NCAA working group suggests one-time immediate eligibility for transfers

Division I student-athletes in all sports could transfer and compete immediately if a concept under consideration by the Transfer Waiver Working Group is adopted by the Division I Council. (LINK)

The working group will seek feedback from Division I members through student-athlete representatives, conference offices, impacted coaches associations and other collegiate athletic professional organizations prior to the Council's April meeting. The group's goal is to have the new criteria approved for transfers in the 2020-21 academic year.

ACC and B1G have recently announced support for such changes.

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Fine Print: "Except if transferring to Virginia Tech"

Weird that Men's Ice Hockey is on the list. Maybe it is a big draw for those schools.

My biggest question, I know conferences have rules about transferring within conference. Would those go away too under the new plans? QB Joe Smith gets passed on the depth chart at Clemson and wants to transfer to NC State. Would Joe Smith have to sit out if it is his first transfer?

conferences can still set their own restrictions, but since the major conferences are supporting this, you can bet they won't be imposing additional restrictions.

for example the ACC used to have a sit-2 rule for within-conference transfers. They got rid of that extra year penalty a while back and were aligned with the standard NCAA sit-1 rule. Now the ACC is supporting a one free transfer rule.

I was just wondering if it was a truly free transfer or if it was the same way 6-months of HBO is free with Comcast, only if you sign up for the super mega bundle and a 2 year contract.

I was reading about the Transfer Portal on the NCAA website and one of the people it mentioned was from an Alaskan university that said they participated in Division 1 in ice hokey but Division 2 in all other sports. There may be a bunch of northern schools like that? So if those schools put a lot of time and effort in recruiting for Ice Hockey, guess it makes sense that they'd have the rule about sitting out a year similar to how it's done for those other sports.

I know some of the Minnesota schools are like that: Bemidji State, St. Cloud State, Minnesota Duluth, etc.

I'd have to go through a full list of teams, but each of those teams have been to a Frozen Four in recent history, as well as Duluth winning multiple NC's.

So definitely makes sense for them to have a different set of transfer rules than the other DII sports.

I'm open for a 1 time "I was passed on the depth chart" move. I do think they need to put restrictions on the teams side tho. Otherwise this is going to become a grocery store for the big boys. Teams are allowed X amount of transfer portal players to sign per year. The big boys are still going to benefit, but its going to make some players think twice.

Scholarship limits will keep this from being true. Unless you think Bama is only going to take 15-20 in December in the hope they can snag 5-10 in the portal.

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I think my point more so is around there's no tampering rules. Those from what I have read went out the window with the transfer portal coming into play. It has policed itself by having a 1 year sit out (insert joke about blue bloods getting around this). I was more so saying that if Saban doesn't like his depth chart at 3-4 positions his crew doesn't test the waters with star players at other schools saying would you be interested in transferring in. You would be an instant take out of the portal for us.

They can't talk to a player until he enters the portal. If a team does they are breaking NCAA rules and likely can't sign that player.

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"they're not allowed" certainly doesn't mean "they can't".

Justus Reed said our staff contacted him as soon as he announced his intent to transfer even though he wasnt in the portal yet and as soon as i read that, I got nervous.

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I'm not sure that's exactly true - just spent a bunch of time on the NCAA website. The rules look like they're geared towards protecting the player to prevent recruiting and distractions. It isn't stated, but sounded like a student athlete can reach out to other schools (especially based on the rules from before the portal where the athlete was supposed to find where they'd be interested in going.

Beyond that - Twitter is a weird thing. It's public, not personal or direct messages. Reed said that the VT coaching staff followed him on Twitter as soon as he tweeted that he was entering the portal. So hypothetically, what if Reed tweeted "wow, just got a follow from @TNT (whatever Twitter account) #HokieFootball" did he just contact Tech? If they tweet back and and said, "we'd love to get you on campus" is that responding to a student (which sounds like it's allowable since the point is to prevent unwanted recruiting from coaches) or something else?

Coaches can't publicly acknowledge they are recruiting players. That's why you don't see coaches or team accounts respond to recruits even when the verbally commit. They can DM.

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Is there any concern that certain schools might "strongly recommend" transferring to some of the lesser talent on the team to make room for portal free agents?

I assume this happens every year at the blue bloods and other P5 teams trying to be competitive. At the very least telling a kid that they aren't likely to ever see playing time, and if these kids want a shot at the NFL, or even like playing and not just practicing, they'll go somewhere they can play.

Bama and friends have done that and more. Having trainers tell one kid he was too injured to continue playing for example.

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Isn't that what the depth chart is?