A Few Thoughts From A Long, But Fun, Night In Lane Stadium

Mrs. Living4Fall and I made it down to the game last night, and boy am I glad we did! The atmosphere was really good, the weather was awesome, and other than the obnoxious UNC lady near us we had a great time!

Any time you are able to see the team live there are things that you notice that are difficult to see on TV, below are some of those things:

1. The atmosphere was really good! The stadium was about 85%-90% full, and the energy level was really good, not vintage Lane, but good. There were a ton of recruits there and they seemed to be having a great time! One interesting thing about it though was the fact that Tre Turner was asked about the atmosphere in the post game interviews and he said "its new" referencing the atmosphere. It seemed, as he answered the question, that he wasn't used to the atmosphere that existed last night. What I took from that is no matter what we think of this coaching staff, the team needs us in the stands and they need us to be Lane Stadium.

Speaking of the atmosphere, when did Lane Stadium turn into a hot mess of ridiculous discombobulated noise that blasts from the speakers at all different volumes almost all game long? It was weird and annoying. Maybe everyone is doing that nowadays. If so, I'm just turning into the old guy who loves Lane Stadium for what it was, the people in it, rather than for the speaker noise.

2. As you all probably know, I've not been sold on Fuente. I was in a "wait and see" posture as the season began, but after a couple of games in, it just seemed like he was in over his head an that he was a lame duck coach. But maybe my thoughts are wrong (only time will tell). Maybe 2018 wasn't the bottom, maybe it was the Duke game. What I saw last night (and the two games prior to this one) was a team that played hard-smart-tough. There were certainly enough mistakes to go around, but this team was full throttle until the very end. They played inspired football, and that lies squarely on the coaching staff. Kudos to the staff for keeping this team together! Maybe we are all witnessing Fuente establishing his culture into the VT football program. I certainly hope so!

3. Caleb Farley is quickly becoming a top tier ACC corner back. That kid can really cover. I've been noticing it all season long, but you can really see it in person. The move to CB, and the patience to allow him to learn, is really paying off. I hope he can get healthy during the off week.

4. The back part of the secondary (the two safety positions) does not play very disciplined football. I'm not sure what Bud can do about it at this point, but its really bad at times.

5. I'm really excited for the future of the interior DL. Those young guys are really starting to play fast. Pollard is especially noticeable on almost every pass play... as a true freshman no less.

6. I can tell you that the offense with Willis and without Willis looks like two completely different teams. Thats not a knock on Willis, the kid is a Hokie who put it all out there on the field for the team. But he isn't the right fit for this scheme. There's just something different about the way both HH and QP4 run the offense. They seem to manage the team/game/scheme much better. I know that the playbook was reduced greatly when QP4 came into the game, but it forced UNC to have to stop the run (there was a particular identity that existed and the players knew exactly what it was), and they couldn't. Both HH and QP4 give something to this team that it didn't have before, and it really looks like the players feel it as well.

My only gripe about the play calling last night would be that late in the game (second to last possession not counting taking a knee) with about 5 minutes left, VT was first and goal from just inside the 10. I would have loved to see at least 1, maybe 2, fades into the 1 on 1 matchups with both Tre and Damon. One completion there would have all but won the game in regulation. In any event, even if the Hokies would have lost, there would have been some excitement about the future.

I don't know how many wins we have left on the schedule, but I don't think we will see the same team that line up against Duke for the rest of the way. This team, despite the final record, might finally be growing up and into their own as the season heads towards the finish line, and as much as possible we should all rally to support them in whatever ways we have the power show it/give it.

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Great post.

I thought the defense was going to get gassed up like in previous games but oh boy, did they prove me wrong. Sam Howell is a stud and our defense left their hearts on the field. Last couple stops in 5OT and 6OT were beyond impressive.

Ladler stepping up in OT in the midst of what has almost certainly been a frustrating season for him was pretty special to watch.

This 💯. It's easy to get up when you're a "best player" on a team and everyone believes in you already. When you're a backup the let down mentality can creep in. Ladled came in there a balled out like a muther fckr. Hat off to him - this team is kind of like that - pollard. Hewitt. Qp. Hooker. Hell willis. It's a team. And they are young. There is hope.

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Here's to hoping Sam Howell eats his way to mediocrity.

