a great hire.

I'd be shocked if that was the case. This hire is not only big for Fuente but also Whit. You don't hire in principle until you see all the cards fall.

I would also be shocked if Fuente/his agent didn't know weeks ago that Odom was being let go. Will be interesting how this plays out.

I don't believe those rumors anyway. I need something a little more substantive than "there's a deal in place", which is all I've seen. I need a name. Literally anyone can say "My source told me there's an agreement but I can't tell you the name for fear of outing them". That's just BS. Because what's said in a statement like that can't be proved either way so essentially you've said nothing at all. Which lines up with most message board insiders' MO, they don't really know jack but just look for clout to make themselves feel important. There are people that do know stuff, but they are few and very far between. I respect the ones that actually offer up names or at the very least, enough markers left along the path that people reading can follow it to the right answer. Because at least they are putting something out there that can be checked later on to see if that person knows what's up or not.

Can he recruit at a high level? If so, sign me up

I heard nick saban was good at defense coaching

Danny is always open

He gave up 48 in the Iron Bowl, pass

Yeah, he lost to his conference rival. We can't have that.

Would be all for this hire

At face value, it would be a strong hire.

Darrell Dickey might be available from aTm too for Co-OC. We can completely reassemble the Memphis boys at VT.

The Darrell Dickey stuff has to stop; it's completely unfounded. He never called plays at Memphis, and he's not doing it at A&M (where Jimbo owns all playcalling duties).

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Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative though

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He never called plays at Memphis

Seriously though... are you serious?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Seriously though... are you serious?

Yes. In this podcast, Fuente talks about how he called plays his first 2 years at Memphis, and then handed of playcalling to Corny. In this interview (as well as numerous others) Jimbo talks about why he still owns playcalling.

I'm not saying that DD wasn't a valuable staff member, but he wasn't owning playcalling. The belief that DD is the reason why this offense worked brilliantly at Memphis, and his absence is the reason why it's just okay at VT is completely unfounded.

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I can't seem to find the article I read that talked about him as a play caller at Memphis, so I digress.

Is coronavirus over yet?

Torrian Gray train Chooo Chooo

Go for it

Do you know something?


Just basing off of seeing him a whole lot on buds tribute video versus wake. But it would also make a lot of sense, he would be tremendous for recruiting, while maintaining continuity of our system. I think T. Gray is the best hire possible for us

Go for it

Make of this what you will, but it's the same poster who said we should expect 2-4 new commits by Monday after the Pitt game

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I have no problem keeping my info to myself, thanks

Go for it

What 'info'?
That thing you said that one time
that was... not accurate?

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You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

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Will the hire be made within the next week? I feel like not having to prepare to try and lose by less than 21 to Clemson has to speed up the process.

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While I am a homer and want Gray to continue the Bud legacy. Odom seems like a solid hire, however does anyone smarter than me know if his scheme matches our current roster?

I would also hate to waste what could be a special year next year (21/22 coming back with little drop off IMO from Floyd to Hunter and we add Hoffman) with defensive growing pains learning a new system and fitting square players in round holes.

Odom runs a 3-4 so without getting anymore specific I don't know whether we have D Line players to smoothly make that switch. I'd guess we probably have the linebackers for a 3-4 with all the talent we have. I do agree learning a new scheme definitely would be disappointing with how this defense progressed in the second 1/2 of the season but you have to make the hire for the future not for next year.

Missouri ran a 4-3

I'm not entirely sure what a "DAWG" is, but it certainly looks like Memphis ran a 3-4 under Odom (at least to my relatively untrained eye):

2014 Depth Chart

2014 Miami Beach Bowl (Memphis vs. BYU)

Memphis ran a 3-4 under Odom. I believe Missouri ran a 4-3 and he made it a 4-2-5 when he got there. Could be wrong though.

Druckenmiller the shotgun snap, fakes short, fires it deep into the end zone it is....caught! It is caught for a touchdown by Jermaine Holmes with 47 seconds left!

He was only the DC at Mizzou for one season, and Gary Pinkel may have preferred to keep the 4-3. Since he ran a 3-4 at Memphis under Fuente, I'd be curious to see what he would run at VT under Fuente. Could be just about anything, but your comment about a 4-2-5 is interesting since Bud pretty much switched to a hybrid 4-3/4-2-5 over the years.

Huh thanks for that additional info. That certainly makes things more interesting.

Given the unique nature of Bud's system the next coordinator could be trying to fit some reuleaux triangles into round holes.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

French Said on Twitter that he's a good coordinator but the transition to his system would be agonizing...

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I would expect this to be announced in the next few days .....so who ever it is... can get a jump on recruiting before the December signing dates.....Monday? Tuesday ?

What's everyone's best guess

Barry Odom or Torrian Gray

This wouldn't sit well with anyone mildly upset with fuente

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Anyone upset at Fuente isn't going to like anything he does probably. My guess is an Odom hire would be overwhelmingly approved of.

Ehh I think hiring a guy who has SEC head coaching experience as a coordinator is going to completely overshadow any of the angst over the Fuente buddy hire.

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"SEC" is not a magic word for me, certainly not like "Bud."

Just because someone came from a SEC school does not automatically make them a good fit for VT. I know almost nothing about Missouri football nor this coach, so I do not mean this as a slam against either. I would prefer seeing the strongest (most capable) defensive coordinator that fits our talent and our recruiting footprint.

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Let's add SEC coach, with one of the best defenses in the country, under a well regarded lifer in Gary Pinkel. Someone who can recruit in the South, and beat teams like Florida on a consistent basis. Yes, the same Florida that has Torrian Gray. A coach who has fielded top 25 defenses in each of his years as a coach.

That's Barry Odom.

Edit: correction, Mizzou was in the SEC title game before Odom joined.

