Why isn't Grimsley playing WR

Excuse me if it has been covered elsewhere, but why is #6 only going out for punt return?

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I've wondered that too, might be as simple as the other guys around him have stepped up their game

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Dude was a stud in the BC game.
Doesn't make any sense.

I know he had a long catch, but did he even play that many plays? I seem to recall he only got something like 13 snaps the following week vs ODU.

Plus Hazleton and Turner are both healthy now and VT ran a bunch of 2 & 3 TE sets vs UNC. That doesn't leave much room for Grimsley.

Well, Mitchell plays outside a lot. Turner and Haze are healthy and playing now. Robinson was hot early, and Keene plays pretty much every snap, so our base personnel is 12 most of the time. So with 2 wr sets, he is not in the main rotation despite Corny saying he always needs 6 WRs. Patterson is not getting any burn either, because we are not rotating guys at all. Kaleb Smith's burn has decreased too.

We should fix this by recruiting more WRs....

Danny is always open

Or put Simmons, Payoute, Bowick, Pinkney, or Boyd on the field. Numbers are not the problem at WR.

I suppose I should have included the /s

Danny is always open

I've wondered as well. Can't just be a matter of being passed by Robinson, he's good enough to be on the field and getting catches. Maybe fuente remembers his fumble at BC too well /s

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Haven't look at the film but my hunch is with a dual threat quarterback, CornFu is electing to have more Keene + Mitchell sets

I would echo this. Seems like they went away from WR sets with Hooker needing better blocking. Seems like Mitchell is better than most of the WR's anyways.

Tu-rod did it Mikey! Tu-rod did it!

Echoing the Keene + Mitchell sets: I'm starting to think they are used especially in the run blocking game (PAGING GALLO). We already know our receivers are not the best blockers some days, but Mitchell, Keene, and especially now Gallo are key to helping the run. This is also why I think you have seen less Robinson too.

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Probably correct. Gallo played a ton in the UNC game. I just wish our offense was more diverse and we saw more 4 wide sets here and there to set up the intermediate passing that seems to be missing. Also, guys like Grimsely deserve to see the field more.

May be wrong, but I though Grimz was nursing some nagging injuries the last few weeks? I guess not bad enough to pull him from PR, but maybe trying to get him healthy?
Also to the Patterson comment, he's dealing with some off the field issues I believe

Grades. I have heard he is academically ineligible the rest of the year.

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Have also heard that, but left it ambiguous on purpose

Can you still dress if you're academically ineligible?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Can you still catch punts if you're academically ineligible?

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I think they're referring to Patterson, if I am reading that correctly.

well phil patt was also dressed for the game and on the sideline.

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Just being "given time" to focus on his grades more than football? Or injured? Or in the doghouse for not blocking, practicing hard enough, dropping the ball? Or just a victim of being behind better players with less WR time to go around? Hard to speculate, but hope things come together for Phil, preferably as a Hokie.

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Exactly. Hence my question.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

sorry I wasn't replying to you but I would think not? seems like if you are ineligible then you are ineligible for all athletic activities but this is NCAA and we were playing UNC so the NCAA probably had their eyes closed to this game and didn't care who played. pretty sure I saw dre bly suited up in the 2nd half pass interfering hazelton a couple times too but it didn't matter when you only need one hand.

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Yep, Patterson. I probably should have specified.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Can you still dress if you're academically ineligible?

He'd better. Naked with poor grades is rarely a recipe for success.

But it would be for getting arrested.

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Agree to disagree...

Ok, no disrespect, but come on... his grades for spring and summer are in the books and he was eligible starting in August. You can't be academically ineligible before fall grades are even posted. Mid-term grades were posted Friday but those would not make him ineligible, just in jeopardy for the spring if low enough.

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Correct. If you are academically eligible in August, you are in October. Of course this could be an internal "academically ineligible" and not an NCAA one too.

LAHokie mentioned in another thread that Grimsley is dealing with some personal stuff at the moment as well, contributing to his lack of playing time.

That coupled with what others have mentioned are probably why we're not seeing him much lately.

Dang that sucks. He's been one of my favorite offensive players.

