DT Rob Porcher to enter transfer portal

Said that he is looking to transfer to a smaller FBS school or FCS school. The timing, right before the UNC game, is questionable as we are more than likely without Crawford.

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not happy with amount of playing time through 6 games, so he goes and guarantees himself no playing time for next 6 (or 7) games... smh

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he already red shirted so I'm not sure why do this now.

For certain situations, the staff should take part of the blame for a certain player transferring out.

This is not one of these situations. Coaching staff can't please every player. I wish Porcher well.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

if he was an offensive player, I'm extremely confident the coaching staff would be getting skewered on here right now either for not retaining him or not developing him.

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Why is the timing questionable? It's a personal decision not a team decision. Players can decide any time they feel to.

It's not questionable based on an anti-player empowerment stance. The reason OP, others, and myself question the timing is that he is half way through the season and currently seeing increased snaps with DT injuries ahead of him. He is actually in a position right now where he could have more film and opportunities to audition for a new team if he waited until the end of the (regular) season or at least until the guys in front of him heal up. He's not eligible for a redshirt so that angle is also off the table. I can agree he can do whatever he wants, but I think the timing may have cost him an opportunity to showcase for his next destination. I think long term a transfer is a very reasonable decision for him with two freshman DT's already ahead of him on the depth chart. Perhaps he has an injury and doesn't want to risk it, but there's been no reports to suggest that.

If he's unable to graduate it makes a whole lot of sense.

Use the time now to sit out so he's eligible at a G5 school this time next year at the latest. Protection against a waiver not coming through where he can still play for his new team.

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I don't think the transfer rules work that way. He's still enrolled here even if he doesn't play, so if he goes to another school, his year sitting out won't start until he enrolls at the new school in January anyway.

Is it possible he's trying to force the coaches hand, by essentially saying play me and I'll exit the portal? Or maybe he's just publicly registering his unhappiness?

Wait, what?


Everything you just mentioned makes it seem he has personal reasons to go. Which is my point.

Obviously we don't know all the factors.

It just seems to me that entering the transfer portal mid season is a bad look for all parties.

So is he allowed to continue playing in the portal? That could only help schools interested in him.