Random Fantasy Position Changes That I Wish Would Happen Thread

I don't know about any of you guys but looking at past recruiting commits, especially in the last 3 years, makes me kinda depressed about some of the higher rated guys we got (Devon Hunter, Nathan Proctor, Dylan Rivers) How excited we were for them, and how they panned out weren't the instant starters we expected. I figured maybe some of them could do with a position change that could help them improve. Some of these are just wishful thinking, tell me what you think

Dylan Rivers
Current Position: LB
New Position: DE
Raise your hand if you think Rivers will ever start at LB again. Nobody raises their hand. I think it was apparent from the first few games of last season that Rivers was a big body, he just struggled with speed to play Backer. With Ashby lined up to play Mike, and Dax after he graduates, why not give it a shot? He is 237 lbs!!!

Dalton Keene
Current Position: TE
New Position: RB
James Mitchell is good. Dalton Keene is also good. You can't have two TEs on the field all the time. With the injury to Jalen Holston, it looks like all of our RBs (McClease, King, Wheatley, Steward) are all under 210 lbs, why not add some weight and try running Keene up the gut? Are we worried about ball security?

These are the two I thought of at the top of my head, Any others?

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QP to TE! *ducks

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Play QP at running back. Or throw out a wildcat package. Anything to help out the running game.

We've tried that and it fails because they stack the hell out of the box. We need more creative looks in the Wildcat for it to work/show QP can throw the ball down the field.

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Yeah, glad you added that second point the QP scheme would work if we'd play a damn pass play every now and then. Same is true for every time Hooker gets a shot. These guys are athletes you're telling me that they can fake a sprint and toss the ball 5 yards to a TE that behind the guys rushing the ball or that jab step pop pass over the middle we had success with quite a few times.

(add if applicable) /s

Exactly, I believe it can work and am frustrated we haven't done something better with it. There have been plenty of examples of this working. Greg Boone made it work and that was with less creative offensive minds than now. Make the damn Wild Turkey great again!

Can't spell DBU without Bud

We've tried that and it fails because they stack the hell out of the box.

We're currently averaging 2.83 yards/carry (worst in ACC, 115th nationally). Even against a nine man box, could QP do better?

With a scheme change any of our QBs/RBs could do better.

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Just watching the highlights of Jalen Hurts of the OU vs. Houston shows all the creativity you can have in the run game with a mobile QB.

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And rotate even more RBs?

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We're setting up and saving the QP wildcat throw for Clemson in 2024. /s

"How they panned out"?

I don't like how a lot of our fanbase (and college football fanbases in general) expects these 18 and 19 year old kids to instantly come in and be stars. The negativity around Devon Hunter has really stood out to me. Counting this year, he still has three years of eligibility left and I really think he's going to be a great player for us when it's all said and done. Besides, at Devon's position specifically, we've got one of the most talented and important guys on the team right now.

I'm not attacking this thread, I'm just saying, why can't we wait and see how these guys develop before declaring if they panned out or not?

I think it stems from the quarterback situation. We have two four stars on the roster behind Ryan Willis who evidently can't beat out Willis for the job. It reflects poorly on the coaches who were "quarterback whisperers" and folks (myself included) lose faith that they can develop players.

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I keep hearing this criticism relating to the development of our 4* QBs and have thrown out some rough numbers on the odds of the highest ranked QB recruits becoming P5 starters. Since those posts seem to fall on deaf ears, I decided to do a deeper dive and analyze college performance compared to recruiting stars for the Top 30 rated QBs over the past decade. I'll make a separate post once I'm finished but I'm feeling confident that the concern over QB development is being overblown from a statistical perspective.

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Not to knock this thread because it's an interesting idea, but this would be a disservice to the players at this stage in their careers. Keene is a borderline draftable TE, particularly if he continues to improve and show more pass catching production. He is also, 6'4", 250. That is way too big for a RB.

Rivers is more feasible, but we don't know how his body would handle the weight he would need to add to play DE. The training and coaching staff would know and if they thought it was a good idea they probably would have done it already (see Jaylen Griffen). This is Rivers' third year in the program, so it's getting a little late for a position switch, particularly because he doesn't strike me as a freak athlete who could adjust super quickly.

Devil's advocate: Brandon Jacobs was 7'3" 487lbs. /s

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you're thinking of Future QB Bucky Hodges

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it's too soon to tell "how they panned out". that said, gimme trey at linebacker

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malik bell at goal line RB please. that is all.

oh and Jeramy webb to DB and damon hazelton to WR would also be nice sometime soon.

but these are just my thoughts what do I know.

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Yup the Bowling Bell should be in the mix. Leg

You can't have two TEs on the field all the time.

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I'm not sure who we'd use for it, but would be cool to see another Wild Turkey
package like we did with Greg Boone.

You mean a situation as follows:

Oh, look! Greg Boone is in. It's a QB draw up the middle.

They rarely did anything else. It was predictable and got shut down.

Not if you pass instead...

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

awful execution. You gotta pop pass that sucker, not stutter and then do a 5 step drop

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

See my posts above. It can definitely work just need some more creativity. To be fair from my memory, at least Greg Boone had some success. QP hasn't been able to do much because we have given him plays to succeed.

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On the other hand, Greg Boone averaged 3.7 yards per carry which would be an improvement on what we can get right now.... haha! Only halfway sarcastic.

And he was only trying to get a couple of yards because it was more a short yardage package.

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How about our offensive minded head coach design a package for Keene and Mitchell to dominate defenses and score a bunch of points?

Dalton Keene
Current Position: TE
New Position: RB

What a stupid idea.

Looks around running back room. Has to look down to see everyone.

Actually I think Keane could be a solid hammer up the middle in short distance.

Recruit Prosim

I would like for Trey Edmunds to become a linebacker.

Tim Settle : Punt Returner

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Ok, I'll take a few shots

Drake DeIuliis, TE 6-5 250 -> DE. Buried on TE depth chart, limited playing time, why not Zoidberg?

Bell-dozer, clearly the 230lb short yardage back we need.

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