Every so often, you have the perfect gameday

I began attending Tech games in 2004. I began attending every home game in 2006 and stopped when high school soccer took over my life in 2012 and college thereafter. I still manage to make it to a couple games every year, but I have missed some good ones that I otherwise wouldn't have if life hadn't gotten in the way.

Up until now, there were two gamedays I can remember that were perfect. The first one was in 2007 against Florida State. 3:30 kickoff, 4th quarter demolition, first win over FSU in a longtime, Tyrod's first great game, etc. Everything about it was so perfect.

The other one that comes to mind was the 2011 Miami game. There was never a dull moment in that one, and it ultimately ended with the greatest showing of Enter Sandman ever and a Hokie win over the hated Hurricanes. That one was also a 3:30 kickoff. I'm particularly biased to that time because you don't have to wake up too early to tailgate and can get back home at a decent hour.

You can add Saturday's game against UNC to this list. It had everything. It had the golden 3:30 kickoff. It had the longest game in ACC history. It had us beating one my favorite teams in the world to beat. It was QP's first great game of hopefully several more. I haven't seen that much energy in Lane Stadium in a long time. It was truly another perfect game.

2017 WVU would be there if it had been in Blacksburg. 2013 Marshall would be there had it not been for the rain. 2006 Clemson was very close, but getting home at 2 AM on a school night in the third grade isn't the greatest thing in the world. 2008 UVA was awesome, but it was freezing and kind of a boring game at 17-14 final. 2014 UVA was also awesome, but we were 5-6, and the athletic department couldn't even fake a sellout for that one.

What are some perfect gameday experiences for you guys?

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2006 Clemson ... third grade

I swear I wasn't old 5 minutes ago

We've lost every big time game I've ever tailgated for and attended...

Best tailgating experiences though would be Thursday night game 10/27/05 (my birthday freshman year) vs Boston College. Got shit faced in the Prices Fork lot at my brother's tailgate. His birthday present to me was his Jeep full of liquor. Got shit faced super early by playing flip cup with said liquor then my gf at the time came by and wanted me to go meet her parents for the first time. I learned on the walk across campus to get to Lot 2 that they were (still are) super big deals at VT. I get there, hammered off my ass wondering what he's going to think, he gives me a beer first thing, we hang out in their RV outside South End Zone, then we commenced to kicking their ass on the field.

2nd would be Maryland I think in 2008. Don't remember anything other than Evans running over a poor soul and us kicking the crap out of them.

*edited* My dates were way off....forgot when I graduated high school....

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2008, i couldn't get in because I dropped my student ID near the gate, and some magical hobo picked it up and gave it to me, and I got to enjoy the game.

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We've lost every big time game I've ever tailgated for and attended...

There's only one way to break that curse...

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I go big and throw tailgates in the German Club lot front corner for just about every big game we have in Blacksburg.

I've even withheld myself from attending a big game or two out of superstition sake... Sooner or later the curse will break.

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Didn't go to the game, just watched it on tv, but Saturday was my birthday, and the win was a great present, other than that whole ageing 3 years in 3 hours thing.

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...Saturday was my birthday...

...ageing 3 years in 3 hours...

No, you're only supposed to age one year on your birthday.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

You got it right. I told my wife that I wasn't sure whether to donate more to the Hokie Club or buy a home defibrillator.

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Tech should likely invest some money in doubling the number of defibs at Lane, if we play more games like this one.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

No, you're only supposed to age one year on your birthday.

That is optimal, yes. It's not like I had a choice.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Cincinnati in 06

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Syracuse '99

VT BSEE '98, VT MSME '01

'09 Miami. Torrential downpour for the whole game but we beat the hell out of Jacory Harris and I didn't care that my cellphone was soaked and died.

I would root for the Russians before I would root for Virginia.

If standing in the rain all day was your best experience, we need to do a better job at getting you to a better tailgate/game day.... but to each his own.

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I was in the band so no tailgate experience that day, but that game is my tops inside Lane as well. The place was rockin' and we played awesome.

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Ah that explains it then.

In that case, I'd agree. I was at that game and it was a very fun atmosphere despite being water logged.