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Not really sure what to think of this kid after last night. Sure he threw for a lot of yards, but seems our defense was set up to allow pretty much any catch under 10 yards.

Was not impressed at how quickly he folds under the least bit of pressure - although good for us once we figured it out. Nice adjustment by Bud.

It's felt like nearly every UNC game has followed the same script this year. Jump out early, hang on, and then either explode again late or don't and that decides the game.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Or like the NBA Playoffs. Very compelling for the last 5 minutes of most games.

This all basketball to me. The rest of the game is pointless.

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We weren't the first team he had a big game against and we won't be the last. He's probably going to shatter all the true freshman records Trevor Lawrence set last season and should rightfully be ahead of him (along with Jamie Newman) for All-ACC QB honors through 7 games. He's the real deal.

Yep. he is going to give us fits until he leaves. Need to pressure him, and I don't see elite DE's in the pipeline for us right now. He will throw for big yards on us.

Agreed. I have major recruiting envy when I look at what UNC has on tap to bring in along the defensive line next year.

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Thanks for posting. Love to read about the perspective from inside Lane.

I think Farley has gotten better w/every week that passes. He's gonna be one of the greats from DBU when it's all said and done I believe.

The way they played this game was awesome. Couldn't have been upset if they didn't get the W there but they did. I think ND may just be more experienced and too senior for us but I hope we put in the same fight. Wake has been pretty dominant but the last two weeks they have come super close to losing and to a horrid FSU team this past weekend. They are definitely beatable (I can't believe i have to right that about Wake). Pitt and GT we'll see but those can be wins as well if the team keeps their current trajectory. UVA should be the hardest conf game left and who knows, that game may once again decide who wins the coastal.

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All comes down to who plays QB for Wake. If Jamie Newman plays, it will be really, really tough to win.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him be 1st team ACC if he gets back on the field - his play is better than Lawrence's this year.

Agree about Farley, he must've had 5 or so pass breakups in the first half.

Anyone concerned about him jumping to the nfl after this year? He's got pro measurables for sure, and while he definitely could use an extra year of experience, would he want to go through a DC transition, especially if he ends up on an all acc team at the end of the year?

Needs another year. He (and a BUNCH of others) needs to get better tackling.

Absolutely, but at the same time, there's a risk in (potentially) learning a new scheme. He may not look as dominant in coverage if his head is tying up his feet.

Plus, at least this year, he hasn't been afraid to stick his nose in there, even if the tackling is not perfect. I think NFL teams would work with that for a shut down corner

I wouldn't call him a shut down corner yet. And I don't think the NFL would have a ton of interest trying to develop someone who still struggles to tackle low tier ACC opponents.

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+1 For mentioning the need for his tackling improvement

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To me that's one of the biggest differences - if not the biggest difference - between the college game and the pro game. Pro defenders - form DL to DBs - miss FAR fewer tackles. And even when they "miss" they get a much bigger piece of the defender to give the cavalry time to arrive and finish off the tackle.

While probably true this line of criticism hasn't stopped other DBU grads from making the jump. Jayron Hosley and Kendall Fuller come to mind.

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Neither Kendall nor Jayron needed another year. The only argument for Kendall to stay was because of his injury, but he's well on his way to his second contract to make up for dropping out of the first round.

You might not remember it but many people said those guys would be wise to stay. We can go back and forth on whether they actually made the right decision in leaving early, but that's not really what I'm getting at.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Jet Sweep

Hokie fans who wanted them to stay for the good of VT and lied to themselves that they weren't ready said those things. This literally happens every year with every batch of draft eligible Hokie underclassmen.

Kendall was a 1st rounder that year if not for the meniscus injury. The only argument was for him to come back and be a 1st rounder after proving his knee was fine, and instead he proved it was fine in the NFL and is a year closer to his 2nd contract, which he will be getting from someone. He made the right call.

No way Farley is ready for the NFL. We are seeing strides in improvement from him but he's not NFL ready yet. After next year maybe but not this year. I have no concern for anyone on this defense leaving early for the NFL after this year.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

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Sounds like most agree he isn't ready...but if he were, it would be OK for him to leave. Players making it in the NFL is even better for recruiting that tweeting at recruits. /s


Farley has gotten better every game he played in since FSU 2018. He got thrown to the wolfs last year. He's tackling has improved a lot this off season.