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I heard Grimsely will be leaving the team (transfer) after the season due to some issues back home.

clym on

Fire everyone, they've lost the locker room! s/

Seriously, hate to hear that, both for whatever personal stuff he has going on, and I've always really like him

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LifetimeHokie12 hit the nail on the head. from all accounts ive heard grimsley maybe transferring as soon as he can as grad transfer (insert Fuentes lost the locker room and cant keep kids out the portal comment here) so he can be closer to home. his mom is dealing with some real health issues and hes been missing some time here and there and Fuente has allowed him to focus on that. hopefully his mom can get better and he can stay a hokie, I know he wants to be.

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If that's the case, W&M or ODU is getting a hell of a WR.

yeah ive heard ODU. but we will wait and see. like I said its all up in the air but as long as his mom isn't doing well thats his plan. could always change. just know if it was up to him shes be 100% and hed 100% be a hokie. but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do and things are out of your control. hezzy is an outstanding kid though. couldn't ask for a better person to be a hokie.

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I'm guessing we lose several WRs to the transfer portal this off season. Do we have room for Pinckney, Payoute, Bowick, Robinson, Smith, Turner, Simmons, Patterson, Grimsley and Hazelton to get all the targets they will feel like they deserve next year? Especially with Mitchell, Keene and probably Gallo getting significant looks in the passing game too.

I bet Hazelton pulls a Bucky/Jerod and leaves. Just my opinion though.

clym on

Possibly, I don't think he is ready yet, but if he gets a top 3 grade he would/should go. Still, I would guess we lose 3 guys off that list. So 2 transfers if Haze goes pro and 3 if not.

Just a guess and I wouldn't blame any of them who are buried on the depth chart for going... all appear to have P5 talent.

A top 3 grade? As in top 3 receivers in the draft or round 3? If the former, there is zero chance of that. If the latter, there is zero chance of that because you only get a Rd 1-2 grade or nothing. Regardless he's not a Rd 1-3 pick. There are a LOT of good receivers in college football; plenty with comparable size and comparable speed (or better) and even more with better hands.

I thought they graded you as a 1-3 rounder, which is what I meant. I don't think he'd get that grade either which 8s why I don't think he should go.

This is going to sound meaner than it really is, but I hope he does declare for the draft. With so few roster spots available for recruiting this year, some attrition is going to be necessary. If it's going to happen, I'd prefer it be for a talented young man to go pro, rather than transferring to ODU. We probably do need to thin the herd in a very crowded and talented WR room to keep everyone happy and engaged, and seeing a guy go pro can only help recruiting.

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I don't. I rather have someone who could legitimately compete for the Biletnikoff than an extra scholarship.

We are not short on talent at WR. We have an embarrassment of riches at the position. It feels almost guaranteed that we're losing at least one or two of them this offseason. I'd still prefer for that loss to be to the NFL, not to another school.

“You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the endzone.”
― John Madden (describing VT's offense?)

hopefully bowick, pickney, and payoute can get some reps in the last few games of the season...would be beneficial to get some experience at game-speed, in preparation for next year

Sounds like Bowick is out for the year with an MCL tear. I just passed Payoute in the concourse of I believe it was the Rhode Island game in a boot so looks like he is injured. And from what I'm told, Pinckney is not developing nearly as quickly as planned. I'm not even sure he's been dressing for games....

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We have an embarrassment of names at this point. A walk on started at WR against BC, and Turner and Haze play 90% of the snaps when they are healthy. If we had an embarrassment of riches at WR, more of them would play. If you tell me they are true freshman, but they are great- well we don't know that until they play in real games.

Smith decommited from a full ride at Wake because he wanted to be a Hokie. It's not like he's someone walking away from DIII offers to walk on.

I think that dude will be a total stud too.

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Understood. Wake Forest de-commits/VT walk on's also counter the "embarrassment of riches" claim. that was my point. I'm not knocking Smith. I'm arguing that we do not have an embarrassment of riches at WR in terms of real game production.

How does it counter that? He's good enough to get a full scholarship to Wake (which even got ranked this year) but is a walk-on here. How does that not make our WR room look good?

