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First (P5) game each week:
Week 3: FRI, 9/13
Week 4: THU, 9/19
Week 5: FRI, 9/27
Week 6: SAT, 10/5
Week 7: THU, 10/10
Week 8: THU, 10/17
Week 9: FRI, 10/25
Week 10: THU, 10/31
Week 11: FRI, 11/8

Week 12: THU, 11/14
Week 13: THU, 11/21
Week 14: THU, 11/28

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Week 3 Roster reminders: No need to reply to this post; use it if it helps

Lunch Pail Defense: TE- one is on bye; Marshon Ford (LOU) projected for 0, isn't on the depth chart.
Dame Judi Denchs Mom: FLEX - Chris Brown (CAL, RB) projected 0 points; not sure why
Hokie Fireman: RB - Empty
Adrianne's Team: RB - Ke'Shawn Brown (ZOU) on bye this week
EIEIO Hokie: WR - Denzel Mims (BAY) on bye this week
Fightin Gobblers: RB - Devyn Ford (PSU) projected 0 points; listed 4th on depth chart
Fightin Gobblers: FLEX - Seth Williams (AUB, WR) is listed as officially OUT this week (was day to day)
McHokie540: DEF - Wisconsin is on bye this week; none on your bench
Layin down the Hurts: FLEX - Jashaun Corbin (TA&M, RB) injured, doubtful to play this week
Blacksburg Cannibals: WR - Kalija Lipscomb (VAN) on bye this week
Blacksburg Cannibals: RB - Jafar Armstrong (ND) OUT, expected to miss 5 weeks

Really surprised about Ford. I picked him up because he got several carries against Idaho, and took one to the house. So of course he only gets one in a blow out against Buffalo. Oh well.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

I'm looking to trade for a TE.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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TEs are like kickers; if we do this next season I'll change the TE to a WR/TE flex.

Honestly, I'd stick with Ferguson and choose a random TE off waivers. You shouldn't trade away a higher scoring player just to get a point or two extra from your TE.

I just dropped a dude from USC; highly ranked in preseason; hasn't scored a point yet. I don't even think I picked up the best TE from Maryland (there's one available with more catches and yards; mine has had more TD luck).

True college TE's are so up and down mostly down in points. I'd be happy with the flex option next year.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Especially in a 16 team league. It makes it real tough if you don't get one of the few good ones.

So my TE is projected 0 (I'm Lunch Pail Defense), but he's played in both games so I think I'm OK. My regular TE is on bye this week and waiver wire has like nothing so I'm gonna roll with it.

I just realized he wasn't projected to score any points in the first two weeks, and he scored in both. I haven't seen this much, but I'd play him, too.

I brought up the zero projected points in case he might have some kind of low-key injury that didn't make the news or something (the "ourlads" depth charts defaults to taking players completely out when they're actually injured), but it appears Yahoo just hasn't updated their projections with "this guy actually plays in games".

You're my opponent this week and my intent is not to get an unfair advantage. It appears that he sees action and catches passes for Louisville, and Yahoo's projection engine (nor the dude updating the "ourlads" site) is seeing it yet.

Oops, forgot I was signed up for this.

Playoff Settings update- I originally intended to set up the playoffs so that the division winners have automatic bids; and then the top two scoring teams after that are in. I discovered that the playoffs are currently set up where the top TWO teams in each division are in the playoffs (regardless of points entirely). I'll give you guys a week or so to defend or argue either way, but my intent is to fix that to the former model (I'm 7th in the standings and 9th in points, the wife is 10th and 10th, so this is not a shady move I'm sneaking by to benefit either one of us).

Let me know if you have any strong opinions; this way tends to benefit both the luckiest winners and the poor Schmoes like "Layin down the Hurts"; (he's leading the league in scoring but everybody is playing their game of the year against him so he's only 1-2).

Talk about a close one, I got you by 0.56. My opinion is that record should decide playoffs. What's the point of having matchups each week if the only thing that matters is points? If you can, I would say division winners are auto bids, then the next two best records will be in. Layin Down the Hurts May be unlucky through 3 weeks, but if he continues to score the most in the league he'll more than likely be fine. I would be in favor of expanding the playoffs if possible. Only 4 out of 16 making it is small. Maybe make it 6 with top 2 getting byes?

I went to bed at half time at the AZ game thinking "this Arizona RB can get 0.6 point, no problem". Turns out he was benched and never came back in!

I think the bigger playoffs last season was nice. It would cut into the regular season a week earlier, but I could definitely go for that.

As for the matchups- typically there's always a team that gets incredibly lucky with the wins (Fireman last season was like 7th or 8th in scoring; but managed to go undefeated) and there are teams that are unlucky (I managed to make the playoffs of a pro league one year with the highest scoring team and a 5-8 record)

With multiple ways to get in the playoffs, it tends to stay interesting for more people longer into the season. If we did the whole arrangement without any incentive for winning, that would be pointless, but if you're playing the hottest team every week and still outscoring everybody else, that gets senselessly frustrating, too. You'll still try and win every week so you can nail down a guaranteed spot.

Would you be good with a 6-team playoff; 4 auto-bids (Top 2 records in each division) and 2 wild card bids (last two remaining teams by highest points scored)?

Your proposal seems like the best of both worlds to me. I'm good with that.

To be fair, the only reason I'm leading in total points is because of an absolutely bonkers Week 1, where I led the league in scoring by over 30. Week 2, I had the 13th-most points, and this week I forgot to check my team and didn't see that my flex starter suffered a season-ending injury in week 2, so we'll see where that takes me going forward.

I am the reverse, misplaced the link for the first two weeks. Saw the thread logged in and won my week three match.

Week 4 Roster reminders: No need to reply to this post; use it if it helps

Hokie Fireman: Both WR & RB on bye (You have 2 Empty rosters spots and some bench players that could help)
EIEIO Hokie: Both a WR & TE on bye (You have a WR on the bench; your bench TE is on bye as well)
McHokie540: Your DEF is empty (Your bench Defense is on bye)
Layin down the Hurts: Your FLEX is empty (You have players on the bench)
Blacksburg Cannibals: Your TE & FLEX are on bye (You have a WR on the bench; your other TE is on bye, too)

Starters projected for "Zero points" that have been playing and are active this week were not included.

Oh right, forgot to check after waivers. Thanks!

League Update: The playoffs have been moved back one week and will now include 6 teams (like last season).


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