This is what happens with a young team. They make mistakes, but the coaches look like they've been coaching their asses off (play calling aside). Every week the younger players look better and more comfortable. QP stepped in there made some clutch plays. The coaches had him ready to be the backup role. The defense is flying around making plays, which means they understand what they should be doing and are confident in that. I'm sorry that Bud is leaving becuase next year this defense will have depth that it hasnt seen in years. We are playing a lot of guys at all the positions.

I have some additional thoughts:

The one thing that still drives me insane is the predictability of our offense at times. There were 4 or 5 instances yesterday where I was able to call the exact play we were going to run based on the personnel we had in the game and the formation we were in. Granted, all of these came after QP had entered the game and the playbook was certainly going to be more limited, but that cannot continue going forward.

I'm not sure how injured Hooker is, but if he's not 100% for Notre Dame, you start QP. The Notre Dame game means nothing in terms of our goals at this point, that is, winning the Coastal. Have Hooker ready for Wake Forest. He is still our best quarterback.

Speaking of the Coastal, we now control our own destiny to winning it. Right now, we are looking at a scenario that likely puts the top of a coastal in a three or four way tie between some variation of us, Pitt, UVA, and Duke (or all four). If we beat Pitt and UVA, all but Tech's two losses will be to Coastal teams (Tech has a loss to Boston College) meaning we would get the tiebreaker assuming head-to-head matchups yield a deadlock somewhere. Of course, it's the Coastal, so anything can happen. I'm just saying that we're in good position right now without another conference game to focus on for three weeks.

There is no pressure whatsoever on this team for the Notre Dame game. They win, it's one of the best wins in school history. They lose, we're in the same exact position we were heading into the game, win streak be damned. This will be a great opportunity to try some things we haven't this season. Try some different personnel matchings on defense. Call some gadget plays. Run the read option with Hooker AND QP at the same time. I don't care. Just have fun. It's not that often you get a non-conference game this meaningless in the second half of the season. Take advantage of it.

Edit: oh yeah, a couple other things. The way both coaches handled the kicking game in overtime was atrocious. In third overtime, Mack Brown icing his own kicker was impressively dumb, not to mention he did it right after they didn't call a play to center the ball thereby making the kick harder than it needed to be. Then Tech does the same exact thing in the fourth overtime by not centering the ball. I mean, that's football 101. Not sure if the players just didn't execute or the coaches really just don't know that you should center the ball when you know you're going to kick a field goal, but we're lucky that bit them in the ass and not us.

Lastly, Brian Johnson HAS to be better. I mean, the guy simply misses more field goals than he makes as soon as the number 4 enter the tens digit on a field goal's yardage. That isn't acceptable for a power 5 kicker. I'm not sure how good John Parker Romo is, but maybe start trying him on kicks from 40 or more and Johnson anything less.

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Speaking of the Coastal, we now control our own destiny to winning it.

Not quite. We're still concerned about the outcomes of games featuring UVA, Pitt, and Duke. If UVA and Pitt lose additional games while VT and Duke win out, then we could have a VT/Duke tie at the top, which would go to Duke thanks to head-to-head.

You're right. I left out that I was assuming Duke would most likely lose one more or would end up in a 3-way tie given their tough schedule to end the year.

Also, the 7-way, 4-loss tie is still on table. I would love that.

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I would love a scenario where the winner of VT-UVA goes the the acc championship and we make 38-0 bro look like a close game.

I'll have whatever this magnificent bastard is having.

If you play it, they will win.

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This magnificent bastard upvotes you.

Love your enthusiasm but I would pump the brakes on winning the coastal and just hope we squeak out 2 more and get to go bowling.

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You're right. I was merely pointing it out because things looked so bad after the Duke game. All things considered, 5-2 entering the second bye with wins over Miami and UNC is not a bad place to be in.

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it's possible the kicker prefers kicking on one side of the hash rather than right up the center depending on the distance of the kick. so the play before it can be a safe run play to that side to ensure the right ball placement.

then again, Brian Johnson's 4OT missed kick was straight as an arrow so maybe the coaches did miss that nuance..

