UNC is a sell out

This is a big game for the coastal division race, and it will have immediate and downstream recruiting implications. Great to see that it's a sell out! Hope the team can perform well.

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That says a lot about the state of ACC football

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I agree, but even when things are "good" it's always been VT, Clemson, FSU, and NC State that fill their stadiums. Louisville is pretty solid when they are good as well, but for the most part those are the usual suspects.

This also speaks to the larger trend of attendance at college football games, I know you and I both have had laundry lists of reasons why it's getting tougher to fill the stadiums.

no wifi, for starters

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or alcohol sales

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our couches with a crystal clear tv with the ability to rewind/pause/mute in a climate controlled environment

or detailed play by play with insightful and unbiased commentary


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Show up and show out fam. This is a huge opportunity to get Lane rocking again in front of a bunch of important recruits. A huge game in the Coastal as well.

Edit: If the student section looks like it did last week I'm taking scalps.


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Maybe we should all move down to the student section if they leave.

Is coronavirus over yet?

You can't now. You have to have a wristband in addition to the ticket. And the only way to get a wristband is to scan a north end zone ticket at one single gate when entering and when everyone is rushing to get in the security gets overwhelmed and stops handing out wristband which means students can't get in the north end zone. (FYI avoid that gate if you're at the game).

They cracked down on the NEZ (something I've asked for for a long time, but obviously now is a bad time). They started requiring colored wrist bands to gain entry. People like brother bought booklets of wristbands in every color to game the system to go from East to North. Last week they picked a blue wristband that had some sort of white script on it which made it impossible to have a replica of.

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I was wondering when they would do something like that. We would sneak so many people in and cram them on one bleacher it would shear the attachments off and be wobbly. Also, the fire and weight risks.

They needed to do something, but what they are doing isn't going well. It's completely fucked that one gate and they have not been consistent with handing out the wristbands as it nears enter sandman because they get overwhelmed.

And I'm gonna be in NC at my frickin uncle's wedding. I hate people who plan weddings during football season.

Sounds to me like you should find a new Uncle.

Bruh I have FIVE weddings this football season including one the day of the VT/GT game, which takes place less than a mile from my home.

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Extension cords? And wifi repeater?

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Ooof, that's rough.

agreed.... those people are some major suckage.

my plan is to have mine in March/April timeframe..... god forbid it's too hot/cold... have it indoors.

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Am I really going to be the first to be snarky about the post title?

UNC has been a bunch of sell-outs for a while, amirite?

Sort of low hanging fruit, but yes, they are. Leg!

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I was waiting for a Jumpman dig.

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I always thought he was dunking.

Big recruiting weekend, let's do this!

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Totally interpreted the title as:
(Rightfully so I might add)

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

"sell out"

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I get Osprey flyovers every damn day at my house

(I will note, they are not annoying now that we've cut out nap time for my son, always used to flyover right as we were trying to get him to sleep!)

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

We lived in an apartment below the turn for final approach for the F-22s at Langley AFB. I know your pain.

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I'm making the drive from Huntington, WV, for this one. Arriving to Blacksburg around 11:00 AM. Go Hokies!

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Yes they are, that haven given so many souls to the NCAA they can get away with pretty much anything. Oh wait you meant the game, cool...

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But what about the rain??!!

We put the K in Kwality

Don't forget - it's also Maroon Effect. Wear maroon/buy your shirts!

Just curious: Is there a way to buy old Maroon/Orange effect shirts? I really want this one:

Also, if TKP makes this shirt, I would buy it in a heartbeat:

Ah, I crafted that up back in the day. Made a few for myself but that was as far as it got.

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Got any leftovers?

Unfortunately no...moved a few times and limited run at first.
BUT, if you can download a good copy, feel free to make one via iron on or whatever Target/Michaels is doing now with heat transfer or screen printing.

Glad you enjoy it. It was a cool lil shirt.

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Done. What's your favorite charity? I'll donate $25 to it.

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Awesome man!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

If you need a clean copy, I might have the original on a hard drive somewhere....send up the bat signal.

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I'm in the middle of moving so I won't be able to get around to this until next month but I'll create a burner e-mail or something if I need to.

Found it. So long ago I used CorelDraw!
I'm sure we can find a way to convert it though.

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Move this to a new thread and get Joe's approval. Hock it on the site and give TKP a bit of juice.

YES... I lost mine in a move :(

User name checks out

Let's be honest, it is going to be rain poncho effect.

Got my iPad loaded up with the Fox Sports app, got a 6er of Olde Mecklenburg Mecktoberfest in the fridge. Kid's 4th birthday party at Charles Edward Cheese's house is at 12:30, done at 2:30, which means she'll be zonked out by 3:30!

Apparently the "E" stands for Entertainment

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

I like Edward better.

Good luck at the Chuck E. Cheese's. If your kid gets to do the Ticket Blaster, tell her to just scoop up all of the tickets on the floor instead of wasting her time trying to catch them.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll let her know, but I doubt she listens. She might if I tell her it'll get her more prizes.

I also have a wedding to go too Saturday😧

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Question about parkingL:

We usually hit up a couple of games a year and have a parking pass to each one. We are headed down on Saturday, but don't have a parking pass. Best parking options?

Is coronavirus over yet?

Perry Street Lot/Prices Fork Lots (at the Perry Street parking garage behind Cowgill). Only $20 cash and allows public tailgating on campus.

Elizabeth Beeks Elementary school, a mile walk on the Huckleberry - its $8.

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Close. It's Margaret Beeks. But I was going to suggest this. Great spot. Nice easy beautiful walk. And pretty affordable.

Super secret- the Staff/Faculty and Service spots around the drill field are fair game. Everyone is afraid to park in them.