OT: Shaving the Beard

Don't wanna get too long and drawn out about this, but I'm leaving TKP. I've been a deeply unhappy person for quite a while now, for a variety of reasons that nobody here would care too much about, but as long as I'm posting on football forums and spending so much time and energy each day reading comments that is unlikely to change. I've got to start putting my own mental health first, and part of that means closing this particular chapter of my life.

Following sports, especially college sports, is supposed to be fun, right? Where did that go? I'm going to try to rediscover it if I can. I realized that the words I see people say on here--people I've never met, and who weren't necessarily even talking to me--were impacting my moods in real life. I mean, we beat a team we lost to last year, and by two touchdowns. I should be happy about that. It's all gotten entirely too dark and unfun.

AXD1985, I owe you an apology for coming after you like that last night on the Keshawn King thread. I disagreed with you and I didn't like the way you talked to ComboHokie, but it still wasn't my place to talk to you like that, any of the times I did over the years. I have this thing where I think I know right and wrong better than anyone else, and 9 times out of 10 I just wind up making an ass of myself. I'm sorry.

Joe, this is still a hell of a place you have here, and I'm sorry to leave it. I may be back come springtime to re-up my TKPC membership, we'll see.

Lot 18 crew, if I come by and out myself, I think my appearance would shock most of you. And no, I don't just mean whether or not I have a beard.

Remember, even if the worst comes to pass on Black Friday, LOLUVA still couldn't beat Grant Noel. By no means am I quitting being a Hokie fan. I came here in part to feel less alone in my passion, and I know for a fact now that I am not. Godspeed, all of you.

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I'll miss you Beard. Stay safe out there buddy.

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Godspeed to you brother. You do what you gotta do for you. Its been a pleasure having you here, and if you ever do come back, i for one will welcome you with open arms. Be well my friend.

My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

Sorry to see you go. Do what is best for you. We'll be here, hopefully not burning the place to the ground, if you want to come back. Hopefully the place will be happier and full of GIFs as it once was.

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We'll miss your wit, but I certainly understand your decision. Take a step back, do what's best for you, re-prioritize. Come back here if and when it makes sense for you. I've enjoyed your posts.

I get it Beard! I've stopped investing emotion into games and haven't burned any Hokie gear in years. Hope to see you again!

Guitar, now that you mention it gif production is way down!

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Sports are supposed to be an enjoyable respite from more serious parts of our life.

As a younger fan I used to allow results that I have no control over the ability to impact my happiness for days on end. Developing the ability to enjoy all VT sports, no matter the result, has been a blessing. I have zero ability to effect the results, so they are not my responsibility, and I share in the fun of victories and hope the student athletes are having a great time at VT.

I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the season, win or lose, because Saturdays can always be fun.

Thank god I am not a coach, I could not leave the results at the office when it was time to head home to see the wife and kids.

Sad to hear this but I totally get it. Feel disconnected with TKP? I know that feeling too. Love my new job but I feel like a guest popping in and out of here now most of the time, seeing as I am no longer sitting at a desk most of the day pressing the N key. I don't even get to show my mom cardboard face in 18 every weekend. Is this what it is to get old?

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

You'll be missed. Definitely take care of yourself.

I haven't been as active on any boards due to work reasons. The last two games, I went to a local bar and watched with other Hokies. It was fun again.

Hopefully taking a break will help you enjoy Hokies football again, and also enjoy being in the company of other Hokies fans. I think VT football is a big part of how we socialize and if it can't be enjoyable it negatively affects us.

Take care man!

Aw man, now TKPers are entering the transfer portal. /s

In all seriousness, take care, and I understand where you're coming from. VT football isn't bring me the same joy it used to either, and hopefully a lot of us can get back to that at some point. If that means taking a step back from TKP and VT football, I know how you feel. Hope to see you back in the future sometime!

I have always enjoyed talking with you on here, Beard. You'll definitely be missed, but your mental health should always take priority over anything that is affecting you negatively so I'm glad you're taking the steps that you feel are necessary. I wish you all the best moving forward, and I know mental health is a lifelong battle for many people so I'm hoping things start trending positively for you.

Sucks to see you go, bro. But I certainly get it, take care of yourself!

Beard, I completely understand more than you will ever know. Hokie football and this place have always been respites for the stress in my life and lately they've only been adding to it. For me, Hokie football has become less and less fun to watch. Because it's less fun to watch, it's less fun to talk about.

Take care of you. We'll miss you. And I'll always have my signature.

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You do what you need, brother. Never let anyone (yourself included) convince you to stick with something that's having a negative effect on your mental health. It's never worth it.
Until we meet again:

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Nothing else is more important than taking care of yourself. Hoping you get to that place soon and we see you around here down the road.

First off, Beard, I do not know you personally, but I wish you well in your endeavors fellow TKPer.
Second, Joe,
When you started an internet forum to discuss Hokie sports, did you ever envision having the profound impact on people's lives that you have? It's a deep and heavy thought. But it is also testimony to the string community you have built. Thanks again for the work you have done creating and maintaining this community.

Some people add value to a team; some do not. You have been a value-adder.
Take care of yourself.

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Taking care of yourself should always come first. Be well.

No worries man. I'm sorry too. Be safe and take care.

First things first; best of luck to you.

Mental health is tricky. Hope you figure out a way to become happy, no matter how long it takes.

Seems like we haven't seen eye to eye lately but I wish you nothing but the best and hope to see you back here in better times.

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I deal with mental health issues daily, so I understand what you're going through. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for help! Do what's best for you man. Best wishes and we're here if you need us.

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All good in the hood. Had to take a step away from another site about a year and half ago. It was so negative with many of the members just looking for the worst in every situation. Even nitpicking tiny petty stuff. I drew a line in the sand, start collapsing subthreads, getting fresh air, and it worked wonders. Be well my friend. We will be here with open arms upon your return.

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I really appreciate this post. It's interesting where we find community and how that affects us.

I personally took a hiatus from TKP last year. Like Beard, I originally came here for the quick witted jokes, the rambunctious posters, and the sound perspective. I left because I thought it was drifting too far into #hottakes, and that we lost the rhythm of the way we used to operate as a community. Gone were the days where silly gifs and funny hypotheticals were posted, replaced by questions about our legacy and donor numbers and Is He The Right Man For The Job questions.

I've come back to perusing more often because I realize this is a place I can stay connected to the VT community, however great of a distance I may be from it. I realized that communities have to be allowed to evolve and grow as this one has. I realized I could give push back to negativity around our program in a productive way, if that viewpoint isn't already represented and if it's valid.

We've been through a lot these past few years. The anchor of our program retired, we hired a guy who seems great, but who it just hasn't quite worked out for yet. I was always hesitant to say that the transition from Beamer to Fuente was smooth because it didn't account for things like this. Our community has to transition just like the X's and O's do. We have to develop a new identity and we rely on the football program to take us in a direction. It will get there but we'll all experience growing pains along the way. Maybe if we realize this we will be a little easier on each other.

Eloquently put. Here, here.