Traditionally Wake Forest is not associated with big time football or a blue blood type school. I know I'm probably arguing word semantics, but bottom line is, we do not have an embarrassment of riches in the WR room in terms of on field production. A TE plays a lot of WR for us, and 2 guys get the vast majority of snaps. You would see a much heavier rotation of players if we had riches in the WR room.

the TE argument is kinda moot, it allows up to run multiple formations and do multiple things were lucky enough to have an athletic enough TE that we can line up outwide and get a size advantage on DBs and speed advantage on LBs. but I somewhat agree with you, while I love smith if you would have told me he would have seen significant snaps this year before the season I would have been disappointed. on paper.... this group is an embarrassment of riches

Phil Patterson
Hezekiah Grimsley
Tré Turner
Damon Hazelton
Darryle Simmons
Tahj Gary
Kaleb Smith
Tayvion Robinson
Jaden Payoute
Jacoby Pinckney
Elijah Bowick

but if you told me smith would be the one to emerge to get major snaps id have been a bit disappointed esphially with out seeing ANY snaps from bowick and payoute, and not many from grimsley and Patterson. I wouldn't be disappointed seeing smith in the mix and its not a knock on smith at all hes played well and I'm satisfied with his play for the most part, I just didn't expect him to emerge as the top guy from this group.

as far as your assessment of smith not being a blue blood 5* WR not equivalating to being part of the riches, I think its far sighted. I know you are a big recruits guy and stars and how much better this staff needs to recruit but if sam rogers was part of the ryan williams, david Wilson, Darren evans, josh oglesby back field would you write him off as not part of that group as far as being one of the riches just because he is a walk on? tre, hazelton, Robinson, *payoute (will be part of the riches), grimsley, and if you add in Mitchell to this group and even phil patt, that's a damn good WR room. the fact that smith has emerged only speaks to his talent and work ethic. sometimes people miss on recruiting. kinda like we missed on greg dorch who ended up at wake and was a baller and took the ACC by storm. not all times but sometimes it just happens that way.

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My take is this:
Darryle Simmons- has not played a college snap. Could be Isaiah Ford or Sam Denmark we don't know
Tahj Gary- is a running back
Jaden Payoute- see above
Jacoby Pinckney- see above
Elijah Bowick- see above

If I had a nickel every time I read on a VT message board that "XX player is a beast/stud/freak/gonna be a problem" during their redshirt year, and didn't live up to that, i'd be rich. Let's wait and see

If I had a nickel every time I read on a VT message board that "XX player is a beast/stud/freak/gonna be a problem" during their redshirt year, and didn't live up to that, i'd be rich

Let's be honest here. It takes 20 nickels to make $1. No one would be rich off that multiples over...but there'd be enough to replenish and restock our bourbon supplies. 🥳 🥃 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃

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The better indicator for future studs is look for coaches mentioning players who are not yet playing in an unprompted response. They did this with Hazelton his RS transfer year. I remember Beamer doing it with Ryan Williams. I think Isaiah Ford garnered some attention early too. Robinson was gushed over by coaches and players this off season.

I don't really have a point that directly applies to this comment, just something I was thinking about.

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Agreed. there have been a few that coaches have mentioned- not that many though, which is why those guys turn out to be good.

If I had a nickel every time I read on a VT message board that "XX player is a beast/stud/freak/gonna be a problem" during their redshirt year, and didn't live up to that, i'd be rich. Let's wait and see

haha right! I'm with you I agree 100% like I said "on paper" its a pretty deep and good group. we just have to wait and see. but as it is, it could have very easily been any one of those other guys who seized the starting role over smith and then smith would be sitting on the bench as one of those "guys who have never played a snap" but as it turns out is a pretty good football player. heres to HOPING that it really is an embarrassment of riches

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Some people just like to get excited about future players instead of being pessimistic on a fan message board.

On the other hand that's equivalent to some people on here who like to call players a bust if they had a little bit of hype coming in and aren't All-ACC by their R-So year.

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Pointing out that a WR hasn't played yet is pessimism now. oui

No but saying you would make a lot of money off of each recruit people claim will be a stud and then doesn't live up to expectations is a pretty pessimistic view.

I agree. College football is a completely different game to high school. Some kids are never able to make that adjustment and most take 2-3 years if they can make it. We should temper expectations and also be patient with development. But i don't really see how you can knock someone for coming on to a fan site and being excited about a players potential.

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This is a good post. I admit I am a little skeptical regarding WR hype over the years. I love the new kids- they were actually WRs in HS. I am really excited to see them play. but fact is, they haven't yet and hopefully they get some burn with the 4 game rule. Fu is in a tough spot. The team will be scratching for a bowl, so he has to play his best guys, hopefully we have a 40 point lead on Wake and Pitt and we can see what Simmons can do.