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Piggybacking off of the MV experience that day. I had water pouring out of my instrument, my uniform smelled something awful, most of my music ended up moldy, and that was still one of the greatest football games I have ever had the pleasure of attending. There was nothing like crushing Miami's soul in the conditions after ESPN was on their knees for Miami the entire freaking week up to that game

I remember being so wet it looked like faucets were running out of the ends of my shoes... And not giving a single F***! That rain couldn't hold our spirits down that day even a little. Only better game than that despite bad weather was the hurricane bowl vs aTm.

The initial first 30 minutes to an hour of being in the rain is pretty miserable, but once you've reached maximum saturation and your body temp levels out from being wet, it is what it is and doesn't really bug you anymore.

I think if that Miami game was later in the season with cooer temperatures, my perception and other people's perception may not have been so fond of it. I guess it depends on how bad the pneumonia was.

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Boston College 99

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

That one has my vote as well

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#1, no other gameday comes close.

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This game will be one I remember for a long time. I took my 3.5 y/o son, and though he has been to a few games previously, this is the game that it all started to click for him.

He was pumped the entire 2.5 hour drive up from NC, because he was soooo excited for Enter Sandman and 'everyone jumping'. While tailgating, watching the team walk on Beamer Way, and entering the stadium, my son quickly realized that if he yelled 'Let's Go!!!' that everyone would yell back 'Hokies!!!' He loved it, and I thought he was going to go hoarse from all the screaming and chanting 'H-O-K-I-E-S HOKIES!!!' He spent several minutes investigating the statue of Frank and I told him the legend of CFB. The stadium experience was great and he loved every minute. Enter Sandman, The Hokie Bird, the MV's, Hokie Vision, and he even followed some of the game. He was taking it all in. He requested to wear his VT shirt to school on Monday and walking into his classroom chanting 'Let's Go!!! HOKIES!!!' I will forever remember it as the gameday that my son became a HOKIE! Priceless.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that both of his pre-school teachers, sadly, are UNC fans. So it was even sweeter that he went into school wearing his shirt chanting for the HOKIES.

The game you described for your son was the 2004 NC State game for me. I had attended maybe one or two games before but remember absolutely nothing from them. I was six years old for the NC State game in 2006, so I was somewhat able to understand what was going on, and I definitely knew that it was kind of a big deal when Brandon Pace missed that field goal. The next weekend, I sat on the couch for an entire three hours to watch the WVU game (super impressive for a six year old to sit in one spot for three hours). WVU was ranked sixth, and we whooped them. I know the score was 19-13, but we dominated that game. They were not going to win that game. It had to have felt awesome for you Hokies who watched the 2002 and 2003 WVU games. The rest is history!

That's awesome for your son that he had a great time. We visited the Kent Square parking garage last weekend because that's where we always tailgated when I was growing up. It was super nostalgic. I know your son is probably too young to take a step back and cherish how great gameday in Blacksburg is as a kid, but he will remember it when he is my age, and my best advice to you is to soak it in. Sitting in the stands with my dad for this game brought back some of the best memories of my life. Blacksburg and Lane Stadium are truly a special place.

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2008 UVA was very cold, but an awesome experience. My feet were pretty numb lol.

2010 GT was an amazing game day experience.

Sounds like we are about the same age....because those exact days you said stick out to me in my childhood memory.

Nebraska 2009 was pretty perfect. IIRC it was a 3:30 kick off...and we all know how that ended! The FSU beatdown in 2007 I remember vividly myself because I remember the FSU players just laying down toward the end....you could tell they didn't want to be there.

I was at my first homecoming as an alum this past weekend and I can safely say it is one I will remember forever!To me it was the most 'vintage' Lane Stadium has felt in a very long time.

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The Nebraska game is the only non-away game I missed that season. I even made the opener against Alabama in Atlanta. I chose a stupid soccer game over it. I still regret that one to this day. I watched it at my friend's house. We couldn't believe what we were watching.

I still love watching the replay of that 2007 FSU game. The look on Ponder's face when he threw that pick six to one of our DEs (I think it was Chris Ellis) was priceless. Watching the team that stole a national championship from us and the 2005 ACC championship absolutely fold was beautiful.

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I mean 1999 Syracuse and Boston College are the top 2 Virginia Tech games I've ever attended for obvious reasons. 2005 Georgia Tech is right up there too, but wish it had been a later kickoff.

