OT - Austin, TX for Bachelor Party

Me and my friends are heading down to Austin, TX for my bachelor party October 17th! Unfortunately, we are missing the UNC game but I wanted to hit up the TKP fam to see if anyone had any solid recommendations for great restaurants/bbq joints, activities, and if possible a Tech bar we could watch the game at on Saturday. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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We went last August for a wedding there. We loved Bangers Sausage House on Rainey Street and the rehearsal dinner was at Uncle Billy's Brewery and Smokehouse on Barton Springs Road. Also check out Gordough's Public House. Great desserts and bar.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Anything else you can remember from Barton Springs road? we've got an airbnb right down there and will probably be an easy spot to get 12 dudes to.

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The first Chuy's is there but that wouldn't be the first place in Austin I'd go to. The sausage house I mentioned is right across the river from Barton Springs Road. And the Yeti flagship store EPW mentioned below is on that road too. The bat observation center is right there at yeti too so if you're there around sundown you can see a ton of bats fly out from under the bridge.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Bangers is a great time

-YETI Flagship Store is pretty cool and you can purchase beer at their bar outside and take it in
-Oskar Blues Brewery
-Really nice TopGolf there that's a blast for a group

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I might have to stay away from the YETI store... don't wanna come back with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff i 100% DONT need.

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Definitely have to go to 6th street. Music mecca.

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Stay there past 10 PM and it becomes a different kind of Mecca haha.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Literally every person I've spoken with has mentioned 6th street in some form, whether that be good or bad. Either way, we'll be making an appearance at the very least.

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Dirty 6. If its a bachelors party that's where you'll want to be late night. There's a cool strip of bars on Rainey Street that were fun too.

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I just moved to Austin from the DC area a few weeks ago, so I'll do my best based on what I've done / been told to do..

Dirty 6th is the downtown stretch of 6th St that will have the atmosphere you're looking for (keep your phones close to your body) though E 6th has lots of bars and music as well plus Zilker and Lazarus breweries. I live in that neighborhood and it's got a good, just slightly calmer vibe.

As others have mentioned, Rainey St is super cool and probably where you guys are going to want to go. The Top Golf is as expected, but the low key benefit to going up that way is that there's not only Oskar Blues, but at least another 3 or 4 breweries so you could make a whole afternoon out of it.

Since you mentioned staying off Barton Springs, you definitely should get a few cases of beer and go to Peter Pan for boozy mini-golf.

i LOVE The idea of boozy mini golf

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I also found that Shiner's Saloon runs Tech games. Not sure if this site is updated, though. Can anyone vouch?

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I watched the Notre Dame-VT game at Shiner's last year (was in town for ACL). The place was packed with Hokies. They had a large projector showing the game in the main bar area and a bunch of TVs showing the game up on the rooftop bar. I would definitely recommend catching the game there.

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Definitely can vouch. Shiners is what I was gonna recommend. The main guy there is called Cup, real cool dude. And the Austin Hokies always host a watch party there for the game.

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Watched the FSU game there last year. They do a pretty good impression of a Rail if that's your thing. Had a projector set up and a decent sized Hokie crowd.

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They do - was there for the BC game and see they're consistently adding watch parties to the Austin Hokies FB group.

East Side Tavern. Especially for Sunday brunch the Brisket S.O.S is one of the best things I've ever eaten.


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OOh good to know. Definitely taking any and all brisket recommendations.

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Yeah probably not the best spot to watch a game but for pure 'I need good food' its a place I would strongly recommend.

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I am more partial to Rainy Street than 6th street in terms of bar hopping, but you should definitely experience both

Franklin BBQ is supposedly the best in town, but I have never waited in line for it. I have hit up Salt Lick BBQ a few times when we go down for Formula 1, but it is a bit of a drive so if you have 12 dudes that could create an issue.