That is a shame. And it's totally the same thing as bringing up a discussion why the highest rated recruit since Tyrod is a backup his 3rd year in the program. totally the same argument/point.

It is. It's people without knowledge claiming someone is going to be a stud and it's people without knowledge claiming someone is a bust when they have 2-3 years left in this program.

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I agree- it's both sides.

However it's hypocritical of me to tell someone to not rail on people for being optimistic on fansite and then get on them for being a pessimist/realist. Managing expectations for college players is tough and people go about it different ways and sometimes you need both perspectives.

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I honestly wouldn't be too upset of a couple of WR decided to transfer. Our offense is quickly becoming more and more run heavy (not complaining, it's awesome) and less throws to go around. Given a couple of studs already on the roster, I'd totally get them wanting to be more showcased elsewhere.

Yeah, I think almost any of those guys are justified in thinking they have NFL potential if showcased... if I thought I had NFL potential and was buried behind Turner, Haze and Robinson I'd definitely consider the portal.

It is odd that coming in Fu and co wanted 8 receivers they could use interchangeably, yet my perception is we don't really see it?
2016 - Ford, Phillips, Hodges - 75% volume
2017 - Phillips, Kumah, Savoy - 56% volume
2018 - Hazelton, Kumah, Turner - 57% volume. With Grimsley - 69% volume
2019 - Hazelton, Turner, Robinson - 51% volume. With Mitchell - 60% volume

We see other guys on the field, but still feels like we favorite the top targets more than I thought we would be year 4.

Edit: Did some maths and it does appear we have become significantly more balanced than in year 1. This year volume share has shifted with the involvement of Mitchell and Keene and injuries with Hazelton and Turner. Add to that a more balanced scheme with Hooker/Patterson in the lineup.

Kaleb Smith has more catches than Grimz this season. Also, if you factor in TEs and RBs that line up out wide like they have been (Keene, Mitchell, Clease) we're getting pretty close to an 8-receiver rotation.

Edit: I see your edit with an edit of my own. Robinson leads the team in receiving yards with 267, and Grimsley is 6th with 152. That's a lot of players with at least half the leader's total, and if it stands it'll be the most in quite some time, if not ever. Last year we had 3 (Haze led, with Kumah and Tre not too far back), the year before Cam had over twice as many yards as 2nd place Savoy, in 2016 it was 3 again (Ford, Cam, and Bucky, with Sam Rogers at 4th with less than 30%) and 2015 had the same 3. In 2014 those 3 were joined by Willie Byrn, and I went as far back as 2009 without seeing any seasons with 5+ before Hokiesports.com started crashing and not letting me get older stats.

4 receivers getting 60% of the volume is probably as close to what fuente imagined coming in as you can get... I mean that leaves 40% for 2 to 4 more guys to pick up giving you 6 to 8 receivers. I don't think he ever meant to have 8 receivers getting exactly 12.5% of the targets.

Edit - leg for your clarification, we are on the same page. Potentially even more balance in the pipe with three potential studs redshirting this year.

I'm more worried about who replaces Hazelton. You know that guy is going to leave.

If Grims transfers and Haze goes pro, we look thin real quick.

You're on drugs man. The recruits we picked up last year look better than both of them. Like 5 of them are redshirting this year. Payoute has ELITE speed for the outside, and we've heard good things about Bowick as well. We will be just fine.

Tu-rod did it Mikey! Tu-rod did it!

Did this question just inadvertently answer why Willis was starting at the beginning of the season?

Could it because they thought he was the best passer and we have a wealth of wide receiver talent to feed the ball to?

I think it's fair to say they probably thought our offensive identity would be more pass heavy than it has materialized to be. Very ironic considering the smash mouth style that won us the game with QP in.

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more running, less distribution in the passing game. Only have so many throws. I think if Hendon is the guy going forward, we will see more distribution. Probably less with QP

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Why isn't Grimsley playing WR?

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

With the info on this thread, it really helps explain why Fu said in the ODU postgame presser earlier this year why he was so happy that Heze caught that touchdown. It also corroborates Heze's postgame interview too. I don't have any #sauces or #marinades but the puzzle pieces are all there waiting to be found and fit.

As selfishly as we want Heze to remain a Hokie througout his collegiate career, we can't ignore that he just needs to take care of home first. And if that means being closer to Mama Grimsley, then so be it.

He'll always be a true Hokie to us.

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