He drilled the kick before when Brown called the timeout, so maybe you're right. I really just wish Johnson would make field goals from over 40 yards, regardless of what hash its on. He is 3-13 in his career. That's dreadful. If you take away kicks from beyond 50 yards, he's 3-10, still dreadful. The snap and hold usually look good. He needs to figure something out.

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Formerly known as JWillHokieAlum.

No kicker prefers kicking from the college hash.

Farley played really well in the first half. I was floored that they kept throwing it at him. Seemed like they were begging for a pick. I just kept thinking back to how Duke only threw at Farley's matchup once. Maybe it's that young QB or maybe Mac doesn't care about film but either way it didn't seem smart on UNC's part.

Totally agreed. It was reminiscent of OSU throwing to Kendall Fuller a bunch early. Either the QB wasn't in tune with the plan or they just didn't respect Farley. He was textbook in coverage.

Also, an important tidbit that I forgot to mention:

A paper airplane made it all the way down to the middle of the field from somewhere near the middle to upper portion of section 21 yesterday early in the game.

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Speaking of the atmosphere, when did Lane Stadium turn into a hot mess of ridiculous discombobulated noise that blasts from the speakers at all different volumes almost all game long? It was weird and annoying. Maybe everyone is doing that nowadays. If so, I'm just turning into the old guy who loves Lane Stadium for what it was, the people in it, rather than for the speaker noise.

Let the bands play!

I feel like I went to a rap concert and a football game broke out.

I could not agree more with that snippet. I hate the weird videos of players yelling and random clips/noises between plays. I remember going to basketball games and UVA football games and thinking "are the fans that bored of the game that they need to have all of this crap? I'm glad VT football games don't do this."....and now they do. Can we have a petition or talk to somebody about changing it back?


This take has become increasingly bothersome to me. This is just the way college football games are going. Since marrying an SEC-er, I've been to Neyland, Davis-Wade, and Jordan Hare - they ALL do the same thing. It's rap music, it's produced segments with player interviews, it's pumping in noise to jump start the crowd on 3rd down, etc. The bands still play, and I think with the same frequency as ours does now. The reason I bring that up is because I think we can all agree the SEC has a pretty rich football tradition, so if they're bucking some of these norms of only bands playing, I think it's indicative that we're on par with what everyone else is doing and not standing out as some weird outlier.

I'm not asking you to love it and I'm not trying to single you out by any means because you're entitled to your opinion and I'm not even saying I disagree. I just don't think it's ever going to go away.

I think I may appreciate it more if it didn't seem so terribly random and literally every level. The decibel level was different every time they put on a song, it started and stopped terribly abruptly, and it sometimes drowned out the crowd that was trying to make noise. Crowd noise feeds on crowd noise, thats what makes Lane Stadium what it is IMO.

Is coronavirus over yet?

It'll go away. And almost certainly get replaced with something even worse.

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I'm kind of the opposite. Give the band a fair amount of play time, but I think music pumps up the fans way more than the band.

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I agree with most of the pumped in music being aggravating. Sometimes it is too much, even if I know the lyrics. I guess it helps keep interest of kids, students, recruits.

One thing I don't like from last night was having the band mic'd up. Sounds fake on tv. Need to hear the band more, but more naturally.

Overall, too many bells and whistles. Some entertaining is needed with tv timeouts. Powers that be need to do some tweaking.

I believe HC or Hokie Sports send out a post game email if you go with an online survey attached. Make the concerns known.

My first time in stadium getting to hear the new PA announcer. I actually didn't mind him and never heard a long annoying "It's 3rd Down!" call.

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He hasn't done it the last couple games. I guess he got the feedback that it was annoying.

Refresh me: why is the old guy no longer here?

I been here since day 0.

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I liked the new guy. I went into the game thinking I'd have to make this huge adjustment to get used to hearing the PA announcer and I never once thought about him sounding out of place.

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He's improved a lot since the beginning of the season.

I think people were annoyed with his "thiiiirrrrd dooowwwnnnnn" call, besides that I thought he was fine. Now that he's stopped it I barely notice it's a different guy.

I didn't notice the band being mic'd live. But my seats were pretty close to the band so maybe I just didn't notice it?

