Shipping about 30 of these Beauties This Morning

For TKPers who recently got fully dipped, your keychain bottle openers are heading to the mail.

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I was actually wondering about this. Awesome. Hope to break mine out against UNC.

Thanks Joe!

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Joe, not sure of this has been mentioned before, but have you considered something for those that re-up their fully dipped status?

I don't ask for much, maybe another TKP sticker?


A fully dipped about to be fully dipped again fan of all you do!


I received mine back in the day when I joined TKPlayersClub, but I've lost mine. Is there a way to purchase another? Did I miss it with the rest of the merch?

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Go Hokies

I use mine all the time. You wouldn't believe how many times I have been asked if it is a real key. Valets tend to ask that a lot

Oh hai. I get one!

The work so well mine is getting a bit worn down tbh, good problem to have...

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Only 19 more until someone becomes TKPCr 757.

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With joe trying to maintain. Everyone's number the roster count is screwy

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