The Jackalope is a great spot for burger on 6th street and Maggie Mae's across the street for music. Blind Pig Pub has a great rooftop bar.

I don't know I have been down to Austin like 7 times and of it is still kind of hazy to me. I am pretty sure I have always had a good time though.

went to both franklin and salt lick over MDW this year, my brother liked Salt Lick better and I liked Franklin better (not as wet, better bark on the brisket). if planning to go to franklin, get there super early that way you can guarantee you get a full variety of meats. We got there around 10 and they only had brisket and smoked sausage by the time we got to the counter. they're very good at estimating how many they'll be able to feed and letting people on line know what they can expect

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If you are going to do Franklin's BBQ, skip the stupid ass line and place an order in advance for pickup. We did that last month and we walked in passed everyone in line and walked right out with our order. The food is good but not worth the multiple hour wait in line. (very similar to Georgetown Cupcakes in a way)

that's a good point, you have to know you'll be going 2+ weeks ahead of time and it varies by year. we were there over memorial day weekend and they stopped taking ore-orders for the holiday weekend 6+weeks out. looks like weekend of 10/17-20 is available though!

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Lived in Austin for a while. Here goes:

Party Area: Rainey Street is the best area for some live music and drinks, (UnBARlievable, Container Bar, Lustre, Alibi are the best)
6th st is divided in two parts along Congress Ave. East 6th or "Dirty Sixth" is an experience in itself, the college scene with kids crossing the street from parlor to parlor. West 6th is more outdoor patio/rooftop bar scene with the none college crowd (Parlor & Yard, Woodrow's to catch a game. Go to The Ranch and Hoffbrau for nightlife).

Food: Fonda, Naranjo, or El Alma for Mexican.
BBQ: Franklin's is the most well known and honestly the best. But doubt yall have 4 hours to wait in line. 2nd best is Louie Mueller in Taylor (25min north of Austin, they have the best ribs) Other top BBQ is La Barbecue, Terry Blacks. Stubbs has ok bbq but the sauce is bomb and it's a hreat music venue
Brunch: Bangers has the experience with man-mosas and live music but the line is ridiculous and wont seat you unless your whole party is there (its german family seating). My recommendation brunch spots are Snooze, Suerte, Emmer & Rye, and Matties.
The chains to try are P Terry, Torcheys Tacos, and Whataburger (torcheys is the only one that impresses me)
Drinks: There brewery scene is ok, nothing overly impressive. Oskar Blues, Circle brew. 512 brew, Hops & Grain, Family Business (the guy from supernatural runs this), Jester Brewery. Their distilleries are better but are more so in the West Austin/Lake travis area.

If you have free time: Check out the LBJ museum, University of Texas, Castle Hill for funky graffiti, and the Willie Nelson Statue. Lady Bird lake for paddle boarding, Congress bridge to watch the bats. And South Congress for some crazy shops. Zilker park will be trashed since yall are just missing ACL

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Love it, will look into a bunch of these places. I heard Torcheys was great too and thanks for the bottom few lines of miscellany

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Seeing that you're on Barton Springs road I agree with what others have mentioned too

Ramen Tatsu-Ya for super authentic Japanese ramen. Gourdoughs Donuts is great for late night dessert but it's so rich. Crepe crazy is good for breakfast, only mute/deaf people can work there but they have guides. And Hopdoddy for burgers.

For bachelor things: boozy peter pan minigolf, axe throwing, you can even hit up.a shooting range.

Last word of advice is have a scooter app, there are plenty of Lime and Bird scooters. But lyft and uber is available

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Is the line for Franklins really that long during the week?

I'm going to Austin in December and had planned on trying it on a Friday for lunch, but not sure if I can convince the wife to go along with it if the wait will be more than an hour or two.

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Is the line for Franklins really that long during the week?

Yes. There used to be a very entrepreneurial 12-year-old who would hold your place in line for a few bucks but I think that got shut down. That BBQ is truly amazing there but you need to have a lot of time on your hands to wait five hours ... for anything.