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As I said, I know next to nothing about Odum. Your reasons for supporting his hire are reasonable, so I will "leg" your comment. But because I remain concerned about the fit with our personnel and the recruiting footprint, I remain concerned.

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Herein lies my concern for any new DC coming in. We return 10 starters on defense, and could really have a special year going into 2020. It's why I think it'll be in house or close to the program, like a Torrian Gray.

Odom ran a defense similar to ours this year, 4-2-5, where the Nickel is really a Whip linebacker. So, it could work out for us.

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Counterpoint: with as much veteran leadership returning as we have, if we're going to undergo a massive fundamental shift in defensive strategy, we could probably weather it now better than any other time. Sure, there will be some bumps along the way, but we won't be working nearly as much on fundamentals as we have over the last couple years and can spend more time working on schematics and techniques.

That's all great, except he arrived at Missouri the year after Missouri's second (and final) SEC East championship. He was the DC for one season before becoming the head coach, and led them to only two bowls during his time there.

I agree that SEC shouldn't be a magic word. With that said people say great things about Odom even from Missouri where he was fired. That seems like a good sign.

As I said above, your reasons for supporting his hire are reasonable, so I will "leg" your comment.

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SEC isn't even a word, it's an acronym.

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I thought it was an adjective, as in SEC Football.

It just means more.

Nix was an SEC coach, and you see what that got us.

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I took a quick glance at defensive performance under Barry Odom. He was hired by Fuente as DC when Fuente was hired prior to 2012 season, and left for the same position at Mizzou after 2014. He was then promoted to head coach when Gary Pinkel retired.

Defensive SP+ ranks for Memphis:
- 2011: 111
- 2012: 71
- 2013: 50
- 2014: 32
- 2015: 82

Defensive SP+ ranks for Mizzou:
- 2014: 8
- 2015: 3
- 2016: 85 (first year as HC, DeMontie Cross was DC)
- 2017: 61 (Cross was fired 2 games into the season, Odom took over)
- 2018: 25 (Ryan Walters promoted to DC)
- 2019: 15 (Walters)

His performance at Memphis seems to speak for itself. Fuente hired him and he showed immediate results. In fact, his defense was performing at a quality level while the offense was still trying to find their footing (#115 in 2011, 111 in 2012, 107 in 2013, and 79 in 2014). When he was hired by Missouri, he took over a unit that had been operating at a high level and made them even better. When he was promoted, it seems he may have taken a hands-off approach to the defense, and it definitely didn't work out in their favor. Cross was apparently fired for "philosophical differences", and even though it seems to have taken a while to figure things out, they finished 7-6 after a 1-5 start.

It seems that his work as a DC makes him a top candidate for a similar position, even if his time as a HC featured significant ups and downs. At this point, he's probably my #1 choice for the job, given the available candidate pool.

If he wants the job at VT, I'd say give it to him.

I'd take Walters as well, who is also now available.

Also a great candidate.


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Defensive Coordinator from Missouri Ryan Walters.


i have no issues with Odom, Saban or Venables.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Saban's coaching error against Auburn should disqualify him. /s

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If Odom is the hire, could/would we keep the current scheme?

Anyone but Wiles is going to make changes to the scheme. Even Jham or Gray.

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The scheme adjustments won't be dramatic with whomever we hire - culture fit, recruiting and scheme are the priorities here. Fuente doesn't want to have to overhaul personnel due to the prognosis for next year. Barry Odom won't be the guy unless he wants to run a different scheme which is unlikely.

Brandon Flowers Tweeted that he would consider joining the staff if Gray was hired. All of that seems unlikely, and Coach Charisma wouldn't hire someone he never worked with, but imagine the recruiting ability of that duo.

I want that so hard

I would die for this. The recruiting would sky rocket!

Andreas Adrian

FWIW Strong is available now too.

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I could see them rehiring Willie.

I think I most want T. Gray, but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to bringing another former head coach onto the staff. I like the idea of having a room full of guys with that kind of experience (similar to what Saban has done)

I'll take Torrian as long as he's saying hi to mamas and not blowing up bathrooms at recruits houses

French did bring up that going with Odom would be a wide-scale defensive scheme change. I'd hate to lose the momentum of returning 10/11 starters with that type of rebuild. I hope that's a consideration with Fu.

I kind of agree, but at the same time, this hire is about far more than just making sure the team is good next year. This hire needs to be someone who can keep the defense playing at an elite level for the years to come.

Don't get me wrong, Bud is an elite coach, but if we don't have his brain for in-game adjustments and scheming going forward, I worry less about which scheme we're going to run and more about how prepared the team is on a game by game basis. If the best coach out there is someone who will implement a new scheme, then so be it, as long as VT football is set up for the future.

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I worry less about which scheme we're going to run and more about how prepared the team is on a game by game basis.

Philosophically I'm with you. But if they don't win next year, they are all fired. Whoever it is will need to adapt to the talent. Galen was learning from Bud, so I think Fu likes the scheme. And Bud will still be around.

I think our base will be some kind of single gap 4-2-5.

I agree that a successful 2020 would be easier with a defensive scheme fundamentally similar to Bud's, but at the same time it seems like it would be easier to teach a new system to a bunch of veterans than to a bunch of rookies, so if we're going to change it we might as well do it now.

So...any coincidence that a citation 560x landed at Montgomery regional at 8:25pm from St. Louis?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge but what, who would be coming from St Louis? I could go for T Gray or Odom personally. Didn't Strong coach defense in the past? I bet he could recruit.

Andreas Adrian

Possibly Odom since he was HC at mizzou or Ryan Walters since he was DC there as well...or possibly no one. Timing is interesting is all.

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If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Odom has been hired to be the Arkansas Defensive Coordinator

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