I was watching the game with my mom at home (who is a huge uva fan) and we were both saying why weren't they playing enter sandman between OT's they played every rap song they could find but if they would have dropped that bomb one time it would have gone nuts in that place

He said give to me Roscoe

Win probability was too wild then. You want to drop an in-game Sandman when you're highly confident that you'll win. There was still too much that could go wrong during any of the OTs.

Couple of times in OT were prime opportunities for a cheerleader-lead "LET'S GO HOKIES" but those cards stayed hidden after the run-on. That would have produced much more reaction and noise than "Let's Go" by Trick Daddy for the 8th time.

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Actually pleased to hear some CROWD-INITIATED "Let's Go... Hokies" from the fans in the SEction 31 upper portal area I sit in! Our fans know when it's important.

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

Caleb Farley is quickly becoming a top tier ACC corner back. That kid can really cover. I've been noticing it all season long, but you can really see it in person. The move to CB, and the patience to allow him to learn, is really paying off.

A lot of people here have to eat a lot of crow on this one. There are so many players in our secondary who are liabilities when they first get to tech, and leave as greats (Stroman, Bonner, etc). Farley might be the last great Bud Foster corner.

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Well written and greats points. One thought on the piped in noise: they played music during the timeouts when we were icing their kicker but not when they were icing ours. Seems backwards to me. I would think music would tend to relax someone's nerves. Who cares though, it all worked out!

I had very similar feelings and thoughts. A couple other things come to mind...

1) Why not attempt the Hail Mary at the end of regulation? QP can throw it that far I am sure.

2) I don't really mind any of the play calling that took place. I thought Hendon looked good and the offense had the ability to move it the entire first half. The fumble and then two consecutive drops (they were good throws by HH) stalled things. And a lot of people were frustrated with the play calling for QP. But I think the coaches played that one pretty well. QP's strength is running and we needed to shorten the game. They threw when they had to, and it all worked out. I did question the play calling when we got near the goalline in the 4th quarter and settled for a FG. I was listening on the radio at this point, but we were close and had several downs to stick it in, and felt they should've just run QP straight up the middle every time.

3) The defensive performance was by far the most impressive thing to me. The fact that they were down Conner and Farley and Crawford, and played so well in the second half and OT was pretty amazing.

4) I am absolutely hoping for a Coastal Crown at this point. No reason we cannot continue to get better each week and win the rest of our ACC games. The players certainly believed throughout the entirety of that 6OT game. I guarantee no fan believed they could win more than they did. Pretty amazing!

5) HH, get well soon! I want to see him back and leading this team. The sky is the limit for him!

6) QP, continue to be patient, continue to work, your next moment could be against ND, or at any other point. The Sky is the limit for him also!

It is going to be a long bye week, but another welcomed one for everybody to try and get healthy.

Let's Go!!!

I wondered about a Hail Mary attempt too, but I suppose the risk/reward was too high. Shrugs

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

Fuente had told all QBs: ZERO Interceptions, No Excuses.

/s (not really)

if only Miami saw it that way too...

You mean Mark Jones..."miracle Miami!".

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."


I thought about the Hail Mary option, too, but I agree with not trying it. QP is still unpolished as a passer. The risk is too great. I think the way our defense was getting pressure on UNC's QB and the way Quincy was running the ball, OT favored the Hokies. No need to unneccessarily risk a pick-six to lose the game.

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Or the really crappy scenario that we miss a block and watch a scoop and score for the bad guys........

The Hail Mary was right before halftime, not right before OT. If we had taken a knee near midfield in a tied game in the 4th quarter I would have been absolutely livid, especially after seeing 4 of his 6 passes being right on the money. As it was I was disappointed, but understood that you don't want to take the chance of throwing a pick and damaging his confidence, plus the unlikely chance of a strip-sack and scoop-N-score, especially with a brand-new QB who'd never seen real in-game experience at this level.

Edit: I'm dumb.

We got the ball back with 2 seconds to go on the 49 yard line. You tell QP to chuck it to the end zone and all the blockers to immediately go to a prevent defense after the ball is in the air.

I was somehow confusing the end of the half with the end of regulation, which probably has something to do with 6 OT periods. Especially bad since I knew Willis came in and threw a TD strike late in the half, and was still in for a few drives in the 3rd quarter.