For what it's worth, my coworkers down here have been telling me that you can show up around noon or 1ish for a much shorter line with a pretty good probability that they haven't sold out. If you can swing by on a work day you may be alright.

Hey man, moved to Austin last year.

Bars: Can't go wrong going to rainey street, fun late night, also solid place for daytime CFB watching.

Dirty Sixth: on 6th downtown from red river to Congress. Can be fun during the day, they block the roads at night to give a wannabe bourbon street vibe.

West sixth: (start at Little Woodrow's and work west) big outdoor bars, a little college-y, solid place for football watching and late night.

East sixth: I live over in east. It's a little chiller, a bunch of places with patios and strong drinks. Shangri La, Liberty, Whislers are probably 3 of my 5 favorite bars here.

Hokie Bar: Shiner's is the official place downtown. The crowd can vary. Inside is weirdly dark, but the rooftop is pretty fun.

BBQ: La BBQ is the second best, a bit of a line (but maybe go on Friday afternoon for less of one). Terry Blacks is solid, as is Cooper's downtown on Congress.

Idk what yalls taste/scale in restaurant is but I can give you suggestions based on what y'all are into/where you're staying.

Also if you're interested in music, check out do512, it has all the goings on for every weekend.

An just for general bachelor party stuff: there's a byob axe throwing place, if you're into a drive, the salt lick is bbq about 20 minutes out of town, but you can also byob. It's pretty good, not as good as the places above.

Happy to pass on other reccos if you're looking for anything else.

You had me at rooftop. Also for food, we'll probably just hit casual spots on Friday/Saturday but may be looking for a nicer place / nice steakhouse sunday night. Any suggestions there?

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Jester King brewing is outside of the city and has a lot of sours and IPAs. My brother and I were eh on the beers (we're definitely more fans of heavier, darker stuff than Jester King's specialty) -- but the brewery is situated on 165 acres of texas hill country and it was absolutely beautiful. great place to just vibe for a little while. they do free tours of the brewery and farm as well

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Hit up the Chive HQ, they are tons of fun...

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Skip that stupid-long line at Franklin but still get Aaron Franklin's masterpieces at his Asian-BBQ fusion joint on South Lamar.


this sounds up my alley

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Went a couple of years ago, Austin is awesome. Blacks bbq is amazing, although I went to the original in Lockhart, haven't been to the one in Austin. They corrected my opinion of brisket.

Also, breakfast tacos are a big thing down there. We tried a different place every morning, and each one was better than the last.

Someone said it above, but if you've never had it, go to Whataburger. It's a Texas thing.

Torchys and Tacodeli are the two local chains that fight it out for breakfast taco supremacy. There are many others, too. But highly recommend the original Veracruz All-Natural on Cesar Chavez (yes, it's a converted school bus). Get the Al Pastor. It'll change your life.


Tex Mex breakfest --- 1000000% go to Juan-in-a-Million!

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If you can catch a UT game, do it. Went to the WVU-UT game as a part of a bachelor party weekend and it was phenomenal. It's just done so much bigger than what we're used to. They essentially shut down their version of Beamer Way and line the entire street with beer and food vendors. We went into it with no tailgating plans and just hung out there and it was a great time

I really thought about it but 1) we are playing UNC that day and apparently UNC is going to be 12-0 this year. and 2) UT is playing Kansas. As much as I'd like to see Les Miles eat grass, i'm going to have to forego and watch us beat the shit out of carolina in the Tech bar

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Our game last year was during the BC game. I watched it from my phone. Obviously you do want you want on your bachelor party, but I'm telling you that going to that game was worth it

Appreciate the info LA!

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Went for a bachelor party 2 years ago. Get a boat on Lake Travis. You get a captain. You won't regret it.

We've got a pontoon for 6 hours on the Friday we are there! Really looking forward to that

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