25 is Divine for Wake Week

The twitter account is rolling a lot of Bud tribute stuff as well.

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I hope he yells some variation of this while laying on top of the QB after every sack.

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After indulging in some bourbon at your tailgate this Saturday, see if you can say "Bud brought a blitz" three times fast...

Bud Foster is the man. I only wish he could have been paired with offenses even half as potent as his defenses over the years. I'd wager that that record could have been pushing the mid 80%s.

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Yeah, gonna need somemore of that divine magic this week to pull this one out methinks

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Deablo wearing 25 against his hometown College...I assume this will give him the extra power he needs to win the game for us on his own. So do we even play anyone else, or just let him take the field by himself so he doesn't have to worry about hurting any of his own players?

VT Marketing Class of 2009
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Alright. Earning #25 twice in a season gets him his own character.

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