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1990 LOLUVa in Blacksburg. UVA started the season as #1...lost a few and came into Blacksburg during Beamer's 4th season. The Hokies were 5 - 5. UVa was still #17. We beat them. Stormed the field after. Gave high fives to the Hokie bird and helped tear down the north end goal posts.


They didn't start #1 (actually #15), but they definitely peaked there in midseason before dropping a couple. I remember the shirts that said something like:

#1 in the nation
#1 in the ACC
#1 in the state

Fun fact, the first team that beat them was GT on November 3, who was #16 at the time but went on to share the national championship.

Fun fact, the first team that beat them was GT on November 3, who was #16 at the time but went on to share the national championship.

I went to that game with my GT alumni father. We rushed the field to celebrate the GT victory.

Not sure if you remember this or not, but my dad paid a pilot to fly a plane over the stadium that day with a banner on the back asking his now wife of almost 28 years and my now mother to marry him. I guess I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for that game.

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I miss those fly overs.

I swear...if they had just given it some time to let the weather pass.......the 2000 opening with Georgia Tech was amazing. You could just feel the energy and it was "electric". First Enter Sandman too. But it never happened because of how bad the storm was.

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If we are talking games attended in person.
Most fun away game-tie 1) 1983 UVA -the 48-0 Squeaker-tearing down the goalposts in your rival's stadium.;2) the win over the Buckeyes in the Shoe

Neutral site, the 1986 Peach Bowl win with last second field goal (and even though we lost- the Alabama games in ChickFilA Kickoff games);

Home-for sheer excitement and joy and adrenaline? This UNC game; Last year's comeback against UVA and the win in the frozen tundra over UVA three years ago(longest tailgate experience for me-started at 10 am and continued with post game celebration at 1230AM)

From the 2018 VT-uva game-"This is when LEGENDS are made!"

1999 Clemson - the MV1 buzz was starting to make national attention, and then Corey Moore stole the whole show
1999 Miami - The entire town was lit
2003 Miami - The Walk

my last game as a student...BC in 99...rushing the field after the game, realizing we were going to the national championship game, and knowing my plan worked out (i dropped a class the previous spring semester so i wouldn't graduate on time, because i heard about an awesome redshirt freshman that would be playing the next year...michael vick...i wanted to be there for that)

Wait... you dropped a class so that you could come back for your Redshirt Senior Year because of football?

That is the most bad-ass move I've ever heard of!

This from the guy who bombed an accounting test to go see the Hokies beat Duke in Cassell.


Or are you referring to me?

I am referring to you.

LOL I'm impressed, good memory man!

Carry on

That memory stuck with me all through college and then I brought it up on here a long time ago and found you. I had to order my transcripts last month for a professional certification and saw that class on there and the C I made. I thought, "I should have went to the Duke game like 4VPISU and took the class in the summer." I made an A in the 2nd principles of accounting class that I took in a summer session.

TKP has a way of bringing us together, eh? I ended up taking that class at Blue Ridge Community College over the summer (Summer session would have been a great idea and something I wish I took advantage of), as well as one other one - Econ maybe? - I'll never forget walking into take that exam like "who schedules an evening exam on the same day that we play Duke for the first time."

Too awesome man.

Last game as a student? Do you mean to tell me that you went to all the trouble of intentionally graduating late, just for football, and didn't go to the Sugar Bowl?

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

Probably couldn't afford it after yet another semester of tuition

Edit: either that or the fact that they were actually no longer a student when the Sugar Bowl was played

i did make it to the sugar bowl...i was one of the lucky ones that got a ticket through the student lottery.

2003 Miami. As an overly-invested 13 year old kid, there was no easier team to hate with a passion than those Canes. I'll never forget witnessing the Hokies beat the living shit out of them on my birthday weekend.

1995 Miami

First time we ever beat the canes

This was also my freshman year and the first time I participated in tearing down the goalpost. It was Epic.

Miami 2011 - perfect weather, perfect tailgating, everything was great

For away game, give me OSU 2014. Great time tailgating, seeing Columbus, great weather, great game.

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UVA game on our way to the '95 Sugar Bowl, hands down. To be there watching the 'hoos entire stadium deflate...priceless.

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2013 Marshall would be there had it not been for the rain.

I thought the whole atmosphere/personality of that game came from the rain. Otherwise, it would have been another standard mid-September game against a team we should have put away early.