Now that I've gotten my bearings, I agree that we absolutely should have attempted the Hail Mary. QP had already shown the ability to throw, and he had been running all over the place without losing the football. No reason to not ask him to chuck it deep, even if his arm strength to 50 yards is unproven.

Idk if it's been said anywhere, but the one thing that stood out to me (aside from all the sentiments that's already been said about HH, QP, the defense playing its ass off, the O line improvement, real execution from the QB, etc. etc.) is the fact that we had two critical turnovers and zero takeaways against a P5 team that is actually pretty talented and we still somehow found a way to win.

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Yep! I said before the game that we have to continue to be good on 3rd down conversions and be even or + on TO's. I didn't think our D would be able to generate so many stops. Glad I was wrong, because we were not very good on 3rd down and -2 on TO's. Outstanding effort by the D.

still though...I lost my mind on a couple of 3rd and long conversions UNC made (on running plays). Fortunately, later in the game we made stops on those same plays.

"Take care of the little things and the big things will come."

I found those plays to be horribly frustrating because we call those same plays all the time and they fail.

On the topic of play-calling I can't believe Mac Brown didn't call a timeout when we had the ball w/about 1:20 left in the game. On 4th down, where we weren't going for it he let almost a min bleed off the clock while we tried to get them to jump offsides. Call the timeout, stop the clock, and do the same thing. Then you have the ball w/roughly 1:20 left instead of like 30 sec. Between us trying to get the to jump and draining the clock and the punt it took just about a min off the clock. I mean I'm glad he didn't but just very timecop-esq of him to not use a timeout there.

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Yeah, with the way that was managed, you had to assume they would be satisfied just playing for OT, but nope, they used their timeouts on offense to try to get up the field. Terrible clock management.

But he also iced his own kicker, and let the game clock expire so his kicker would have 5yds longer to kick. When you get a certain age, your mind just takes a little longer for processing...

Great post above, on Ladler stepping up to make a few huge plays toward the end of the game.

Why was he playing though? Did he replace someone? Or did we bring an extra DB into the game?

Conner was hurt

That was the best environment I've attended in Lane in a few years.

That first TD pass that HH threw to TT was very impressive. On a dime. From my vantage point in the East stands, could see the release from behind HH and watch the ball fly perfectly on a rope to TT. It was sick. He can throw. I suspect QP can too and would really hope the coaches start to let him pass. The playcalling, for as great as a few of the plays are here and there, is far too predictable.

Hell of a game and weekend overall.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Glad to see somebody was doing Sandman correctly....

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I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them!

I think this is where the hopes of all UNC fell when QP ran/Pattering Ram'd it in.

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So maybe I missed but has there been any update on Hookers knee?

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All I've heard from coach has been/was: "I'm shocked he didn't go the 2nd half / it's not serious, he'll be back"

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In the press conference today, someone asked if it was a long-term thing, and Fuente said "no, it's not a long-term thing". Pretty much par for the course.

So still no idea.... got it!

Football is a lot like life, and you're going to have disappointments. The issue is how you come back from them.

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So, taking a cue from USMC_hokie's avatar, did anyone get video of the pre-game flyover? Ospreys are so cool.

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Excellent! Many thanks!

The Osprey is one of the few aircraft they could use to do a flyover for a night game....that would be pretty cool, with the rotor lights.

Osprey at night

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Just re-watched 4th quarter on as I had to listen to the 4th qtr and overtime in the car on the radio.

On UNC's possession right after the QP 53 yarder to tie the game at 31. UNC comes out with two quick short passes. On the first, Floyd comes flying up and makes the tackle not allowing any yards after catch. On the second, Deablo did the same thing. Then Ashby finishes the 3-and-out with a great tackle on the RB in the hole. For two veteran defenders (Floyd and Deablo), who have taken some lumps this season, they set the tone on that possession and made sure that the momentum from QP's TD carried forward. Those were big time plays that got overlooked in all the craziness of OT.

Also, seeing the broadcast, watching Fuente's daughters and wife come congratulate him after was cool. Oldest daughter said, "Good job Dad! That was awesome!" HAve to admit, having kids of my own, that got me in the feels. specially knowing what Fu has been through the last month.

I might re-watch again tomorrow night, but start with the Turner TD.